Multiple Spoilers??

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  1. I didn't see any other post about this, though I did only scan through the titles and didn't actually read through any of them, so I'm going to bring this to attention because it's annoying. I'm assuming this is a bug because I'm not doing it, it just happens!

    Okay, when making my most recent RP IC thread I came across multiplying spoilers. I will make one spoiler and get either A) an extra blank one or B) about six extra! I would like to organize things but this keeps happening Q_Q
  2. When using the text editor with all the fancy buttons, you have to make sure bbcode tags are ALL INSIDE the spoiler code -or- all OUTSIDE the spoiler code. Cause if you have one inside and one outside, I think that messes up it's code arrange. That is theory so far.

    If it has stuff like this, is bad:

    [b][spoiler=text]test text[/b][/spoiler]

    But it is okay when it's:

    [spoiler=test][b]test text[/b][/spoiler] or as [b][spoiler=test]test text[/spoiler][/b]

    If you do a looot of text color changing or size changing in your post and rely solely on the editor, it's very likely it will screw up the order of the bbcode tags and add in extra tags and get all messy. O_O

    My other theory is that the text editor is a piece of crap and no one should ever use it unless they are forced at gun point. >>;
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  3. Thank you for replying!
    I don't really use codes, it's basically just text inside the spoiler >..>