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Favorite color you like to play?

  1. Red

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  2. Blue

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  3. Black

  4. White

  5. Green

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  6. Silly multi colored decks are the way to go (okay you got me there)

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  1. Does anyone here play MTG?

    I'm fairly experienced in playing the game and building decks

    I'm willing to trade and or sell cards. I pretty much have a variety of cards from 2014 set to now.
    My card collection is mostly made up of
    -white cards that fill up a 3 inch binder
    -black cards fill up a two inch binder
    -red, green, and blue fill a 1 inch binder separately
    -have some colorless cards
    -a few extras of planes walkers
    -rares and mythic rates

    If anyone wants to play I use Skype
  2. I've played for some time with MTG and then kinda just dropped out of it, only playing with a few friends here or there at rare times. Dragons of Tarkir kinda made me regain my interest in rejoining with the MTG Master Race. I have one chest (literally), and 6 MTG boxes (5 of the MTG 2014-15 ones and 1 of the new Dragons of Tarkir ones) full of them.

    My goal Decks are:
    1) UW ~ Ojutai PW standard deck
    2) URG ~ Sharkahn PW standard deck
    3) WG ~ Deomoka Pauper deck
    4) BR OR BU ~ Kolaghan OR Silumgar Pauper decks
    4) 5 colored ~ Ugin PW deck (It'll be designed like an EDH deck too)
    5) 1 custom deck for each of the five Dragonlords
    6) 5 colored ~ shitly designed dragonlords unite deck made of nothing but dragons and Dragon related spells, Dragon reveal spells and Dragon lord command spells.

    Currently I have 3/5 dragonlords and 3/5 of the standard, prebuilt decks.

    As for when I last played, it wasn't too long ago and I was a major Izzet fan... Still am since the play style is my favorite. My decks tend to be draw focus with counter/agro as a side. Creature theme: Dragons. A rather strange but suitable mix imo. Especially when I pulled the ultimate dick-move of Niv + Curiosity combo.

    As sad as it's to admit... I play by myself or with friends though I do have Skype and like to mess around every now and then with TappedOut.
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  3. Me and my wife picked it up years ago as something new to do together. We bought like, ten starter packs and some boosters and went at it.

    It got too competitive and she couldn't quite grasp the tactics so now they're in a box somewhere.
  4. I picked black because while I do almost always play 2+ colored decks, black is my favorite of the five colors. No particular reason, I've just always found I had the most fun with decks that have neat black cards.

    I haven't pulled out my actual MTG cards in a long while, but I've played a little bit recently through Cockatrice. It's pretty neat, worth checking out if you like the game but don't have many people to play with face to face.
  5. My most popular colour tends to Green.

    But other than Blue I enjoy making decks of any colour, and majority of the time my decks are multi-coloured because tactics and options start to feel too constrained by limiting myself to just one colour.
  6. I play White or White/Red
  7. Do I play? Yes...

    ...Too much.
  8. What is tapped out? I can definitely say that I'd like to play with you and others if you are interested. It's perfectly fine with me if you or anyone else doesn't want to skype and play bc I'm sure we're not (or maybe some of are?) necessarily close by to meet at a place that does game night or such.

    I can say I'm not really specific with building decks past colors I like to play and if I wasn't a theme or not with creatures.

    These are my top four decks I usually use

    Black/red/white (mainly red/white with a touch of black) that has goblins in it because I was learning about tokens, blocking one or more targets with multiple defenders (literally a 6 year old beat me with 1/1 soldier tokens being spammed out like crazy and would knock out my creatures by double blocking and then going in for the big hit when I'd be tapped out of mana and have no one else to defend with) so in a way I stole his idea.

    White/green. It's basic and evenly colored I use to teach people the basics without going overkill on them so my opponent has a chance.

    Black/white it's a soldier/warrior deck and pretty good if I do say so. Mostly based off of the khans of tarkir tornament deck that's not an intro deck.

    Black/blue/green none of the three colors are favored but I do use the blue for milling purposes, black to bring stuff back, and green for fast buffs and big creatures.
  9. This thread gave my wallet PTSD
  10. EDH>Allotherformats

    I started playing in 1994 when I was hella young, on and off (I took years off at a time). I have a shitton of cards from then til most recent. All I play is edh now though. My current commander decks are:

    Lazav, Dimir mastermind
    Roon of the hidden Realm
    Fijoli's Trostani token deck that we sort of built together, but the deck is all hers.

    And my newest project A mono black deck with Drana as commander, although I may switch her for another....still not sure. I play on Untapin online cause Skype got way too annoying with multiplayer.
  11. This guy knows what's up.
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  12. I totally can relate, but the temptation can be hard to resist-yet we must persevere and not completely spend till till our wallets are dying of hunger

    How do you do commander decks? I've vaguely heard of them but no one I know plays them and I rather not deal with googling answers...I got into one to many arguments with Google and we've mutually decided to take a break from each other.
  13. EDh/Commander "Elder Dragon Highlander
    Highlander = Only one of each card in a deck ,as opposed to the max-4 card you're used to.

    EDH decks are 100 cards, 1 of those being any Legendary Creature of your choosing. The contents of your deck (the spells and basic lands, that is), cannot have any colors in them that don't match the colors your chosen legendary creature is (your commander).

    For example, if your commander is Rakdos, Lord of Riots, you can only have red and black cards in your deck.

    EDH games have each player starting at 40 life and 0 "Commander damage". You start the game normally, draw 7 cards, etc. In addition to all normal zones you have your "Commander Zone" where you put your commander at the start of the game. In this zone, they are unable to be targeted, but you can cast them if you have the mana for it. When you cast your commander from the commander zone, it goes to the battlefield as if you were casting it from your hand.

    Your commander can be killed/targeted/etc, and if it gets sent to anywhere but your hand, you may instead send it back to the commander zone. Each time you send it back, it costs 2 more colorless mana to cast it next time.

    When your commander deals combat damage to a player, it also deals "commander damage". If an opponent reaches 21 commander damage, they lose the game.

    That's basically it.
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