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  1. 1. Profile Editing​
    This will be where members may edit their profile page in such a way that they can customize it in many and different ways to express more of their imagination.

    2. Displayable Badges​
    The badges that we get is merely a number to show off with, however if we are to be able to display our badges on our profile and or pop up profile then that would be cool, although this might have to take some development in which the Admins may have to create some creative badges for us.

    3. Anime Roleplay Section​
    I've noticed that there is a lot of anime RPs out there and wouldn't it be useful to have its own category section in the roleplay forum section along with the Fantasy, horror, Sci fi, Modern and extra categories? This way people can differ from the anime type of roleplays and the non animated ones.. very helpful if you ask me!

    4. Profile views​
    This will display a number on your profile in which it will tell you privately or publically (Selectable Option in privacy settings) how much people has visited or viewed your profile.

    5. Fan service​
    This program will allow members to become ''Fans'' of other members, ''Fans'' will receive alerts of almost everything that person is doing(whoever you seem to be a fan of) This ''Fan'' option will be just like a ''follow'' but it will give you more information about what that said person is doing (Private messages doesn't count)
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  2. 1. easy said than being done, I bet the coder would need a lot of work of it~

    2. It's a great idea though I was thinking that trophy already okay i guess...?

    3. Anime are include in fandoms category so basically anime does have it's own category (though it's with other cartoon, tv shows, game RP)

    4. that would be nice, to have profile view count though I don't really think that's being used that much in here~

    5. Fans have the same function as follower~

    (don't get me wrong, though with all of the negative comment, I would support this)
  3. I was thinking fans might be able to see them posting without even watching that said thread
  4. so fans has more access than follower?
  5. I don't want people to have that much stalking ability on me! Creepy! No, seriously, unless there was an opt out (or better yet opt in) NO
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  6. Well thats not up to me but if it was then yes there would be a option to how much information you give, however people could have options to if they actually want fans. Fans are more for those people who want to be popular and stuff
  7. Can't you already see what someone else is doing with recent activity, postings, and the news feed? This doesn't seem like it would be any different than what's already established. Same thing goes for anime. There is an anime/manga category prefix within the fandom section. If you clicked on that prefix, you would see which roleplays are anime/manga labeled.
  8. In regards to 2, 4, and 5, I'm afraid they would take the focus off RP'ing and put it towards trying to become some sort of celebrity or trying to achieve a certain status O__O

    Also, there's already a tag known as "Anime Physics"!
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  9. My goal of some of these was to make things either more easier, fun, or more expression. The idea to have a profile page customized seemed good to me, a shorter and easier way to separate or differ from the anime types seemed smart to me seeing how ''anime'' is in fandom and some rps that are anime based arent a fandom its there own made up anime that they play out.
  10. Like I said, the "anime physics" tag (or content rating, as it is called) exists for that purpose. It's available in all forums, not just Fandom. What you're thinking of is probably the Anime prefix, which exists to let players know the RP is based off of a specific anime. Since "anime" is Japanese animation rather than a genre, having a forum for it would make it a tad misplaced next to the others.

    What things do you have in mind when it comes to editing the profile page?
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  11. I was thinking perhaps there could be a ''Default'' list of backgrounds or a ''uploaded image'' from said persons laptop in which they could use that image as a background, similar to the profile picture function

  12. It almost sounds a touch myspace-ish or something similar.

    Good to see the effort though. Maybe Diana will see something she likes in this.
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  13. We really like this, and if we ever find a feature that would allow us to do this without it going too far (As in members making a horrible unreadable mess), we would love to implement it again. It's not a top priority, though. So it is a "if we stumble over it" sort of thing.

    We used to have fun badges like this! But we found that the majority of members just didn't care enough to try to earn them. The few that did would use them as a voucher of status over other members. And we didn't like that it took our time away from focusing on roleplaying in order to get members involved in earning them. We've decided not to put any time in to that sort of feature, so we can work on features that will be directly useful in roleplays. :)

    As a few people have already stated, we have an "Anime Physics" tag for people who are doing anime styled roleplays! We feel that a lot of people will unfairly judge roleplays listed as "Anime". There are also issues with Genres as people get confused and think it's a Fandom section for roleplaying anime shows. Or won't be able to the fantasy/scifi/etc kind of roleplays they are looking for.

    This wouldn't be very useful for anyone! (But fun if you like stalking or being stalked!) we would not take the time to add this kind of feature ourselves, but if our software ever added it to profiles we'd have it as an option.

    We have considered adding something similar called "Friends" which would be a more personal option than Followers and allow members options to give more viewing permissions to people marked as Friends. (Followers is probably the level you would give to Fans anyway.) BUT we found a few conflicts with other modifications across the site, which would make it pointless to add. ;_; If there are better developments in the future, we probably will add something like this.
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