Mrs. Oogey Boogey At Your Service

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  1. Greetings and salutations. My name, as mentioned above, is Oogey boogey, or Mrs. Boogey if you'd prefer. I mind neither. I was hoping to have a more dramatic entrance, but woe is the un-creative mind whom can only think of Tim Burton's lovely musicals, so song is out question. And writing, although I may be on this site, is subpar. All that's left is to write gibberish and hope you lose interest thus far. To whomever reads thus far, I appreciate your kindness and hope we become friends. Farewell and may your day be filled with thrills of all sorts.
    Much love from Mrs. Boogey.
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  2. Welcome to the Madness xD.

    Enjoy your stay.. Remember we All are Mad in here ~
  3. Does le cookie have worms and snakes?

  4. You never know xD it is in your imagination I'm afraid :)

    But as far as I know they are happy cookies ._.
  5. I shall relish the favorable snake and worm cookie.
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  6. Hallo there Boogey! Welcome to the site!
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome. You make my insects dance in my skin, filling me with joy.