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  1. Are you able to keep track of multiple stories? Are you the kind of person who reads three books or watches four tv shows all at once?

    I'm always wanting to add another series to what I'm watching/reading, but I start to lose track if I do more than three of anything at once
  2. I can't keep up with a lot in my head at once. I don't watch too many tv shows, but when I do I'd rather focus on one intensely until it's over and then let that digest before finding another one.

    Books and comics are a bit easier to juggle. I can maybe keep up with three or four before it starts running together in my head.
  3. I can read multiple books at a time, since I am usually assigned a book at school but I have a fantasy book I like to read on my own. With TV, with I start another series I usually abandon the first one I was watching and I never get back to it.
  4. I can keep track of multiple books and stories at once, but it's a hell of lot easier if perhaps only actually possible when they're completely different genres. There was a point in my life when I'd be reading a Star Wars novel, a fantasy novel, some hard sci-fi, and a book of historical fiction at the same time. I don't know if I could do that today. I'm getting old. Haha.
  5. I haven't met my limit yet. O.O In elementary school I could be reading one book for class, have another in my desk for free time, have one in the car, one in the living room, and one to read before bed, plus be watching a show or two. I've gotten more in the habit of finishing one book before I start another (to make them last longer) but with TV shows, movies, books, comics, web shows, roelplays... I don't know, I've never gotten anything mixed up- at least not seriously enough to effect the story.
    To be honest, getting things mixed up sounds weirder to me than keeping them separate. It's just something I've always been able to do. XD
  6. Four TV shows?
    I'm following around 15 anime series every season (sometimes over 20). 15 different stories that comes out every week, and I remember everything. Except names. But I don't remember names in real life either. Took me three years to learn my classmates names in high school. But as long as the story is good, then I can remember it. If it's boring then I forget it within five minutes. Either way, I can dual anime, movies, and series easily. Except for those which are eerily similar. If their characters look somewhat the same and they have a lot of things that are a bit similar (similar use of magic for example) then I might confuse certain scenes and not be certain which series had that scene and which didn't. But it rarely happens.

    I rarely read more than one book at a time, if I have the whole book why not finish it? But I can keep track of stories if I read more than one.
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  7. I don't like reading more than one book at a time, I like to binge read and finish it before I move onto another. I don't follow tv dramas anymore, but when I did, it was very easy to follow multiple ones.

    As for RPs, it depends if I have the same character in multiple ones, but then that tends to be more of an error of 'wrong thread' rather than confusing the story. Other than that, I enjoy having as many RPs as I have time to reply to. Makes me feel needed and important. :)
  8. its endless, the story lines in my head. all at once.

    Fijoli's current list of thingies


    game of thrones
    trailer park boys
    parks and recreation
    american horror story
    is the new black
    adventure time(yes adventure time has a story to it)
    Record of Lodoss(anime)
    Ge Ge Ge no Kitatauro(SP?)(older anime, but horror involved and cute)


    -The collections of H.P. Lovecraft(41% on my kindle)
    -A thirst for evil (1950 vintage horror pocket paperback)
    -(in the bathroom) Norse mythology
    -(no storyline but I'm always looking in a) Dictionary
    -looking through he peanuts newspaper comics online
    -The disembodied (a short story I just finished on my kindle)
    -Artificial Evil,The Techxorcist (27% on my kindle)
    -Book of lies,by Aleister Crowley (60% on my kindle)


    -one horror RP

    -three intermingled but separate RP's
    plus and ton of drawing involving all of the above. So yea I'm a bit everywhere.


  9. *would like Fijoli's Norse Mythology book when she's done with it* :)
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