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  1. I would like to issue a quick reminder that Iwaku does not allow the creation of multiple accounts on the forum belonging to one person.

    We understand that other sites allow and even encourage the creation of "character" accounts where you have a name and account for main characters however Iwaku is not one of those sites. Having a large focus on COMMUNITY we prefer, and in fact require a 'one person one profile' policy that they can use to post for all their wonderful characters!

    There are several reasons for this. The first and most obvious on is that it causes confusion among members of the forum when looking for others to RP with. The second is that while we like to believe that vast majority of people just want to RP and have fun there will always be a few who use multiple accounts to circumvent rules or otherwise engage in trollish or questionable behavior especially trying to get around the under/over 18s separate Mature sections. The separation is there for your own protection. If you are caught smutting or cybering with people outside of your age groups not only could you be in trouble in federal court but so could your partners and the people who run this forum. Don't do it.

    If however people do have multiple accounts and want to own up to it they can PM me with the names of their accounts and name which one they want to keep, the rest will be deleted and there will not be any negative consequences. (We can't merge accounts until we upgrade to Xenforo 1.2, sorry!)

    That's all, go back to bumming around in the Cbox!
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  2. I think this should be sticky noted.
  3. If two profiles show up on my IP that's my brother and I,he hasnt joined yet but him and I used to roleplay all the time so it wont be long.