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  1. At some point in time you got out of a car with a social worker, maybe you were 2, maybe you were 5, maybe you were 7 or maybe you are a new arrival, but at some point in time we all have gotten out of that car. The social worker walks you up to the front door and knocks and a middle-aged man opens the door. He smiles and greets the social worker like an old friend and you start to think maybe this home will be different, or if this is your first foster home you have no idea what to expect. As the social worker hands him your file he grins at you, his smile says he is a friendly man, but when you look into his eyes a shiver runs down your back and you know this is going to be the worst foster home yet, but you have no choice the social worker is halfway to their car and Mr, Wilson is already pulling you inside where you will spend the most miserable days of your life.....but also meet some of the best people you will ever meet.....

    Hello everyone and thank you for taking a look at my RP, some of you may remember an RP call "Mr. And Mrs. Wilson's Home for the Parentless" well this is it's reincarnation if you will. The RP officially died out a few months ago and I have missed it so much I decided to reinvent it with a few new twists.

    RP rules
    1. Be active, please be able to post at least once every few days if not more, if you are busy just let me know.
    2. Please keep all language and sexual references to a minimum, I'm cool with swearing here and there, but not in every sentence of you post, and please if things start to get dirty, just fade to black.
    2.5 nudity and sexual references are allowed, but if you want to have character have sex or do anything more than making out..,please just fade to black.
    3. Mr. Wilson is open for everyone to play.
    4. No OOC drama please


    Gender: (males only but figured I would put this for the heck of it)
    When did they arrival at the orphanage: (put the age they entered or if newbie out new arrival)

    Mr. Wilson's Rules
    1. My word is law!
    2. You will be in your rooms by 9P.M. Or else.
    3. You will not leave the house without permission.
    4. You will not take more food than is required for your survival.
    5. Don't enter my room for any reason

    If anyone decided to violate these rules they will be severely punished.....

    Mr. Wilson's house is an old Victorian mansion in the middle of a forest, 5 mikes from the nearest sign of civilization. It has three floors including the cellar. The cellar is just four walls with a staircase leading upstairs, troublesome children often spend the night down there. The first floor consists of the kitchen, living room, Mr. Wilson's office and private quarters. The second floor consists of various bedrooms each with two Queen size beds, currently only one room is unlocked so things are a little cramped, there is also a bathroom at the end of the hall opposite the stairs. The bathroom has one sink and mirror, three toilets, three urinals, a wooden bench, in the back is a separate shower room with three shower heads and no curtains......welcome to Mr. Wilson's home fore boys.....

    My Character

    Name: My name is Xavier.....Xavier McIntosh although my last name doesn't really matter

    Age: I am 14, so soon I will be a man and be able to get out of this place.

    Gender: Um well this is a home for boys.....

    When did he arrive at the orphanage: It's been a while....hmm I was 5

    Sexuality: I like girls...although the only time I really see any are the social workers....but they're really pretty

    Appearance: [​IMG] with short hair

    Personality: I have two different personalities really, the one I put on when Mr. Wilson is around and the real me when I am either alone or with my friends. When I am around Mr. Wilson I show little to no emotion because it is just better that way, sometimes I stick up for my friends....and sometimes just depends. When I am alone or with my friends I am pretty friendly and always trying to help me friends and make their lives better. Oh and I am also very affectionate which some people like....and others not so much....

    Other: I found a metal cross in my file when I was looking at I took it....I think maybe my parents gave it to me....but I hide it in my secret spot and haven't told anyone.
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  2. Sad that this died a while back >;

    But i am reserving a spot!
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  3. Sounds interesting! Same here! *reserved a spot*
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  4. [​IMG]

    ♣ Name ♣
    Wesley 'Wes' Dane Petersen
    ♣ Age ♣
    ♣ Gender ♣
    Arrival at Orphanage?
    ♣ Sexuality ♣
    ♣ Appearance ♣
    Wesley stands at a height of 4'9". He weighs about 88 lbs. and has a small stature, body slender. His face is still round with baby fat that he has yet to lose. The young boy's skin is pretty light, bordering on pale sometimes, and makes all of his other features stand out. He's a natural ginger and his eyes are a crystal blue. For clothing, he usually slips on whatever he deems comfortable.
    ♣ Personality ♣
    Wesley is a complex child, but he does have a few character traits that are quite obvious and easy to pick up on when you first meet him. The ginger isn't a loud, boisterous individual. In fact, he's quiet and observant. He likes to watch others interact than interacting himself. That being said, he can be quite the awkward turtle when being sociable. He happens to stumble over his words, flush brightly, and gesture a lot with his hands. Some might say it's adorable, which would only cause him to flush more. Not only that, Wes can be kind and fiercely loyal to those he holds dear. He is always willing to help, if it's needed. Some compare him to an angel because of his kind nature. That, coupled with his die-hard loyalty, the ten year old proves to make a wonderful friend. Although, behind all of this, the young male can be pretty sarcastic and happens to suffer from one of the shortest tempers ever.
    ♣ Other ♣
    • Can play the piano.
    • Has a strong British accent.
    • Is a bookworm.
    • Has a thing for kittens and bunnies.
    • Has a bit of a 'potty mouth'.

    • Eats a lot, yet never seems to gain a pound.
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  5. @Kitsune Wes looks good, I just added a "when did they arrive at the orphanage part to the CS, so just change that and he's great!
  6. @Kitsune a coveted officially, once we have four characters we will start
  7. [​IMG]

    ❀ Name ❀
    Dietrich A. Volkov

    ❀ Age ❀

    ❀ Gender ❀

    ❀ Year of Arrival ❀
    Dietrich was 9 when he arrived at Mr. Wilson's orphanage.

    ❀ Sexuality ❀

    ❀ Personality ❀
    Dietrich is often described as silent, reserved, and perceptive. He exudes a calm aura, soothing his friends in stressful situations. His thick skin enabled him to endure the scrutiny of his peers, especially Mr. Wilson. His patience allowed him to become resilient, maintaining an aloof mask in front of bystanders. Despite his frosty demeanor, he can be very compassionate, empathetic, and understanding. He's extremely protective of his friends, especially the younger boys at the orphanage. However, he doesn't let his softer side show in front of people he doesn't trust, mainly Mr. Wilson. Most peers mistaken his calmness for indifference, but he doesn't care. Other personality traits include dexterous, resourceful, intelligent, blunt, and vindictive.

    ❀ Miscellaneous ❀
    ➳ Nickname(s): Trish, Azel & Wolf.
    ➳ Dietrich Pronunciation: Deeya-Trish.
    German | Russian | English
    ➳ He's fluent in English, German & Russian.
    ➳ Despite living in the orphanage for seven years, Dietrich maintained his German accent.

    ➳ He plays the piano & ocarina.
    ➳ He's terrified of large quantities of water. (Lakes, oceans, etc.)

    ➳ Due to his phobia, he can't swim.
    ➳ He loves nature, especially flowers.
    ➳ He's a fast runner and knows a little parkour.

    ➳ Height: 5'7"
    ➳ Build: Lean; Wiry.

    ➳ Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    ➳ Eye Color: Green

    ➳ Skin Tone: Pale
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  8. Really like Dietrich, acceptedaccepted
  9. One more character and we shall start!
  10. I will jump in again :). Should I Just play as Forrest and or Dante? Re-imagining them. Or Make a new boy/boys.
  11. Whatever you want, just glad you're joining. I kept the name Xavier with pretty much the same personality but a little different to change things up a bit :)
  12. -sobbing in corner-
    So sad when this died....

    BUT RESERVE ME A SPOT. :D missed you buddy
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  13. -sobbing even more-
    Oh god this was the very first group, closed roleplay I joined once I was a newbie at Iwaku..... ;-; the FEELS. -hugs andrew- thank you for welcoming me with open arms. Seriously dude. I was kind of scared. XD
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  14. Sounds Good I Think I will stick to the Two Characters. One still sweet, the other a mean little brat. :)
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  15. [​IMG]


    "Eric Grant, pleasure to meet you."
    "I am currently 16, though my looks say otherwise."
    "Ahh.. I'd imagine I'm a male? This is a home for boys."
    When did they arrival at the orphanage:
    "I'm new. The place looks...suspicious?"
    "Eh, love shouldn't have restraints."
    "Um.. nice... looking?"
    Eric is definitely not a bad looking young man, with his strikingly natural platinum blonde
    hair and fair skin, and a nicely arched jawbone. He stands at a height of 6"3, weighing 171 pounds, with toned
    arms and torso. People often stop to linger on his eyes however, for these are his strongest feature, a light baby blue that
    deem him as innocent. He has a light pink scar on his hip-bone from an incident at an older foster home, and seems to have permanent eyebags from many nights without rest.

    Introvert is Eric's middle name. Sure, he can be charismatic and flirty at times, but mostly, he just likes
    to be alone in solitude. Other's wouldn't guess that he's one to be serious, or even caring, but these factors
    are strong. Eric is the type of person to take a bullet for a complete stranger, and he isn't afraid to take charge
    when it is completely needed. Aside from his introverted ways, Eric is friendly and huggable, though it takes time. Though he is caring and friendly, Eric suffers from a many of mental illnesses, and these cause a daily struggle for him. His depression is at times out of hand, and he spirals into a pit of self-pity and hatred. His social anxiety is what makes him an introvert in the first part, and his panic attacks are frequent and big. These illnesses do not help with his Schizophrenia, and his hallucinations are minor, but worsen at night.

    * Eric has severe social anxiety; He doesn't like public places.
    * Terrified of the dark and thunder.
    * Eric seems at times... emotionless.
    * Has panic attacks frequently.
    * He cuddles whoever's next to him when sleeping.
    * Bites his nails to the nubs.
    * Suffers from depression, and Schizophrenia.

    Theme Song:

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  16. Hey I was thinking should we make the game so that each day in real life is 1/3 a day in game? Day 1 Morning, Day 2 Afternoon Day 3 Night. Just so we don't spend a full week on on day in-game
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  17. Wow @Tart this made me actually smile...which doesn't happen often, glad the gang is getting back together for the most part, and even with a new addiction or two :) accepted by the way.
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  18. Name: Forest Olsen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 5
    Sexual Orientation: Does not Know
    Appearance: 1/4 Black 3/4 White
    Forrest (open)
    african-american-with-blonde-hair.jpg boys-biracial-curls.jpg natural-hair-care.jpg

    Forest Is a pretty normal kid all things considered. Because of all the moving around and craziness of his life lately He is a little touchy, and Prone to outbursts. He does not know other peoples boundaries and tends to ask questions and make statements that are both rude and incredibly accurate (I.E. "Why is that Lady so fat?? or "You look funny? Whats wrong with your face?")
    Forest is very fond of food the kid eats like a pro.
    "His Nick Name at his temporary home before coming to live with Xavier and the others was "Chicken Shit"(Other kids called him this.) Scary-ish, Bugs, the dark, Sounds at night, monsters under the bed, in the closet, in the halls and outside during the night.

    Forest Likes attention good or bad and will do whatever he thinks will get peoples attention.
    Arrival: New

    Character Sheet
    Name: Dante Manners
    Gender: Male
    Age: 7
    Sexual Orientation: Does not Know
    Personality: Explosive Anger, Quiet and seemingly timid, Destructive towards himself and others(Lasing out because of his past.). Super scared and jumpy towards others, this usually comes out as anger. Not trustful of others (Scared they will hurt him), Rude and swears all of the time.
    He jumps away and is scared when people touch him.
    Dante (open)
    Untitled picture.jpg

    How long have you been in the orphanage: 10 months

    Other: Wears underarmour in order to hide all of the scars covering his body. (He tries to keep them a secret, he thinks people think he is a freak since they are always staring when they see them.)
    His father died when he tried to shoot the police from his meth lab (Boom explosion) His mother on top of the drug charges had the Legal code thrown in her face because the treatment and living conditions Dante lived in. "His treatment borderline torture" said one Judge. She was to spend 40 years before parole, however she was Linched and killed by the other women inmates once they discovered the extent of her child abuse charges.

    Many would say Dante is broken product and he has been to 7 different homes in 6 months. The Wilsons will be receiving 3 times the regular amount because of his instabilities.(The money is ment to replace anything he breaks, and so they can purchase items for his care.)

    Kicking and Screaming can accurately describe both his life and his outbursts, bitting is also often involved.

    After Arrival: Dante has been withdrawn from the other boys since arriving a few months ago. He will not shower unless he is alone(Skipping shower time if needed). He also insists on wearing a long sleeves and pants in all weather conditions. Usually trying to be alone he talks most to others, during his episodes(A nasty time). He has been eating very little lately, and wakes most nights in a cold sweat or screaming, Did I mention his bed wetting issues. He thinks he has managed to keep his scars a secret from the other boys so far, but who knows in a house like this.

    One(or some) of the older boys has been trying to get Dante to open up. (Xavier?) However Dante has yet to open up to anybody.
    (Tell me what you think our relationships would be like so i can type what he thinks of you)
  19. Okay I'm going to make the IC thread after school so get those CS's up! @SgShallow accepted. What does everyone think should we have one room or two rooms?
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