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  1. I am always super-crazy impressed by people that can speak a second language. Here in American, speaking a second language isn't required or necessary (though it is getting to the point where knowing some Spanish is really handy!). You can take some language classes in High School iiiiif you're on a college-route, but after that... nada! And the few people that do know other languages are people with families from other countries.

    And then when I meet someone that can speak three or more languages I am in awe. O___O I would love to one day know a second language. Spanish mostly for convenience. XD But speaking French would be badass too. I always liked French.

    If you could add another language to your brainpan, what language would you REALLY love to learn?

    Do you already speak multiple languages? Tell us what they are!
  2. I'm like....slowly learning Japanese and I know a bit of my native language (Maori).
    But I love Japanese! I think the language is awesome and really badass sounding!! >:D
  3. I can speak Japanese well, I still have difficulty with more complex kanji (I'm probably at like a 5th grade level) and I know Norwegian. Both of those were self taught, I don't know what made me so interested in Norwegian, I just was and it was SO fun to learn. They pronounce things awesomely. Everyone should learn it. Everyone. Now. Oh, I'm also in Spanish class but I hate the language. It sounds no bueno to me. If it weren't for practical reasons I'd be taking French or Latin or something else.

    I would like to learn Korean as it is my "native" language, even though I live in America now. Language is something I really love, and I aim to be able to fluently speak at least four languages before I die. I'd like to learn italian, I was learning portuguese for a while but it was way to similar to Spanish and it made me super confused… but Russian would be cool too.
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  4. I speak Elvish! (Constructed sentences with grammar and everything, not just copy-pastes from the Gray company)

    ...does that count?
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  5. I speak fluent gibberish.
  6. Haha! xD

    Me too! Gibberish is like my daily language so I forget that it's even considered. xD
  7. Levusti speaks a few languages.

    Obviously I speak English. I speak two dialects of Filipino well.

    I can get by in Spanish well. I go to a hair salon with Spanish only speaking people and at the restaurant I work at everyone has to come get me for Spanish only speaking customers.

    I can make SIMPLE conversation in Korean and Japanese. Reading Japanese? No can do. Reading Korean? I'm decent.

    Right now I have a fascination with German though.
  8. Wow....that seems awesome!!
  9. I want to learn ALL THE LANGUAGES.
    My French is a little dusty from disuse but there.
    I don't know enough German to count myself as a speaker, but I know enough to swear at you quietly and then politely ask you about tea. Things like that.
  10. I took two years of Spanish, so I can carry on a conversation. And, at my job, I deal with a lot of Spanish speaking people. Most of our product gets shipped to Mexico, so I get a lot of practice.

    I've always wanted to know Latin. Me and my best buddy loved the movie "Boondock Saints". There was a scene where they spoke latin to each other in front of a cop, to get their story straight. Not that I'm a criminal, but knowing a "dead" language and being able to speak to your friend in situations to where it's private but you are in social environments is badass.

    I would also like to know how to read Sumerian, because it is one of humankinds' first languages. I would like to read the ancient Sumerian texts that talks about all that crazy crap. (look up sumerian texts sometime, and see what they wrote! Pretty much how aliens and stuff came to earth and ruled them.)

    Did you know Sumerian people predated Egyptians, and had carving of our solar system? That was correct, with the sun at the center? It had all the planets and their colors! Also, know what else is freaky? They refer to Earth as being the seventh planet. They weren't counting from the sun out, but from somewhere else in space in.

    Whoa, sorry. Didn't mean to go off topic. XD
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  11. Haha, that's like me and Japanese. I love ow my family doesn't know what I'm saying when I swear in a different language. xD

    They'll probably catch on soon......

    That would be badass. xD
    But what if someone else knows what you're saying??

    ...that's kinda scary.... ;-;

    O_o .........that's...amazing, in a very interesting and scary way.
  12. Yes, I speak Norwegian and English. I studied German for six years at school, I hated it. I've now been studying Italian for six or seven months, love it.

    Norwegian is my mother tongue, not much to say there.

    English; I am very pleased with my level of comprehension. Which has come with years and years of massive input almost every day. I've taken my English for granted over the years, but I have come to appriciate the fact that I can write about so many things in it and the great advantage it gives me when researching and communicating. My reading and comprehension of the language is pretty damn good, my writing is good.
    My speaking abilities is at best okay. My accent is thick, and I imagine holding longer conversations with someone would be pretty exhausting to begin with. If I put an effort in to have weekly conversations(ex: over skype) in english, I am pretty sure I'd excel quickly, considering I've "studied" the language for approx. 15 years.

    As for my German, I believe I represent yet another example of the terrible system of language learning that our school's teach us. How many people actually enjoy these classes? Not many! And how many people can actually say they are able to hold a conversation over the level of "Hi, my name is..." "I am 20 years old..." "I come from 'Murica and I like to play hockey..."? And thats an acceptable level? AFTER YEARS OF STUDYING???
    I only believe the people who can enjoy such classes are the one's who have a great external influence(you grew up in a family that speaks the language and/or a community where you have many speakers of the language). I believe language teachers are a good source of grammar drilling, but the over-emphasis grammar is the main reason why I think the schools system of language learning fails so badly.
    I know for a fact that I can easily gain many levels in my German. I visited Berlin last summer, I didn't try to speak with any of the locals though, I hadn't "done" any German in years, I am also very shy and blabla. I did however pick up the German version of Dan Brown's Inferno and the audio version of the same book, this in German too. And I read through the book, understanding most of it without the need of a dictionary, it was a great feeling. =)

    As for my Italian, I started learning Italian because I love Italian football. Also because I'd like to learn a southern European language, I'd like to get beneath the bullshit images I get from people who "know" Italy. I am so tired of "living on" the stereotypes we have of other cultures and people. I believe that learning a language is the best way to access a better understanding of other cultures' worlds. Rather than reading about it through texts in a foreign language.
    Italian is the first language I am actively learning by my self. My "plan" has been to spend a little time(min. 1 hour) every day with the language. My first phase involves gathering vocabulary, listening and reading. My plan is to keep doing this until this summer(15th of june 2014 to be exact). The next phase is to start writing in the language, this is where I'll implement learning grammar too. Then the last phase is to learn to actually speak the language. I've got a really good idea of how I'll go about learning how to write the language and do grammar drills, but learning how to speak it will be a great test in going outside my comfort-zone. I CAN'T WAIT, SUCH GREAT CHALLENGES AHEAD. herpderp.
    I started my self-learning by going through the Assimil Italian, reading and listening over and over to the material. This is the hardest and most boring part of learning a language(from what I can understand), you're stuck with material made especially for language learners, which often times can be awfully dreadful. I think Assimil is pretty good though, the edition I used was the one they released in the 80's.
    After that I used a lot of material on, very good to acquire a bigger vocabulary. I am sure everyone can find some content on there they find interesting. At the same time, I've been listeing to podcasts. RAI, Mix 24 and SBS's Italian edition. I've now arrived at a level where I can understand most of what is said. Currently, I've begun to read a PDF-version of Isaac Asimov's The Gods Themselves in Italian. It's a lot of work, but I think it will pay off greatly. The plan is to keep learning Italian until the summer of 2015. Then I'll see how I am doing and how interested I am in keeping at it.

    If any of you are interested in using this method, just google "download website as PDF", get the app, then download articles in a subject you're interested in. Highlight each word you don't understand and fill in the translated meaning in a language you do understand in pop-up boxes.

    My language "mentors" are Steve Kaufmann AKA lingosteve(, Moses McCormick AKA laoshu505000( and Luca Lampariello(

    As for learning more languages. I'd like to achieve a fluent level in Mandarin and Arabic.
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  13. If you could add another language to your brainpan, what language would you REALLY love to learn?
    I'm already learning Japanese, but I want to learn it fluently. And right now I am almost on JLPTN5 which is the lowest level. I just need to learn the kanji xb

    Do you already speak multiple languages? Tell us what they are!
    Swedish (Fluently)
    English (Weird accent, but kind of fluently with some grammar mistakes)

    -- Other
    Japanese (Low lvl, are better at reading and listening than writing and speaking)
    Danish (Understand written danish and sometimes spoken Danish if slow enough. Can't speak it)
    Norwegian (Understand written and spoken Norwegian, but doesn't speak it.)

    Since Danish and Norwegian are related to Swedish and very similar, it's easy to understand each other, though I haven't actually learned those languages in any way so I can't speak them.
  14. My mother is Italian, and my father is American. I was born and raised in Italy, and for the most part, it's the language my parents spoke. Due to circumstances though I had to move in with my grandmother in England, which is where I learned most of my English.

    I'm currently learning ASL, and I'd love to learn German (I just love the language's hard tongue -- if that makes sense), and possibly Mandarin, which is becoming more prevalent.
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  15. As most long time people around these parts know, I've been working on picking up Norwegian for quite a time. It's been an on-again off-again affair, due to real life issues, but one day, I'll get it down pat.

    A language I'd love to learn? Russian. That would be fun and exciting. But first, let me pick up on Norwegian.


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  16. OMFSM Maori! :D I'm so jealous! Studying the Maori culture & language is one of my dreams...
    now i feel like an anthropology nerd...

    If I could pick any language, though... Latin ftw. It's a doorway into the romance languages, and incredibly useful for understanding scientific terms. After that, ASL. I was conversational in kindergarten, but I've forgotten almost everything. ;_;

    Right now I only speak English, but I can understand simple conversations in German. Three years in school with a teacher who was BATSHIT INSANE (bad enough to get sacked halfway through a year, not just a bit eccentric) means I know shit about grammar, construction, vocabulary, tenses, or genders, but I've picked up enough vocabulary that I understand the easy stuff. It helps that my community is still fairly Deutsche. My Opa speaks both languages fluently, but he didn't teach my father shit, so I don't know much. How to ask for food at the dinner table, mostly. XD Between school and the community I know about enough to give directions to German tourists because if we both understand every other word the point gets across eventually, lol.
    It's worth noting that Deutschxan is the Tex-Mex of German and a lot of what I've learned is wrong, dated, or just completely made-up.
  17. I speak English and some Spanish cause I work around lot of Mexicans. I think they like the fact that I at least try to speak with them, and I pick up new words and phrases from time to time. Honestly though if you threw me into a conversation with a native Spanish speaker, in a conversation unrelated to construction and my job, I would fail pretty hard, lmao.
  18. I can speak Romanian and English. But English is my second language.
  19. Dutch person here! So yeah, from that thing alone it should be obvious that I know Dutch. It would be pretty bad if I didn't know my own nation's language... Also obviously enough, I can write and speak English too. It helps that, when it comes to television, English is practically this nation's second language. I swear, almost every other show is in English with Dutch subs. As a result, a good amount of people here know at least the basics of English before it's even taught at schools.
  20. I noticed that when I went on vacation! I mean, most of Europe's tourist-y areas are thoroughly inundated with English, but in Amsterdam it was ubiquitous. I thought I would be the polite American and not just assume everyone spoke English, but it was definitely ruder to ask. I just got a bunch of "no shit, Sherlock, I'm Dutch. Why wouldn't I speak English?" type of responses. XD
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