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  1. You are an orphan in an orphanage run by a couple in their mid-30's to pay the bills they have many orphans stay at their large home in the middle of no where. Doesn't sound completely bad right? At least there are other orphans there with you! Well I forgot to meant ion the couple who runs the orphanage is abusive they beat the children if they misbehave or if one of them just feels like it. They also don't feed you very much so they can keep most of the money they get from the government for themselves.....Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Wilson's Home of the Parentless....

    Mr. And Mrs. Wilson's Rules
    1. You only eat what we give you
    2. You only shower when we say so
    3. You do what we tell you no questions asked
    4. You will be on you best behavior when inspectors come or else

    Violation of any of these rules will result in punishment....

    House layout

    The first floor contains the kitchen and dining area, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Wilson's bedroom, and I living room second floor is girls' rooms there are a few rooms where the girls of the house stay at one end is a stair case that goes throughout the whole house at the opposite end is a bathroom with a toilet, sink, mirror and a very small communal shower with three shower heads in a row and that's it. Third floor is the boys' rooms with a few rooms a staircase at one end and a bathroom on the other with a toilet, urinal, sink, mirror and a small communal shower with three shower heads in a line and that's it. Rooms have a 2-5 kids in each to save room two people to a bed. The fourth floor is off limits to the children and no one knows what is up there because the Wilson's keep the door to enter it locked....

    • All of the kids know eachother

    Xavier, Stelios, Kaine and Skye

    All the girls
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  2. oh i'm in, should i make a character sheet?
  3. I'm going to make an OOC thread in a minute :)
  4. okay sweet, i really like the plot
  5. Posted the OOC thread, are you still interested in the Academy of Glendale, I still want you to be a part of it?
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  7. I added more info on the house and how things work in the first post just to let you know.
  8. okay cool, you forgot to add simone as one of the characters
  9. Xavier's eyes opened at 7:15 A.M. looking over he saw Stelios laying next to him, he had known the younger boy for a long time and shared not only a room but a bed with him for a long time. Looking over he saw his other roommate, who Xavier had shared a bed with before Stelios came.

    (Does anyone wanna play Mr. Wilson getting the boys up for either breakfast or to take a shower?)
  10. Kaine groaned in his half-asleep state, rolling over in the small bed onto his back and idly scratching at his chest. Out of conditioning, he always woke up at about the same time. Mr.Wilson would probably be barging in at any second...

    "You guys awake yet...?" He muttered into the quiet room, lifting his hand to rub at his eyes. "Y'know, I'll never get over how comfortable these beds are." He grumbled sarcastically, shifting to sit up and crack his back. "Aren't they just so comfortable?"

    ((I'm not sure I'd do too good as either of the Wilsons at this point.))
  11. Stelios began to wake up, he saw his room mate Xavier laying next to him. Stelios sat up and gave a yawn "Hey what time is it? Wait never mind" Stelios looked at his watch his father gave him. He wasn't use to the watch when most of the time he forgot to put it on. The time said 7:15 and stelios sat up. He removed the blanket and sat with his feet on the floor. He was wearing green, black and orange pajamas, a matching long sleeved shirt, white boxers and no socks.

    (Uh i guess i can)
  12. (Yay)

    "Yeah I'm up" Xavier replied to the slightly older boy across the room, he felt the blanket be thrown on him and looked at his bedmate as Stelios sat up in his pajamas. Some of the Wilsons' only gifts to us at least his fit Xavier thought as he got up with his tight pajamas on I hate this place....but at least I'm not alone...
  13. Kaine chuckled lightly, moving to step out of bed. He'd outgrown his only pair of pajamas long ago and had since been forced to just sleep in his boxers. Thankfully, he still had fitting boxers. Not quiet fully awake yet, he ended up just sitting back down on the edge of the bed, rubbing at his eyes.

    "Mph... Think we'll get anything for breakfast, today? Over-burnt bacon is sounding pretty good, right 'bout now. Throw in some over-burnt toast and it'll be a dandy day.." He joked, taking another moment to stretch.
  14. Hearing his roommate's joke as he stood up Xavier laughed a little replying "mmm delicious, I wonder when old man Wilson will come and get us" he said to his two roommates.
  15. [​IMG]

    She had been staring out the cars window for hours watching as the trees flew past her as the lanky social worker blabbed on about how "nice" the Wilsons were and how she'd be able to make some "friends" with the other foster children. But the thin and fit sandy rown haired girl ignored the overly energetic woman as she rode in the old 2006 white honda. After 17 additional minutes of the blonde womans endless chatter there was finally a change in scenery as the car turned into the driveway of a massive home that seemed to just be thrown together then tossed out into a deserted area where nothing but dust and dirt come out to play. She grasped her hand around the cold silver handle of the cars door and exited the car slowly before picking up her duffel bag and backpack. She slung her backpack onto her back and dropped the duffel bag onto te dirt infested ground before slammin the womans car door shut. The tall lanky blonde who clearly had more face lifts than the amount of times a normal humans heart could beat had alread started her way towards the front door. She followed the social worker to the door and waited to see what bullshit home social services and welfare decided to "relocate" her to this time. Her face and cold blue eyes remained emotionless and still as she simply waited...
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  16. Stelios smiled and laughed from his friends comments "And a little bit of just expired orange juice would do" He added onto his friends comments, He then heard a yell from down stairs "Get your butts down here if you wanna eat breakfast" Stelios rolled his eyes "I'm going to eat before Mr.positive throws away the food"
  17. Following his bedmate Xavier looked back at Kaine "you might wanna atleast put on some pants" before adding "I'll try to save you something, but Jo promises" Xavier left the room and entered the stairwell.
  18. "Pfft, pants are so overrated." Kaine joked idly to himself as he stood, walking over to the small closet they all shared to grab a pair of worn out jeans, quickly pulling them on. Food was food, and as small as the portions were, he wasn't about to miss any. Catching up to the other two, he blinked as he entered the kitchen, seeing a new face. He cast a sympathetic smile towards Oceanelle, but didn't say anything, simply taking a seat at the table. As they'd predicted, there sat a small plate of over-burnt bacon and toast with a less-than-half full glass of just expired orange juice.
  19. Sitting down next to Kaine Xavier noticed the new girl. I heard the Wilson's talking about getting another kid I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl though, they're always trying to get more kids to pack in here like sardines for more money. As he grabbed a few pieces of bacon and two pieces of toast he felt a slap on the back of the head.

    "You only get one piece but since you were greedy you get none put it back brat" said the voice of Mrs. Wilson, she was a pretty woman for her age, but had a horrible personality.
  20. Kaine frowned as Xavier was denied his toast, quietly reaching to grab a piece for himself. When he decided it was safe, he quickly grabbed another, hiding it under the table to give to Xavier later. Every little bit counted...

    Then feigning innocence, he quietly started eating, gently nudging Xavier with his elbow to let him know. It wasn't the first time they'd snuck food for eachother. The tricky part was hiding the food from the Wilsons until it was safe.
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