MS Paint Adventure!

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  1. (I apologize in advance if this kind of thing isn't allowed in this section, I didn't see anything that said otherwise, so...yeah.)

    Yeah! So I'm sure some of you have seen this kind of thing before on other forums or whatever, so I figured I could try one out myself! The gist is this: The community as a whole contributes to this sort of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure/Visual Novel-ish game. I post a picture and give you a rundown of what's going on. You guys post what you want do below, and after a short amount of time, I'll use one(or more, depends on the situation) of your guys' commands and put them into action. Capiche?

    Ahem. Today, I will tell you the story of...uh...I...I forgot the protagonist's name already. Uh, I got a picture of them somewhere...uh, AHA! Here, visual refere-



    *sigh* I feel so embarrassed, this is a classic folk tale, and I can't even remember the basic details! Perhaps, you kind people remember. Now, please tell me:

    What is our hero's name?
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  2. .. Duncan Doug Nutt.

    But if that's too gibberish, we'll go with Bob.
  3. I second the motion for Duncan Doug Nutt, formerly known as Bob.
  4. Aha! Yes, Duncan Doug Nutt. How could I forgot such a unique name? Still, I wonder why he uses such a mundane nickname like Bob? Oh well. We still need to know what the guy looks like though...aha! We'll start from scratch! Just give me a second...there!


    Perfect! We have the head, face, body, hands, everything seems good to me.

    ...But, now that I look at it more, it looks like it's missing something. Like a signature, physical feature, that makes Bob stand out from the rest.

    What unique physical feature does Bob have?
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  5. I was thinking of a monocle, but that's just a suggestion; I'll let another player take reign on the looks.
  6. He has a pierced appendix.
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  7. Perhaps they enjoy a good fag.
  8. I was thinking he has a full length arm that extends right from the very center of his forehead.
  9. Piggy, that would make him a human centipide stag beetle.
  10. 002.png

    Why yes! His signature forehead arm that may or may not have plans of enslaving mankind! How could I forget!

    Ok, we're almost done! This story would be waaaaay too dull without COLOR! So let's figure out what Bob's colors are!

    1: What color is Bob's face/hands?
    2: What color is Bob's body?
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  11. His hands and face are... aquamarine.
  12. His body's purple
  13. PRUPLE!
  14. 003.png

    Bob's aquamarine skin and purple body fit him well! And he now has actual arms! Splendid!

    Now our story can begin. Ahem...

    Our story begins on a fine day in September. All heroes have humble beginnings, and this one is no exception. Welcome to the fair town of...


    ...Purple Village, home of the famous Purple people! Some of their most famous achievements are:

    - ...

    - ...?

    - What the...?

    Oh. Apparently they haven't done anything yet. Must be relatively new. Ok then. Let's check in on our "hero"


    And he's asleep. Of course. Well then:

    What will you do?
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  15. Smack him with a rubber chicken saying, "OLO!"
  16. Jerk him awake by his third arm! We gotta' test if it's a useless limb. >:(
  17. Rain down squeezable squeaky dog toys upon his head!

    Edit: No wait! Put an angry cat next to him!
  18. Kiss him. :}
  19. Wake him up with the good ole' air horn.
  20. Pull on his forehead arm to wake him up. >:D