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  1. Hey guy's so I just joined this site here and eager to get started in some roleplays. I should have some characters up soon, so I will post a link below for those once they are up. Message me if you are interested.

    ****I wont do any heavy romances with anyone under 18****

    these are all just snipits of the plots I have in mind, once interested I will go further in depth

    Convict x business man/woman
    The business man/ woman must travel across state for a meeting, while the convict has just escaped prision, the convict and the business person cross paths and the business person is "convinced" to take the convict across state with them until the search for them ends.

    Assassin x target
    A daughter or a reknowed doctor is the target for this well known assassin, the doctor is wanted for the new serum for immortality (or something like that) that he has newly created and refuses to release, the Daughter is to be captured and brought back to hire to be killed on live television, unless the doctor gives up the serum, however a search for the daughter is kicked started immedieatly and its makes it harder for the assassin to finish the job as quickly

    knight x Samari
    This will actually be slightly based off of a video game called ArcheAge, if you are familiar with it, then it will be a Nuian x Hariharan, anyway these two clans used to have a string bond, they used to fight together, however after a massive war the clans split and now have a hatred for each other, one of them from each clan is sent to retreive a Rare Dragon Knot Necklace, which has been hidden High up in the mountains for centuroes and no one has went to get it yet due to dangers and what not, but it is said that the wearer of this necklace gains the ability to control and speak with all Dragons, the two end up meeting on their path and stuff happens (not fully developed yet, talk with me to develop more if interested)

    Pet x master
    This one I have different plots for so if you like the general Idea, message me

    Boy X girl
    again I have a few ideas for this one I will list the basic Character steros though
    christian Girl x Bad boy
    Best friends
    arranged marriage

    Apocalyptic and or fantasy
    The idea for this one is actually based around this Character >>

    That's pretty much all I have right now, if you have any you want to try that you think I would be open to feel free to message me.
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  2. Boy x Girl (best friends)??
  3. sounds good. pm me for plot stuff.
  4. Hello! Since you are new to the site, I wanted to check in on you with something. Iwaku doesn't allow requests for stories with plans for sex scenes in the general requests forum, because it is illegal for members over 18 (marked by a red star near their name) to roleplay such content with members under 18 (blue star). In order to avoid confusion and possible rule breaking, interest checks with that kind of content should be posted in the Libertine forum.

    I can easily move this thread for you, if you would like. Otherwise, please make sure that the roleplays you have posted here do not require sex, and clarify that you'll only write sex scenes with members over the age of 18.

    That's all! Welcome to the site, and happy partner hunting.
  5. oh my bad. I meant to edit that out. I copied and pasted the lot ideas from my libertine post over to here cause they can all be used with and without that stuff. I will fix it. thank you for reminding me.
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  6. Good to know! Thanks. :D
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  7. Still looking for partners
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