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  1. So here's the deal. I have a few different plot ideas that I would like to see come to life. The thing of it, however, is that I'd prefer a partner/partners who is(are) capable of writing posts that are decently lengthy, easily understood, and actually help move the plot forward.
    Things you should know: For starters I'm on CST....and generally I don't get online before 10 p.m. my time. (There may be times I can snatch a phone and post during the day, though.)
    Second off; I tend to mirror post when possible. (Sometimes I will post larger or slightly smaller than my partner(s), but generally speaking I try to write about the same amount.)
    Third; I prefer roleplays with plots that make me happy.
    Fourth; I can, and will, play both male and female characters. (I also double if you're interested.) However, since I am a female if too many people ask me to play male characters I will likely cease to do so after a certain number.
    Fifth; all roles that I prefer to play will be noted.
    Sixth; I like character images and I like to use realistic ones. (This is something that I prefer not to budge on.)
    Contact for discussion: Feel free to either post here or p.m. me.

    Idea 1: MentorxStudent/WitchxVampire


    ((**Notes: This idea is based off of characters from a book series that I am writing. Which makes this idea one of my babies, and I will be picky on how this one is played. ..Also, I would prefer to play the female in this idea.**))

    Ailidh Whelan -- 25 year old half-witch/half-druid - emotional transmission, biokinesis - coven leader

    is a witch who has just discovered that she is a coven leader. (A title that in this world is hereditary.) This is strange to her because up until she hit the age of fifteen she had no idea that she was even a witch. She has also recently discovered that she is the great-niece original vampire (Alasdair) who was the son of The Morrigan. (Celtic goddess.) Up to now Ailidh believed her powers to consist of emotional transmission (the ability to push emotions onto other people/make them feel whatever the user wants them to feel) and some sort of healing power. However upon observing her when she healed a friend, Alasdair discovered that her "healing power" was actually biokinesis. (The ability to heal, or perform other biological manipulation. A biokinetic can knit tissue together just as easily as he or she can stop a breath, or a heart.) To help her learn about this particular power, Alasdair called in a favor with one of the other "original vampires," whose main ability is biokinesis. (Ailidh will be portrayed by Perdita Weeks.)

    Personality: Ailidh is best described as an introvert. She gets along with certain people, but can't handle large numbers of new people on a regular basis because they burn her out mentally. Which is part of the reason she prefers small towns to large cities. Not just because of the smaller populations, but because everyone knows everyone in a small town, which means she has to worry a lot less about dealing with so many new people on a daily basis. She's a tad (okay so more like a lot) socially awkward, especially when it comes to new people because she doesn't really know how to act around them. (She's even more socially awkward around men that she finds attractive because she doesn't have quite as much experience (as far as numbers go) with men as most people her age would.) That being said when she's around friends, family, and people that she knows she can be as loud and obnoxious as the best of them. She thoroughly enjoys playing board games and card games with her friends (everything from monopoly and uno to made up poker hands) and they tend to make a night of it when they get together to play. (Dinner, alcohol, and games.)

    Physical Description: Ailidh is considered tall for a woman, standing midway between five feet seven inches, and five feet eight inches. She has a lean, somewhat athletic build, though she's not much for sports other than riding horses. On an average day she can be found sporting holy jeans and faded, old t-shirts with her hair tied back in either a pony-tail or a messy bun. (Of course during the winter she adds either a hoody that's a few sizes too big, or a carhart jacket on days that are particularly cold.) In summer and winter alike she's rarely seen with a pair of shoes that aren't her boots. (In fact she has several different pairs, though her favorite pair are the Justin lace-up roping boots that the company stopped making.) She does have pierced ears, and while she usually wears earrings, they are generally too small to notice them. She also has a pierced tongue, a tattoo on her upper right arm, and two, thin celtic knotwork tattoos in the form of bands around her wrists that are slender enough to be hidden by almost any watch or bracelet. (The tattoo on her upper right arm is of a tiny set of foot prints layed over a ribbon that is half pink and half blue. -- The tattoos around her wrists are celtic healing knots that amplify her biokinesis.)

    Uilliam MacVeagh -- 4,000 year old "original" vampire - biokinesis, remote-viewing - day-walker

    Personality: To call Uilliam a smart ass would be a drastic understatement. Most people prefer the term "sarcastic asshole," but that doesn't completely sum up his personality. There's a heart in there somewhere, it just happens to be burried beneath four thousand years of bullshit and sarcasm. Well, that, and being an original vampire doesn't exactly give much room to show "humanity" when there are still so many vampires out there who view it as a sign of weakness. That being said anyone who thinks to judge him as weak will learn just how stupid that mistake is the minute they decide to act on it. After all, he's had four thousand years to perfect his biokinesis. There isn't a witch or vampire alive that would be able to rival his abilities with that particular power. There are some things, however, that hint that his humanity is still alive. Those closest to him know that he played a large roll in advocating against draining witches and druids. One could go so far as to say that he was responsible for implementing the law that draining one will end with a death sentence. No one is truly sure why it is that he did this, because it is a secret that he hides beneath almost every other one that he has accumulated over the millennia.

    Physical Description: At six feet, four inches tall, Uilliam was once considered a giant amongst men. Even in modern times, he's still considered to be a tall man. But, then, intimidation is practically a requirement for an original, and what's more intimidating than a man who towers over most people? While he's not exactly built like a line-backer, he does obviously have the muscle definition of a warrior. And with piercing blue eyes and a natural look that says he's just as likely to sink his fangs into you as he is to let you anywhere near him; well, most people would be more afraid of him than a body-builder. (I would prefer Uilliam to be portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard.)

    Idea 2: Historical Romance - PrincessxKing's Executioner (Medieval)


    Ranait Roche is the princess; and only living heir, of the kingdom of Avaizia. Her father is none too pleased by the idea that she will take over the throne of Avaizia when he dies, especially because she's not what he considers a "proper princess". She had a fraternal twin brother who, growing up, taught her to fight. When war struck their kingdom Roran went to fight and Renny; refusing to be left behind just because she was a female, disguised herself as a young Squire and joined her brother on the battle field. Roran was killed in battle; making Renny the heir to the throne of Avaizia. Now she does what she can to right the wrongs of her father while she waits to become the Queen.

    Executioner: He is a former knight who was forced into the role of executioner by the king when he refused to take the life of another knight who screwed up. As the king's executioner most people are terrified of him (of course his massive size doesn't help much with their fear, either) but the only person who sees that he's truly a kind and gentle man is the princess. While he adores the princess, he's terrified of his feelings for her. Partially because he doesn't believe anyone could love him (much less a princess), and partially because he's afraid what might happen if the king found out.

    Other, non-specific ideas/other pairings:

    Fandoms -

    True Blood (t.v. series)
    Eric NorthmanxOC
    Vampire OCxVampire OC
    Vampire OCxHuman OC
    Vampire OCxShifter OC
    Werewolf OCxHuman OC
    Werewolf OCxWerewolf OC
    Werewolf OCxVampire OC
    Werwolf OCxShifter OC
    Fairy OCxHuman OC
    Fairy OCxVampire OC
    Fairy OCxFairy OC
    Fairy OCxShifter OC
    Fairy OCxWerewolf OC
    Witch OCxWerewolf OC
    Witch OCxShifter OC
    Witch OCxVampire OC
    Witch OCxWitch OC
    Witch OCxFairy OC

    Lost Girl (t.v. series)

    KenziexHale (Yes, I'm aware both are dead, but I think it would be fun to see them actually get their story.)
    Dark FaexLight Fae
    Dark FaexHuman
    Light FaexHuman

    Dark-Hunter (Book series)


    Broken Heart (Book series)


    Demonica (Book series)





    And the list goes on...feel free to make suggestions. :)
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  2. If you're still looking, Idea #2 seems interesting.
  3. I am still looking. :)
    And awesome. Umm. If you'd like to hash out the details shoot me a message, and we can go from there.
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