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Multiple Accounts, Shared Household, and a new Doo

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jun 13, 2016.

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  1. Hallo, hallo!

    If you are not already aware (and you should be because you read the site rules, right?) Multiple Accounts are not allowed on Iwaku. You get ONE account! There's no need for character accounts and stuff like that. We do this to head off abuse by people who like to cause trouble and then hide on secret accounts.

    With our full staff, you may be seeing A LOT of people getting busted for having extra accounts. The staff are on the prowl and contacting members who get flagged!

    Things to know:

    - If you registered a NEW account because you didn't want your old one anymore (for whatever reason) make sure to put the old account on self delete. You can find self delete under your Name menu as "Delete Your Account".

    - If you registered a new account because you screwed up information on it - you didn't HAVE to. Admins can fix that for you and merge the old account with the new one. However, self deleting is still an option if you really want to do it that way.

    - If you registered a new account to circumvent age restrictions (either because you wanted to play sexy stuff with someone you are not allowed to or because you wanted more options), you can sure as hell bet you're eventually going to get caught and then automatically banned. Please don't do this.

    We know that many members live in the same house or share a device with other members. We now have a Profile Field you can fill out with the names of those people to make it easy for you and for staff!

    In your CONTACT DETAILS the field is called "Household Members". You no longer have to send an Admin a PM if your sibling, mate, roomie, or cat decides to join Iwaku too. Just add their name in that box, so when staffers investigate a multiple account flag they will know!

    You can see on my account under my contact details I have IsabellaHime and Mr Gibs listed because they live in my house!

    P.S. Don't try to get sneaky and lie about an account being a real person so you can keep an alt account. The staff are trained to spot these kinds of things. 8D

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  2. Perfect lol, since my little bro is about to be 13 and he wants to join Iwaku xD
  3. Just to rise a small point of attention. How do you handle situations when two members share the same IP even if they aren't aware of each other ? For example students that share a dormitory building, or members that enter mostly at their workplaces.
  4. Sooo I don't know much about how IP addresses work and all that. But, I spend a good chunk of the school year living in a dorm room, using dorm wi-fi. What would happen if other people in the building have Iwaku accounts? Would we seemingly be the same member? I can't exactly survey the whole building to find out if they have Iwaku accounts... o_o"

    I'm not living in a dorm room right now, so it wouldn't be a problem until August at the soonest, but, yeah, I'm just a bit worried about that.

    Actually, the same goes for public wi-fi. What if I'm online via the wi-fi at a McDonalds or something and someone else in that McDonalds just happens to be an Iwaku RPer who just got banned for something -- what then? o_o
  5. I can't exactly tell the system used by Iwaku for filtering the address, that is why I'm asking but the chance for basing it on random logins it is small if not impossible. What would really matter is a router that you use a lot: dormitory, workplace, university, high school , friends houses.
  6. This is where the whole "Staff training" thing comes in. O__O IPs by themselves are NOT a reliable source for knowing because of public wifi spaces and because of rotating IPs from cellphone services, etc. You are not going to get flagged just for having the same IP. (And we ARE able to look and see if the IP belongs to a shared space!)

    In most cases it's pretty obvious it's two totally different people just by behavior alone. But we teach staffies how to recognize other signs too. 8D

    I would like to explain what those ways are, but I also don't want people using that as a guide for learning how to avoid them. O____O
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  7. Savvy and well trained staff members that are taught how to see the signs of fake accounts.
  8. So... What's stopping someone from using this to make multi-accounts and simply pretend it's a family member?

    Couldn't it also work as a way to teach the member base how to spot it? Like a neighbourhood watch sort of system?
  9. -points at response above- >:/ It's actually not as easy as people think to continuously keep up an alt account without getting caught. It's very rare.

    No. Because members do not have the full tools associated with some investigation techniques, and really it's not the members job to do stuff like that. A member that goes vigilante on suspicions tends to create more trouble than they solve. D:
  10. I think my friend made his account at my house because he didn't know how. He doesn't come online ever anymore, but there is that
  11. I saw it the first time. ;A;
    It's just that you Ninja'd me before I asked, so I deleted it and posted it again with another question as to not double post. XD
    I'm not suggesting people go vigilante, just a public awareness thing of "If you see ____, ____ or _____ alert the staff" sort of deal.
  12. *glares at the new doohicky *
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  13. I didn't even think of letting someone know that my brother is on the site. Good thing this was here before someone assumed I had two accounts
  14. Actual footage of staff.

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  15. Like Diana said, most staff can tell if you're the same person or not :) So while you would been investigated, I doubt a ban would have been issued unless necessary ^.^
  16. Lol well that's good I feel safe about not being assumed XD
  17. Diana, I vote we set up a quick little script that automatically flags these accounts. Give it a whitelist of people to not flag, and then every day, select a random number of random accounts, and flag them for immediate termination and deletion.
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  18. Good to see you're finally making this a priority.
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  19. Woah, you guys are sure taking this seriously. Not sure I understand really but I mean more power to you. It sounds like it might be a bit of a problem to have two or more people in the same house on Iwaku if you have erratic schedules. I have other people in the house who were interested in Iwaku but I think I'd rather send them somewhere a bit more laid back. I don't want to have to deal with any issues, I rather like this site and don't want Iwaku S.S. interrogating me while i'm trying to write my replies :lol:
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  20. We take it very seriously because we have to. Multiple people in the same household using Iwaku is fine. They might get flagged by the system as multiple accounts, but in cases of separate people we are usually able to sort it out with a quick message asking for clarification.

    Actual multiple account users are the problem we are taking seriously. A large portion people who create alternate accounts do so for rule breaking reasons. Some want to have a standby in case their main gets banned, some want them to be able to anonymously harass people they dislike, some want to cause drama for their own amusement, and the worst offenders are those who want to bypass the age group restrictions on sexual roleplaying. That last type is the main reason we don't allow multiple accounts per user and crack down on them hard, because allowing adults to do sexual roleplaying with minors can lead to serious legal trouble for the adult member, Iwaku itself, and Iwaku's owners. We want to keep the site up and running, so we have to go hard when it comes to enforcing that age barrier.
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