Mulciber - A Gang War RP

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  1. Your character is a member of the infamous Mulciber; an extremely well run gang in the fantasy city of Iysf.

    Iysf is a very diverse city in that just about any race of humanoid can be found there. Lizard people, cat people, whatever you can think of; they live here. The technology of this place is mainly modern, but you can see bits of futuristic tech becoming normal in society.

    Mulciber is more of a business than a gang. They're the middle men for selling and shipping unique, exotic, and experimental drugs. Their main buyers are the rich and famous, but they also sell to night clubs and other shady, yet classy establishments. As a front, they also sell computer software to large companies for cheap.

    Most of Iysf knows who Mulciber is and their dealings in drugs, but they are very careful and that has kept them going. They have established a hierarchy of employees with less than 3% of employees knowing anything about the 2nd tier and only the 2nd tier knowing anything about the main boss. Every employee is well paid and knows that their life isn't endanger as long as they don't snitch.

    However, recently some low level employee got sloppy and leaked privileged information to a rival gang. The employee has since been dealt with, but the situation has gotten bad. The rival gang, Lympha, has threatened to go public with the information if Mulciber doesn't cooperate. Fearing the worst, the Boss has agreed to do as Lympha says. Currently, they are requesting 50% of the profits made. Boss knows that Lympha will keep asking for more, so they are planing a way to either get the information back, or destroy Lympha trying.


    • Gives orders
    • keeps track of both businesses
    • Does boss things (I'm blanking here for some reason)
    • Works with the Charmer
    • Sets up deals with companies and clubs
    • Passes orders from the boss to low level employees
    • Works with the Spokesperson
    • Makes people involved with drug deals feel less involved with drug deals
    • Deals with the rich and famous
    Techie (Claimed)
    • Makes high tech devices
    • Bombs
    • General gear
    • Sometimes works with Spokesperson and Charmer
    • Intimidation
    • Bodyguard/ Tank
    Jeeze, that got long! Suggestions welcome! Let me know if you're intrested!

    Okay, so this idea comes from an old RP I was a part of on a different site that has since been deleted from the site during cleaning. The inspiration I'm taking from that RP is the idea of an organized, well-established gang and the pre-set roles that need to be filled; everything else will be my own ideas.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.