Mr. Jobs joins the Floating Apple in the Sky

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  1. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  2. I will now forever have this eerie impression of him as a prophet or psychic or something, since he stepped down only, what, a month ago?
    It's like he knew and he wanted to have everything worked out first.
    I'm on to you, Jobs.
    Rest in peace.
  3. GOOD! That dingleberry was cornering the market on all high-tech and fancy-whiz gizmos! He had it coming!

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  4. I hear there's an app for that.

    (P.S. I may have hated that all the stupid people around me would show off their new little iPods and iPhones and crap, but hey kudos to you for making money off of them and dying with such dignity. I must say his showmanship was the best by far.)
  5. BREAKING: Panicking Apple Board Of Directors Attempt To Restart Steve Jobs-Onion News.