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  1. Multi-Fandom, plus OCs if you want. Just list the characters you're using and fandom they're from, plus a little background info if you want. Even your own self (Fandom will be reality). Let's start.

    Alice Pond (Doctor Who-OC)- Child of the 11th Doctor and River Song. Dates Mr. Clever.
    Mr. Clever (Doctor Who)

    Alice sat down on a bar room stool. There had been strange activity in the rift, which meant lots of people were going to appear at any moment. She and Mr. Clever (he had started calling himself Matt) had thought of the only logical thing to do- throw a Christmas celebration. They had been setting up the decorations in an abandoned hotel/pub for about two hours now.
  2. alliie captor (homestuck fandom) and
    ash hagrid (hagrids adopted doctor) walked in they wondered if they were early
  3. oops daughter
  4. Alice jumped up, smiling.

    "Hello!" if she wasn't female, it was possible she would have sounded like the tenth regeneration of her father. "I'm Alice. That's Mr. Clever."

    "It's Matt." he grumbled.

    "Whatever. Anyways, do you want to help out with the decorations? You're a bit early."
  5. alliie grinned and looked at ash who only nodded "we'd love to help."
  6. Hetalia (Axis Powers, World Series, and Beautiful World)- Alfred F Jones AKA America the son/brother of the UK

    Creepypasta- Jeff the Killer (to make a long story short: Jeff moves to a new town is bullied, but he fights back in a very violent way, his brother takes the blame cause he loves Jeff, the bullies come back and pour alcohol and bleach on Jeff setting him on fire, Jeff snaps cuts a smile into face and burns off his eyelids and kills his family)

    Warriors- Firestar

    The doors suddenly are kicked in a loud array of laughter filled the room "There's no need to fear the hero's here!" obnoxiously loud voice belonged to a young blonde with shimmering blue eyes. "Sup dogs I'm America!" He said with a goofy grin.

    The door opens once again but in a less crazy manner, a boy with paper white skin enters the room through his long black bangs he notices that the room is already teeming with life as they got ready for an upcoming holiday.

    The newcomer looked around the carved smile etched further as his lips pulled into a smile he stepped forward but nearly face planted on the floor due to something small dart under his feet.

    It was an orange cat, with dark green eyes, it leaps clear across the room and lands onto the table as his eyes scan the room they fill with a sad look as if he is recalling a memory.

    "Which one of you two-legs are the leader?" He asked curiously, surely the two-legs (humans) had someone in charge.

  7. Alice nearly jumped back at all the new arrivals, while Matt quickly rushed into the back room.

    Lolling down at the orange cat, she smiled and said,

    "I believe that would be me. You must be Firestar, am I right? I love the Warrior books!"
  8. Firestar's eyes flashed with pride as he sat straighter appearing taller "I am, you must Alice Pond. StarClan told me that I shall meet a two-leg with a name that is similar to a warriors."

    He dips his head respectfully "It's a pleasure to meet you."

    Jeff, the boy in the hoodie looked bored "Wait, you enjoy reading about a bunch of cats?" He looked at Firestar he noticed he pelt bristled with annoyance from the killer.

    America looked a bit confused as to why the other being darted off, he looked at the threesome and then to where the other snuck off too quickly following him. He loved company but the talk of books bored him.

    "Where you going brah?"

  9. Matt whirled around, glaring at the young man.

    "Go. Away." he hissed. "If I still worked for the Cybermen, I'd have you upgraded!"

    Alice smiled at Firestar. "You always were my favorite character."
  10. Captain Kirk - Star Trek
    Spock - Star Trek
    (In case anyone's not familliar with these guys, Kirk is the captain of a starship, and Spock, his first officer, is a half-Vulcan, half human. Vulcans, by the way, are extremely logical aliens.)

    "Captain, are you sure this is a wise idea? There seems to be little of importance here."

    "Well, Spock, these coordinates appeared on every single one of the ship's monitors, as you well know. I suppose you could argue that it is only... logical that we investigate." The Captain couldn't help but jokingly appeal to his friend's love for the rational and reasonable, and he had to admit, Spock might not find this intruigiing, but he did.

    Somehow, his ship had wound up traveling to what he could only guess to be another dimension, which strangely resembled twenty-first century Earth, a time in their distant past and Kirk's home planet. But this wasn't his Earth, in fact, it wasn't even his universe. The two had beamed down to the planet they had found themselves orbiting, mystified by their arrival. Yet even more mystifying, though, were the sounds of what could only be a party. Who could possibly have sent us the coordinates to a party? Brushing aside his musings, Kirk turned his gaze from his first officer to the closed door in front of him.

    "Well," he said, a small grin crossing his face, "we're stuck here until Scotty figures out if the engines can get us back home. No reason we can't enjoy ourselves."

    Though the Captain was being most illogical, Spock trusted him enough not to question him further. He silently followed him through the door of the room, glancing about at the abnormal mix of people - and an animal - inhabiting the room. Facinating, he thought. Perhaps they could gain some useful scientific knowledge after all on the nature of this place. But hefore he could consider research, there was a more important matter at hand: trying to make sure his Captain didn't become distracted from his job in favor of flirting with the first attractive girl he saw, as was often the case.
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  11. America stared blankly at Matt his blue eyes sparked with curiosity he heard that term somewhere before...but where? "Cybermen?" He said as if Matt had announced he just discovered something unearthly. "That sounds cool!"

    He somehow felt that England was lecturing his stupidity for not knowing what Cybermen are.

    Jeff frowns feeling slightly out of place, he turns deciding to leave when he suddenly collided with another being's chest!

    He stumbles back hands over his face swearing, he looks up his eyes flashing anger and pain "Watch were ya goin'!" snapped the Pasta as he looks up wishing he could glare. The man before him strangely familiar 'Those ears...they look like BEN's.'

    Firestar couldn't help but feel his ears burn with embarrassment at the compliment "Don't let the other leaders hear you say that." He chuckled with a flick of his tail.

    He glanced around at the familiar yet new decorations that hung around the room. He remembered his two-legs often doing this, it was refreshing to have glimpses of his first home "Alice Pond, are you preparing for a Gathering?" Firestar asked curiously.

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  12. The half-Vulcan's expression didn't change as he fixed his gaze on the one who had just crashed into him, studying his obviously altered features curiously. "I have no knowledge of 'Ben', but I sincerely doubt he is similar to myself based on his name alone. But I am certainly intrigued by your description of him." He paused, his stoic look of indifference to the other's outburst still evident. He wondered brielfly if 'Ben' was a Vulcan who had simply adopted an Earth name, but doubted it. He could, however, be any other sort of alien.

    Kirk, meanwhile, wandered over to where a girl was conversing with... was that a cat? He shrugged slightly, realizing it wasn't as strange as some of the other things he'd seen. "Hello," he greeted the two cordially. Deciding to try to blend in with everyone, the captain chose to engage in small talk, despite wanting to find out details about what exactly had brought him and his ship here. "I'm Jim Kirk. And you two?"
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  13. Firestar turned his head to the newcomer and he dipped his head respectfully "You must be the leader and that one must be your deputy." He said pointing at Spock with his tail tip. "I'm Firestar, leader of ThunderClan." He flicked his ear curiously as he turned his muzzle to Alice "And this is Alice Pond."

    Jeff would've blinked out of confusion if he had eyelids. "Uh...okay." He said without much confidence, he wasn't sure if he should leave, or try and converse.

    He decided to make most of this and be friendly the bleached white boy looked up his carved smile twitching slightly as he spoke "So...who are you?" He asked.
  14. "Yes, you're right. I'm the captain of a starship, the Enterprise, and Spock is my first officer." He glanced down at Firestar, slightly amused at the absurdity that a cat was talking to him, then turned his attention to Alice. "Glad to meet you," he said, giving her a friendly smile before addressing Firestar again "What is Thunderclan? I'm not... well, to be honest, I'm not familliar with it."

    "I am Spock. May I inquire who you are?" He couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the stranger; he looked like no human he'd ever met. Definitely human, but onviously something must have change his looks greatly. Though he speculated on the different options, Spock, for once, failed to come up with a logical explanation.
  15. Firestar looked confused 'Starship Enterprise?' He thought confused he wasn't too sure what that was, why did two-legs have to confusing when they named stuff.

    "ThunderClan is home to a group of cats, ThunderClan is a mainly peaceful Clan, respectful of the other Clans as well. In battle, ThunderClan is fierce, courageous, and loyal. They normally take in loners and kittypets into our Clan. Cats are meant to protect their clan and obey the Warrior Code. We have kits, apprentices: they are the kits who are six moons or older who had received their apprentice name of 'paw, and then they'll become a,warrior and most possibly the leader. " He looked curiously up at the captain before deciding to explain a little better. "For example your deputy would be called Spockkit. He'd stay in the nursery with the queens and learn the very basics of the clan like the Code, where they sleep, when they can play outside our have to stay inside and the animals they have to watch out for. When he reaches six moon he'll be Spockpaw, there he'll learn to hunt and fight. He'd learn about the borders and of his territory, he'd be taught that his clan comes first and that he must care for the elders, kits, and queens before himself. Finally after he passes assessment he'd be given a warrior name and he'd be known as that for the rest of his life, unless he becomes leader. I would name Spock...Spockheart, if he was in my clan. From this point on he'd hunt prey for his clan and guard the borders if our enemies trespass or if a Fox or other animal trespasses it's up to him to fight it off, if he gets up he goes to a cat that can fix him like new called the Medicine Cat. Say he gets hurt in a way that renders him useless or he gets too old he goes to the Elders den...Where he can take it easy until it's his time to pass on. Though say he shows he has what it takes to rule the clan he'd be given nine lives unlike the other cats who have one, from that point on he'd be Spockstar. He can give orders and name the clan cats but also must remember to love and care for his clan and it's cats."

    He explained, then he asked "What is a Starship Enterprise?"

    "I'm Jeff the Killer...." Jeff noticed the look he was receiving and he shifted a bit "You're probably wondering why I look like this...aren't you?" Jeff didn't mind sharing his story, not waiting for a response he said "I look like this cuz some bullies took bullying to far...Randy, the punk that did this wanted revenge cuz I kicked his butt and the butts of his goons. But he wanted to win so he found me at some kids party he had guns and I had nothing...He attempted to shot me but failed. Our fight turned into a fist fight, he threw a bottle of alcohol at me causing it to cover me in liquid...I was a nice honest...but because of him and what did to my brother I snapped...I attacked and killed Randy...I snapped. His goons came after me I wrestled one in the bathroom since that's where they chased me and I had knocked bleach onto me and him by accident....I killed him and went to the last thug...I got in a few to his body before he set me on fire with his lighter....I don't remember what happened after that but I woke up in the hospital...and all I remember was loving my appearance...sure I didn't have eyebrows and my hair was no longer brown but black and it was longer but I loved my face. That night though...I burned off my eyelids so I could see myself forever...and I cut a smile into my cheeks cuz smiling on my own started to hurt....I thought I was beautiful....but my mom wanted to kill I did what anyone who snapped would do, I killed her and my dad...I went to kill my brother when I got there I told him 'Go to SLEEP!'"

    Jeff looked down not sure how Spock would react he figured not much phased this man he reminded him a bit of Slender...just with a face.
  16. Alice blushed at Captain Kirk. "As Firestar just said, I'm Alice." she looked around. "Now where is Matt...?"

    "I'm right here!" Matt called, walking out of the back room, his cybernetic implants flashing. He saw Jim and glared. "Great, a Starfleet officer." Attempting to sound like his twin, the actual Doctor, he smiled and stepped up to the Captain. "Hello there! I'm Matt! I was assimilated by the Borg!"
  17. Kirk was amazed at the cat's explanation, and marveled at the way their civilization was so well structured. Yet he couldn't help but suppress a grin at the idea of Spock being a cat called 'Spockheart'. "A starship," he told the cat, "is a ship that travels through space, and the name of the one I command is the Enterprise. We - my crew and I - travel throughout the galaxy, exploring new worlds and creating diplomatic relations." When his explanation was finished, Alice mentioned Matt, and Kirk turned in surprise to see a man with a face partially covered in metal appear, who clearly not just Alice's friend. Well, that ended quickly, he thought, somewhat indiffernently, for once keeping his constant flirtatious attitude at bay.

    (Quick note: I'm basing this off the original series, not the movies or any other works. Forgive me for ruining what could have been a very awesome dialogue, but Kirk never actually met the Borg in the original series.)

    "You've heard of Starfleet?" the Captain questioned. Perhaps he could get some answers, though by the way Matt was glaring at him, he doubted he'd learn much. The newcomer's irritation brought out Kirk's tempramental side, and he found himself beginning to harbor a slight dislike for the man.

    Outwardly, Spick let no emotion show besides a slight raise of his eyebrows. But his human half was telling him the boy was quite clearly insane, and he wasn't quite sure how to respond reasonably. After a moment of contemplation, he settled on what he assumed to be an appropriate course of action. "Most facinating," he commented, almost to himself, then directly to Jeff. "Thank you for informing me."
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  18. Matt's face fell. So he couldn't scare the human off so quickly.

    "Actually, I was upgraded by the Cybermen. Well, that isn't true. I was created from a Timelord who was upgraded."

    "Matt..." Alice looked at him funny, folding her arms. "I thought you wanted to forget about that."

    "True. Wouldn't it be great if your dad was actually here?"

    (Cue Tenth Doctor)

    A man in a trench coat and suit walked into the pub, smiling at all the decorations. His eyes soon drifted over to where Kirk, Alice, Matt and Firestar were standing. In a mixture of excitement and anger he ran up to the group and hugged Alice, then slapped Matt.
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  19. (The tenth doctor is the best!)

    Firestar seemed a bit lost with the terminology "Ship? as in not being crowded? Enterprise!?" The words foreign in his mind but he played it off as he understood "Interesting." He mews and looks up at sudden appearance of Matt and the newcomer, the Tenth doctor.

    America walks out following Matt before his eyes widen at the sight of the Doctor. "Hey, I seen you on a poster!" He said smirking "Dude, England is all crazy about you!" He said with a wide smile, he hoped he didn't freak him out but hey, he loved blabbing about the UK's secrets.

    America grinned looked over at Spock and Jeff.

    Jeff felt odd, he never got that response before, most people would flee or call him a monster...unless they were his enemy Jane, she would've stabbed him.

    Jeff nods uneasily, it was odd feeling slightly scared of this man "So what's your story? Surely someone like you has a interesting story."
  20. [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]The Doctor smiled. "Of course it's crazy about me. Torchwood is still trying to get ahold of my DNA!"[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0)]Alice smiled at her father, while Matt just scowled. It wasn't easy when your girlfriend's dad came on one of your dates.[/BCOLOR]
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