Multiple Plot Ideas up for grabs! (Intermediate/Adept/Advanced)

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  1. I'm on the prowl for partners again >=P

    Whether or not we can be partners is just as much about what you need as what I need; so here's what I can offer as a partner:

    • I reply fairly steadily; at bare minimum once a week. If I need more time or some help with a post, I will always let you know
    • I care about spelling and grammar and will always proof-read before posting
    • I care about story direction and will actively attempt to keep our characters moving and occupied
    • I'm really not picky about post length; if it meets the standards of the posting expectations I checked off (Intermediate, Adept, or Advanced) then I'm good to go. Conversations especially are hard to make long posts out of, so don't feel like you need to pad a post to keep me happy
    And here's what I look for in a partner:
    • Communication: please talk to me. If you need more time, if you need help with a post, if you need help with your character, or with coming up with a plot twist or anything, let me know; I'm happy to help and happy to wait if I only know what's going on
    • The same care for spelling and grammar as I have
    • Some thought put into characters and story ideas; they don't need to be hyper-realistic or super-researched, but I like it when things make sense under scrutiny
    • 18+. This isn't for Libertine reasons, it's a personal preference. Those 17 and under, please don't be offended. When you hit twenty-four you'll probably want to roleplay with people closer to your own age, too :(​
    Oh and a note on romance: I'm not against it, but I don't like it to be planned for. If our characters click that way, great! If they don't, there's still a good story to be had playing as friends, rivals, relatives, and other relationships, so don't stress about it.

    All right, so story ideas!

    These are all open to modification, and if you have your own idea to try, I'd love to hear it! I also have no preference as to which character, sexual orientation, or gender either of us play.

    Wanderlust (Fantasy/Travel/Quest)
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    In a largely unexplored world, a restless villager discovers a shipwreck with one survivor; a person the like of which they've never seen! With no memories in one, and wanderlust in the other, the only thing to do is to set off in search of the survivor's home and memories!
    (This roleplay requires a decent amount of fleshing out on the survivor character's background, in order to create clues and plot twists for their quest. It might also be a good example to go over characters before we start, to ensure the two will get along enough for them to want to work together)

    the Usual (High fantasy/quest)
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    If you're down, it's been a while since I had a good old fashioned fantasy quest RP. We can do heroes-vs-evil-overlord, dragon-slaying, treasure-hunting, anything you like! So long as it's chock-full of magic, dragons, elves, dwarves, fairies, sorcerers, and the like, I'm down.

    Refuge (Parallel world/Modern/fantasy/slice of life)
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    Earth has a twin. A second dimension where there is magic and fantastical creatures; and it's ending. With the last of the world's ambient magic, the greatest mages worked together to open a portal to Earth, and begged sanctuary. The proposal was put before the United Nations, who after due shock, agreed, and the refugees were sheltered in consenting nations around the globe. Programs were set up to acclimatize the immigrants to Earth's cultures, the most widespread one being that an immigrant and Earth Citizen who passed appropriate screening could be housed together, in order to encourage cultural learning and cooperation.
    (In this setup, the more radically different we make the immigrants and their world from earth, the more interesting everyday events will be to play out :))

    The Hero's Weapon(Fantasy/Rebellion/Medieval/Quest)
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    The world is under oppression by dark forces, and in desperate times, desperate measures are called for. Legends speak of a weapon crafted by the ancient mages long ago, with the power to strike down any enemy; fearing misuse, they sealed it away, passing the secret down only in the family line. Now the descendent of that line must track down the weapon and use it to strike back against the evil forces. One problem; translations and re-tellings have warped the story over the years, and what was supposed to be an omnipotent weapon is only a simple sword, inhabited by a spirit from the ancient days of Summoning magic. The spirit and the hero will have to learn to work together in order to unleash their full potential and strike a blow for good.
    (We can either start at the moment the weapon is uncovered, or at the beginning of the hero's quest, and do different characters until the weapon and spirit are found)

    More as I think of/remember them. Again, I'm totally open to hearing your ideas, too!
  2. I'm interested in the Refuge prompt! It's been far too long since I've done a slice of life with fantasy elements!
  3. Cool! I checked out your RP Resume and I think we could get along :) Want to PM me and we can hash out details?
  4. Bam, Wanderlust sounds like fun.
  5. Sweet! I creeped your posts and resume and I'd love to roleplay with you :) PM me and we'll set it up?
  6. I got the idea of a faerie forest earlier, where entering with anything made of iron is a Bad Idea and where numerous wonders and equally magnificent threats dwell within. Our characters could seek something inside, try to lift a curse linked to it or even randomly wake up in the middle of it, but for now it's mostly an excuse for me to indulge my love of leather armors, magical runes, crudely made weapons and awesomely difficult to overcome obstacles. Would you be intrigued?
  7. It sounds like an interesting setting, but a bit lacking in direction. If we can come up with a goal/conflict for the characters to resolve, I'd be down :) I did have one idea, set in feudal Japan (or medieval europe) where a village's patron deity who lives in a forest/mountain has begun acting strangely, livestock dying, people disappearing, terrible weather and other signs that the higher power is distressed or displeased. Prayers, sacrifices, and other offerings of worship are doing nothing. A couple of villagers set out despite warnings to try and appease the deity. . . we could integrate your magical/survival type setting into this if you'd like? :)
  8. I'd certainly be down, as I was actually raking my brain for a plot for the setting, so if we can merge your plot to my setting, it'll be perfect. :)
    Shall I PM you?
  9. Yes please!
  10. @Minibit Well, the Refugee story has gotten perhaps a bit too much attention.... so I'd like to do the Hero's Weapon! ^ ^
  11. Ah! I'm a bit overwhelmed with intros and detailing right now, can I PM you tomorrow about it?
  12. Q,Q If you insist.
  13. Aw don't cry! I glanced at your posting speed; I'm usually slower than 'several posts a day', I can post daily on a really good week, but usually it can be a day or two between replies. if waiting is a problem, abandon ship!
  14. It's not! (>V_V)> I'm a bit desperate for partners atm anyway...
  15. I will attempt to be worth your waiting n_n If you want you can PM me and we can start hashing things out, but I may be slow to reply
  16. ^ ^" I'll just wait.
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