MSPaint Exquisite Corpse!



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Okay, so I had this weird idea and so I'm acting on it. Just using MSpaint, a big game of Exquisite Corpse made entirely using MSPaint (the real thing, not the horrible Windows 7 version). Here are the steps to follow to play:

1.Look at and download the image in the last post (do not look at images other than that one).
2.Go to edit the image in MSpaint, go to Image->Attributes and set its height equal to 2000.
3.Fill in the new empty space so that it connects to the bottom of the previous picture, and will connect to another space underneath.
4.Get rid of the original image so you just have the part you added.
5.Save as JPEG, JPG, or such, upload (preferably on something permanent like Photobucket) and post a link here in a spoiler.

I advise using little effort and not too much time to do each successive image, so it can go quickly and so it isn't a source of stress or anything. Also note that no true artistic talent is required--I don't have any, and I'm starting the game!

The first image:

Don't have MSPaint?
MSPaint clone for Mac
Original MSpaint for Windows 7 (standalone)

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