Multiple MxM Storylines!

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    1. Bully X (Bullied)

    2. Body Guard X (Famous)

    3. Knight X (Prince)

    4. Soldier X (New Soldier)

    5. Soldier X (Medic)

    6. Stranded On An Island

    7. Head Detective X (Younger Assassin)

    8. Spy X Spy

    9. Criminal X (Cop)

    10. Cop X (Young Criminal)

    11. Creature X Creature

    12. Vampire X (Human)

    13. Prince X Prince

    14. Nurse X (Patient)

    15. Rival X Rival(We can pick what they rival in with each other.)

    16. Delinquent Student X (Teachers Pet)

    17. Dom. Neko X (Sub. Neko)

    18. Alpha Werewolf X (Omega)

    19. Master X (Neko Slave)

    20. BDMS(I play the submissive in the relationship.)

    21. Older Pornstar X (Younger Pornstar)
    22. Principle X (Student)

    23. College Professor X (Student)

    24. Principle X (Teacher)

    25. Sadist X (Innocent)

    26. Player/Popular X (Shy)

    27. Hunter X Supernatural Creature(I can play either.)

    28. Rockstar X (Fan)

    29. Doctor X (Mental Patient)

    30. Demon X (Neko)

    31. Neko or just plain Male Pregnancy(I play the pregnant male neko)

    32. Rival Gangs

    33. Gang Member X (Victim)

    34. Enemy General X (Supernatural Boy)

    35. Stalker X (Stalked)

    36. Client x (Prostitute)

    37. Egyptian King x (Cat God/Neko)

    38. Visitor x (Librarian)

    39. Coach x (Assistant Coach/Team Player)

    40. Jock x (Disabled)

    41. Kidnapper x (Selectively Mute)

    42. One Ex wants the other back(I play the ex who is wanted back.)

    43. King x (Peasant/Slave)

    44. Photographer x (Model)

    45. Rich x (Homeless)

    46. Met Online(maybe stalker x stalked kind of thing.)

    47. Abuser x (Abused)

    48. Host x (Foreign Exchange Student)

    49. Player x (Exchange student)

    50. Cat & Mouse game(I play the 'mouse.')



    1) This is a descriptive, third person roleplay. I would like 1-3 paragraphs please! I do NOT do one liners!

    2) I don't mind anime or realistic pictures. ^.^

    3) This will be taking on a libertine thread, not through pm's.

    4) I'm looking for for only dominants/semes please.

    5) I do not do any of these kinks: watersports, potty play, bloodplay, vore, vomit, anything nasty like that. cx

    6) Comment below the storyline(s) you want to do here or pm! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.