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  1. So, I created an RP a month or two ago, and then I got super busy and had to travel a lot, and my rp buds had to do finals and such, and so the RP was slow/dead for a few weeks. I just found out it got moved to the RP graveyard. Well I understand why it was moved, it isn't actually dead yet. Is there anyway I can get it moved back? I tried to find out who the mod of that forum was, but there didn't appear to be one in particular...

    The thread is By Magic Bound. I haven't checked with all the rpers in the group, but I am pretty sure we are not quite ready for the thread to die just yet. Could we get it moved back into the fantasy Rp forum so we could go back to posting now that I am done traveling and finals are over?
  2. It should now be moved. Happy RPing.
  3. Aha, thank you! Hopefully it will become undead now and be a bit more active.
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