Mr. and Mrs. Wilson's Home for the Parentless OOC Thread, pm if interested

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What should the guys sleeping arrangements be? Hurry and vote the voting will be closed Monday

Poll closed Nov 4, 2014.
  1. All in one room with two king-sized beds

    6 vote(s)
  2. Two different rooms

    3 vote(s)
  3. Other

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  1. The main plot in on the in character thread.

    I understand things come up just PM me :)
    2. Be respectful
    3. No sex scenes
    4. Nudity is allowed

    Character Sheet

    Age: (5-17)
    Sexual Orientation:
    How long have you been in the orphanage:
    What will your character bring to this RP that it does not already have?:

    For now I will play Mr. And Mrs. Wilson but in time I would like other people to take over as them. If you would like to take over as them please include that in your post first first come first serve

    In character thread

    Name: Xavier
    Gender: male
    Age: 15
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Personality: WIP
    Appearance: 6ft he has brown hair and eyes, he is semi muscular but has a pretty decent set of abs, he is Caucasian but has a slight tan
    How long have you been at the orphanage: since he was 6
    Other: he is very Religious despite never going to Church before.
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  2. Name: Stelios Margaritis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Personality: Stelios is really nice, He helps people whenever he can and is determined. He is funny and makes jokes that makes people smile. He is responsible and keeps a secret.
    How long have you been at the orphanage: 7 Years
    Other: Is gay but not openly
  3. I'm going to have the kids have roommates (the house is big but they keep the kids packed in like sardines) some rooms only have one bed. You wanna have my character and him be roommates? Idc if not just wondering, Stelios is accepted by the way!
  4. yeah sure!
  5. I'm confused for what?
  6. Oh sorry ignore that, wrong thing
  7. Ok, but are you still interested in joining the academy of Glendale? It is ok if you don't just wondering.
  8. oh yeah sure, thats what i was going to respond to lol when you asked the question, Is there anything specific i need in my CS?
  9. On the OOC thread there is a character sheet, we are just starting the first day of school it is about 15 mins before class start, also do you wanna start this RP now or wait for more people idc so it is up to you.
  10. I think i'll start after i make my CS
  11. Start the academy of Glendale or Mr. And Mrs. Home for the Parentless? Sorry I'm confused haha
  12. Glendale
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Simone Hedwitt
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Personality: Very bubbly personality, hyper and happy. Gets anxious very easily. She enjoys being around other people usually.
    How long have you been in the orphanage: 3 years.
    Other: Simone has an anxiety disorder.
  14. @justice hunt yeah I know I'm going to tonight thanks for reminding me
  15. no problem, we need more people in this thread, should we make a banner or something?
  16. Idc I have no idea how to make a banner haha
  17. Try writing a thread in the plot ideas section. A few people interacted with mine.
  18. yeah, great idea, mind me making one @andrew21234
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