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I'd love you to just click this link; I have my character, and the idea typed up all pretty over on VampireFreaks.

If you don't click the link, but are interested, the basics are that I'm looking for someone to play Motionless in White (all the guys) in a sort of kinkier Queen of the Damned idea. I play a witch, she gets the band off the ground, and it's a poly relationship deal. She's dominating, and I'm open to just about everything but scat. Feel free to push boundaries, I'll let you know if there's something I'm not into, and please do the same. I can copy/ pasta the write up into a message for you if need be; I don't know if I can do coding crap on here.
This is the face claim if that's enticing at all. Though, if you're interested, fit the bill, and don't like her, I can change it.

Think this video.

Any questions/ comments, lemme know.


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Hey, I like this idea, don't know if you're still interested in RPing with me.
But you want one person to play the whole band? or just one guy and the rest of the band are NPCs??
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