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  1. I did this on another site and I am not sure if this is the right forum but this helps role play skills when coming up with plots and what would take the role play exciting.

    So how this will work is I will provide a interactive story and there will be multiple fields to fill in. After I get so many answers I will go on with the next part of the story based off of what was chosen. If this does not make sense PM me.

    So, here is the start. Please don't kill me if you find it noobish.

    You just finished your last night of the week at your new job. Is it ever so tiring. It is 10 hours of scrubbing tables and waiting on slow people to finally make up their mind. You grab your red coat of the hook along with your hat and head out. The door slams behind you, and you are a bit relieved that your week is over. Yes- you will have to go next Tuesday but right now is not the matter. It is 10:00 PM on Saturday and you actually want to do something with that time that you have left on this weekend.

    You get out to your car and open the cold door. It feels like your hand is touching ice. You should have taken your gloves with you. But of course in the hurry that you were put through you forgot them. Just thinking of the warm wool gloves sitting on the table makes you feel like you are frozen inside a giant ice block. You step into the car, and the radio turns on.

    The song playing is...
    1) "Welcome To The Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance
    2) "Best Song Ever" - One Direction
    3) "Hurricane" - Bob Dylan
    4) "Saviour" - Black Veil Brides
    5) "Devil In The Mirror" - Black Veil Brides
    6) "All About That Bass" - Meghan Trainor
    7) "We Are Golden" - MIKA
    8) "Take Me To Church" - Hozier
    9) "Bulletproof Love" - Pierce The Veil
    10) "Animals" - Maroon 5

    It reminds you of the time that your...
    1) Sister
    2) Brother
    3) Aunt
    4) Uncle
    5) Father
    6) Mother
    7) Son
    8) Daughter
    9) Cousin
    10) Niece

    left you when they were all you had. They just had to go to Denmark... now your still stuck here in Oregon. The song bothers you so you...
    1) Sing along
    2) Change it
    3) Leave it be
    4) Turn off the radio
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.