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  1. As you all know, :) I'm looking for a lovely little people to make a lovely little roleplay or two. New ideas too! :D They may not make sense at first glance so please contact me if you have any questions.

    1. (Based on K-Drama ‘You’re Beautiful’) Her twin was in an accident. No one can know. No one knows when he’ll awaken. She has been requested to take his position until he awakens and fully recovers—however long that will be. What they don’t tell the sister is that she’ll have to join a full male band to replace her brother. No one but the manager, her, and the owner of the band knows what is going on.
    2. He’s locked himself away for so long. There was a reason he had long hair. There was a reason he was a sadistic bastard as his siblings called him. He’s my master and I need to break him. If I don’t I might as well sleep when the master is awake and await my own unending death.
    3. The seconds tick buy. There’s the car waiting in the school parking lot. 5 seconds. I just want to get out there. 4 seconds. I need that man’s product. 3seconds. It is taking too long! 2 seconds. I have to have it. 1 second. I’m out of my seat, running through the halls. I’m free. Eighteen, last day of class. I run out to the car and slam into the car and slouch so no one else could see who had gotten in the car. The squeal of the tires. The smell of rubber burning on concrete. And we are off. Adrenaline pumped through me as we soared through the highway. When we get into the countryside I sit up in the seat and look around. My eyes land there on the driver and my heart skips a beat. We were free of it all. Now may the adrenaline never end? (Adrenaline junkie story.)
    4. A teacher-to-be is placed with a teacher to watch and observe what ‘good teaching behavior’ is. Only the teacher she’s placed with is a person that doesn’t pay attention at all to them and leaves them sitting in the back of the room. That is until one late afternoon that they stay late to finish grading some products and a rose blooms.
    5. Why does everyone decide that looks make a person? It never made sense to the writer of the newest drama in the United States. But here they were writing a new drama that was all about the rich and beautiful. They even meet the lead and that person is known for their looks. How are they supposed to keep writing a story like this without getting to know that person that they despise? Or do they despise them?
  3. I wouldn't mind doing more than one with anyone xD But you'd probably get really annoyed with me after two roleplays.

    I just finished You're Beautiful Last night. Oh my gosh I never cried so much during any other show! :O It was freakin' amazing.
  4. hmm.. doing two with one person.. Why not :D
    I haven't even finished it yet xD I think I am at the sixth episode, but I wanna end it as soon as possible but school has gotten in the way xD
  5. Ooh you are at a good part. :D I love when she tasers herself. xD

    xD Do you see one you like ?
  6. Hhahah yeah that was hilarious xD I was just "are you stupid or something?" xD ahhaha

    I adore that guy that is a perfectionist whom hates her in the beginning
    And he who are a bit weird that has a dog is so damn cuuute :D
    *I don't remember the korean names, they are so weird xD hhahahah*
  7. Jeremy = guy with the dog
    Tae Kyung = OCD perfectionist.
    and then my personal fav the gentleman romantic : SHinwoo

    xD All thought they all tie because I like each of their personalities equally.

    xD It gets WAY better as you get closer to the end Red. SImply hilarious some of the stunts they pull.
  8. Hhahah JEREMYYYYYY :D Even if we don't keep exactly those characters we still need to keep their personalities xD hahaha JEREMY IS SOOO CUUUUTE :D
    Should we do it like we play two characters each if we are going to have them all or should we have the girl and one of the guys as the "main" that we focus on? :9
  9. Jeremy is the cutest of the group. Especially when he thinks he's gay xD Or turning gay.

    I'd find the two characters each be the most interesting. (Sorry this took so Long I was having lunch and having a book discussion with some people).
  10. HHAHAHHA yeah he got so flustered when she helped him when he dropped the plates xD he just "NOOO"

    Hahah I understand :9
    Which two do you wanna be? I think I can do any of them xD
  11. Oh wait until he almost falls ;D Hiiilaaaariiiious

    I can be any of them really. I'm kind of interested in playing the girl, but that's simply because I think playing a girl being a guy would be fun. xD I'm trying to play character forms that I haven't before to widen my abilities and I haven't played one of those yet. xD
  12. Hahah ok, hmm..
    Well I wanna play Jeremy, he is sooo cute xD
    hmm.. perfectionist or the heartbroken lovable boy .. (I felt so sorry for him when he were guiding her over the phone and just as he were going to show her that he knew that she were a girl then she turned around to go and meet the perfectionist xD hahaha)
    Hmm.. .. I don't know if I can play the perfectionist so good but it's also good to train different characters than what you are used to.. hmm.. hmm.. WHY IS IT SO HARD?
  13. Because they are so good. xD
    OH! WAit til you get to the episode with the 'fan-fic' in it. It is amazing to see the three attempt to be gay! xD
    I cried a little inside. And he's such a good character throughout the whole series. I'm trying very hard to say stuff that won't COMPLETELY ruin it for you. -goes for over generalization- T^T He was my favorite.
    Go with what you want. :3 IF you want to do the heartbroken lovable boy go for it. :3 I will attempt the perfectionist--. It isn't like we have to keep it identical to the series. We could throw it up in the air to see which she ends up with.
  14. Hahhah what the heck I wanna test the perfectionist
    And just so you know I will keep the styles of them a bit x) but I will probably change them a bit to xD Jeremy will probably be moooore crazy than the real one xD moahhah
    Shall we keep the names as they are? :9
  15. We can though I don't really like Minam Go as a name, but I can go with it.
    Oooh A crazier Jeremy?! :DD SO ADORABLE!
  16. We can change the names, I'm not that in to korean names because I forgets them all the time xD I think all names sounds the same xD ahahha Jeremy has a easy name x)
  17. Twood you like to start or should I? :3
  18. You do it xD I think it would be better for the girl that is coming to the band to do it xD hahah
    Will probably give you the first reply post today but then I need to go to bed x)
  19. Anyone else interested ina rp?
  20. Still looking? :)
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