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  1. So I am looking for a few role plays. . They are in no form of order and all can be taken to pm for further explaining. I need you to be active everyday. As I am on everyday, but I only have one role play going on here. I'm very loyal and will get on everyday after school, before school, and on weekends. I will let you know if something come up with things. In order to be my partner I would prefer for your actual age to be 15+ . My onexones will be listed first.

    Criminal love

    With this one I would love to put my lovely character Nova in. She is the towns good girl. Everyone knows about her and her family. They run the produce of the town. Nova meets this boy who seems to be on the run and she is so kind at heart that she decides to help him hide. Even though she is risking her reputation. After first the male seems to be in a hurry, but something about the town, the girl , has struck him to stay there. Nova hides him from everyone during the day and only let's him out at night hoping that the run away criminal won't get caught. Eventually she gets caught smuggling him out of the basement by her mother. Her mom forces her to send the man away, but Nova won't let him go without a fight.

    The man in the Cabin
    An average teenage girl walks everyday through the same path every single day. Little does she know there is a man watching her every day go by. He finds her astonishing and wants to get to know her more, maybe even help him out of what he's in. No he isn't a criminal, just a man who lives in a cabin deep in the woods. He has no friends, family, kids, nor a wife. It's just him. One day he snatches up the girl while she walked in the woods and takes her back to his home. After he gets the girl calm enough he tells her why he did that and maybe she can help him out of the mess he's in. This plot will need a little more work.

    My Baby
    This couple has been together for so long. The adore each other to the point they make cute YouTube videos with one another. They are a YouTube hit and many people wonder what it's like in reality. They are just graduating from high school and planning on going to colleges. That's where the problem is. He wants to go to Julliard for art and she wants to go to school to be a vet. Different states. It feels like it's coming to a break in their relationship and once they tell their YouTube fans that it causes an uproar . The girl falls pregnant and cannot go to college as she wishes, so she stays behind and keeps her baby a secret. After her fourth month of pregnancy she tells her boyfriend who offers to move them to California, so he can attend school along with work and she can be close to him. Of course she doesn't take it. All of her family lives near her and she refuses to leave them. They have to figure out how things are going to work out before the baby gets there!

    Now I will post a few Group Role Plays.

    Escaping the Apocalypse.
    Nobody thought it was true. Everyone thought it was a joke! In the past five years their have been countless amount of diseases that cause the human race to die off or becoming sick. It is mainly surrounded by a huge virus that has been left uncured for. There are eight remaining people left on earth. They all must find a way to escape the virus! One thing they aren't aware of is what the virus will turn them into . Zombies. Yes, typical ole Zombies. They bring their beloved pets, food, weapons , and clothes as they all travel to find a new home for safety. How will the escape and murder all of the undead without getting sick themselves? This plot will need a little more work too. { Need Four users }

    Going to Paradise!
    Adolescents and adults are going on this trip here. Many people dream of leaving the United states, but do not have the money to go. Here you are invited over the phone and through mail to attend a trip to a resort in Brazil. It has anything that anyone can dream of. A spa, a beach, scuba diving, amusement parks, waterfalls, beautiful sunsets. Anything. It's only for the summer, so everyone has to enjoy it while they can. { Need Six users }

    Will post more Group Role Plays soon.

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