[Multifandom RP] 'The only way to go is up'

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  1. Stories.
    Legends scattered throughout existence.
    It is known as the reflection of one's society, a literature of one's century.
    However, what if they get the inspiration for these stories not just from their minds, but from a vision?
    Yes, visions in which they peek through other realities, letting man see a vast world in which they call fiction.
    But what if these 'visions' collide into a single tower reaching higher than the heavens themselves with no way out?
    However, only one path remains...
    The only way to go is up.
    How was it? Post if you're interested...
    Minimum players needed; 4(Myself included)
    Characters per player; 1-4
    Players Interested: 4
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  2. I can't tell what the game would be like from reading this, but I do have a couple I've been looking for a place to play for many months now.
  3. A multi fandom roleplay!? Count me in x1000!!!!
  4. Depending on what is involved, I would love to get in on this. I've been wanting something like this forever.. me and my big list of possible characters!!
  5. Well, our guys will traverse a seemingly endless tower, fighting some monsters from different books, games, or shows each floor. Our goal is to reach the top is this 'tower' and get our characters back home. Some characters will die along the way, and maybe some will form bonds with one another. There will some floors where you will get to rest and add some characters. and Floors where you'll have to face a boss. Maximum character limit for now is 4.

    Minimum player count reached. Shall I make the thread?
  6. Not the game that I need, but I think it's obvious that you can get enough players for it. Have fun.
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