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  1. Hiya!!!

    If you clicked this thread, you're obviously curious.

    So, here is my advertisement!

    I, Mowkie, have created a character to use in any and all RPs that might require her services so that I, as a role player, can get back on track. She is a without a home and with powers and weaknesses that I haven't even determined yet. She is literally there just so I can appear in a random RP, stir up a new plot twist (particularly for those RPs that might be falling over on you), save the day, or do whatever you and I might want her to do, and then disappear just like that.

    This way, I get experience in and enjoy myself, while you and your players have something to go crazy over.

    'Specially since she's the Goddess of Rebirth...which means she might accidentally raise something that wasn't supposed to rise up...

    That might be fun...

    Anyhoo, if you're interested, please post a link to your thread on here, give me rules to follow (or tell me there are no rules XD), and I'll pop in to stir the pot!

    If you want more on this character, you can go to her by clicking HERE!​
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  2. Sure thing! Poof sounds fun. ^_^ Still looking?
  3. Of course! Always looking for places to pop in.
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