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  1. I'm expecting this to be an outright 'no', but I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask.

    I've recently decided to update my signature; move things around, change some images, add in some quotes maybe... Midway through I had the idea of making the roleplays I'm GM'ing represented as 100x25px images with links, and began making them. Upon adding them in, previewing, and then submitting (to make sure that what appears in the actual messages I submit looks like what's in the preview!) I was told that I can only have one image per signature, to which I replied


    Now I completely understand the reason for this limitation (I remember shaking my fist at users who had signatures with nothing but long lists of images stacked on top of one another), but I couldn't help but feel like an exception could be made. Here's what I wanted to pull off:


    As you can see, my images are neatly contained within a single space. No scroll-bar present! So I guess comes my question: is it possible to allow specific users to have multiple images in their signature, so long as they're neatly contained ala the methods used in my intended signature? I'd really love to pursue my original idea. q-q

    I'll even purchase an upgraded account if I need to (I plan on doing so regardless, I just forgot to set up a monthly-renewal after switching debit cards)! Dx
  2. The limitation's presence has more to do with page-load and renderer stability than it does with neatness, though @Diana likely has a more authoritative answer! :D
  3. I am afraid that we will not allow exceptions for siggy limitations (even though it is possible!). Even if a beautiful siggy layout, multiple images still causes extra loading time especially on mobile. And if we're gonna have extra load time, we want it to be from content in your post (cause that's what members actually want to see of yours) and not from siggies.
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  4. Can't we do it other sites and simply disable signatures on mobile, or have a signature total filesize limit?
  5. We could, but we much prefer limiting the amount of images and clutter from siggies!
  6. Some Alternatives.

    Make one linked Image, but have that link lead to a directory of links.
    Or take all those smaller images, make them into one larger image and then post hyper links under it to each of the RPs.

    Not Optimal compared to your original idea, but it would get the job done with Iwaku's current system.
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