Multiple alters (personalities) in one body

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  1. I have an idea about a rp I would like to do. It goes something like this:

    A person has DID. It means that this person, as a child, has created different alters to deal with a severe trauma/event, when there seemed to be no other solution. My idea is that we (you and I) play the alters of the same person.

    Lets say that this person is a girl named Lucy. This could be her alters: the child (who remember the trauma/event), the protector (protects the rest of the "system", wich are the other alters), the host (the main person, which in this case would be Lucy).
    If we together decide that I play the host and you the child, maybe I (the host) could be walking around doing the physical things while you (the child) is inside dealing with emotions etc.

    Otherwise it could be that one of us is Lucy and the other one is a therapist, and then we go back and see what caused the traumatic event etc, and maybe the one playing the therapist could still be one (or more) alter(s) in Lucy?

    These are just some thought I had. If it seems hard or confusing I can totally understand it, it felt very confusing to me at first as well. Anyone interested in doing this rp with me? I recommend that you do a brief research on DID before we start though, since the rp will probably mainly focus on the person's different alters and so on.

    This is as I said just an idea and if you want to do this rp but there's something you'd like to change, just tell me and we'll fix it. I'm open to any suggestions to this since it's not a fully developed story.
    And last but not least, I'd like you to be able to write at least 2-4 paragraphs or something like that. Please don't do one-liners.

    Thanks for reading ~
  2. This sounds like a really fascinating idea. I especially like the idea of it being between Lucy and the therapist. I feel like it would be rather hard if two different people played the alters unless one is always physical Lucy and the other is playing a hallucination that she sees of her alter(s), as if she manifests them like imaginary friends that interact with her?
    Other times the alters could also take over her and be used for certain plots and etc.

    I think with some careful planning and discussion on the trauma/event that happened in Lucy's life this could be a really good role-play and one that I would like to pursue if you are still looking for a partner. Please shoot me a PM if you are interested in getting started and discussing more details.
    I look forward to your reply :)