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  1. I am tempted to have someone do an Mpreg piece with me. The plot is up for option. Anything is really good with me. So if you'd be interested in some Smut and fun give me a PM or message me here.
  2. Hey do u wanna do another mpreg with me?
  3. What did thou have in mind. And we gotta keep it at One solid paragraph. One solid paragraph.
  4. Agree and maybe we can do a two for two deal. Meaning ill RP as a seme for ur Uke and you RP as a seme for my uke. Something maybe along the lines if mating and animal morphing (I e werewolves or turning intosome kind of animal)
  5. Interested in doing an mpreg story in a world where females have died out and some men's bodies are changing to where they can conceive?
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  6. Ill do a mpreg with u blue jay
  7. Sure, you can send me a pm to discuss details
  8. Are you still looking for someone to rp with?
  9. Why yes I am :)
  10. depends on your chosen scene but i'm up for mpreg i have roleplayed it before so nothing new
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.