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  1. I had a random thought today. I was talking to a friend of mine who just recently moved out of their parent's house, and I realized, that I've lived my entire life in the same house without having moved once. I mean, I've stayed at hotels, friend's places, and my grandparent's summer house for extended periods of time, but my address has always been the same.

    So I was wondering, since I don't have any experience with moving, are there any stories you guys can share about moving places? Have you ever moved before? Are you planning to do so soon? Tell me about it!
  2. I've moved.. About nine times, I think, and that number will only increase once I get out of high school and into college and stuff. I don't really remember moving when I was a toddler, but the most recent moves I remember quite well. I have a habit of catching colds whenever I'm moving, which is really annoying. One summer, quite awhile ago actually, I was sick with like a flu-cold combination. All the stuff had been already taken from my room so while everyone was moving out the last boxes I was just laying on a mattress in my empty room feeling like death. And when it was time to get up and go help move boxes, it was horrible.

    The most reason move wasn't as bad, even though it was just me and my dad. I just kind of threw everything into boxes (who the hell needs organization!) and then just threw it all into my room. We moved on a school night, which kind of sucked, because it was midnight by the time my bed was put together (and then my dad said, "Just go to bed" instead of enlisting my help building his) and I was exhausted the next day.

    Moving for me is just kind of "meh" at this point. I wake up the next day in a new house and it's like, "Meh whatever. Where is the box with my clothes in them?" and it kind of results in home not feeling too much like home, considering how often it changes. "Home is where the heart is" is very true indeed. Although I'm sure the first few moves, and the few major moves, were kind of weird. It's always weird laying in bed and staring up at a new ceiling.

    But now, it's just kind of annoying to have to pack and unpack. And transporting pets is hell.
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  3. My mother has moved just about once for every year of her life. Actually, prior to moving where she is now, I think it was almost exactly that. Speaking from her experience: it sucks all the balls. You never really feel settled anywhere, or like anywhere is home. As you grow older, even if you move about all over the place yourself, if you've built up friend and family connections in one place, that place will always be your "home base". My mother hates that she doesn't have that - the closest she has is "southern England", because that's where our (massively extensive) family all pretty much exclusively live. It also means that the only friends she's ever had consistently are her cousins and stuff. She has had friends for long periods of time, admittedly, but never for longer than a decade, really.

    I'm lucky in that I had a relative amount of stability while still moving about a little to get used to it and such. I lived in Hong Kong and Germany as a baby, but don't really remember it. The moves I remember are from southern England up to Scotland, moving house once in Scotland, and then moving down to London for university. Nothing too major, but enough to get me used to the idea of a fluid sense of home, location, culture, etc. etc.

    As for stories about moving... uh, probably the best one is me finding the used heroine needles in the bottom of our flat's stairwell on moving day, when we moved to our second place in Scotland. Turned out there was a needle exchange round the corner (addicts can anonymously go to get sterilised needles to try to cut down on blood-transmitted disease), so the dealers would wait in the little old crooked alleys and lanes nearby that inevitably permeate the centre of an old city like Edinburgh. Addicts would go, get the needles, meet the dealers, and then break into flat stairwells to shoot up out of sight. My mum used to have to chase them out with a baseball bat. (Note: don't ever mess with my mum.)
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  4. Every two and a half years throughout my entire childhood. Was awful. Had a hard time making friends and that did not help. On the other hand, it inspired me to take to the Internets, on the premise that moving away from where I lived had no bearing on Internet friendships and interests.

    Hooray Internets.

    In all seriousness though? Moving generally doesn't mean much so long as you have ways of keeping in contact with people who matter to you. You'll lose some friendships and gain new ones. After a couple months you'll settle into your new place.
  5. Moving is a pain in the ass! I moved from Maryland to Florida 7 years ago when my kids were still little enough that it didn't seem like such a huge ordeal, but after driving with them through 5 states, I realized it was the worst mistake ever. And I'm getting ready to do it again....

    I will be making the move from Florida, back to Maryland at the end of the month. In addition to my kids I also have to pack up a ferret, a bearded dragon, two dogs, and three cats, along with a stray and her four kittens....the moving wouldn't be too bad, it's the driving that annoys me. I don't mind packing and unpacking, or the changes in license/bills, that parts easy. Fourteen hours on the road with a car full of hyped up kids who can't agree on what to listen to? That's not going to be fun.
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  6. Be sure to take plenty of breaks, and stay safe on such an arduous journey O__O
  7. Believe me, I don't have much of a choice. My daughter as the bladder the size of a pea. lol

    My hubby and brother in law are going to be with me this time around, so it shouldn't be too bad. I'm just not looking forward to leaving the warm weather. ; ; Knowing my luck, it'll start snowing before I get there.
  8. I moved with my mother like 5 times over all of germany. I moved out from my mothers place half a year ago and it was the best thing I ever did, so far I spend 3 weekends at my mothers place, including today, and each time it reminds me "Good lord I moved out", even if some stuff became more annoying. I also lost my job recently and considered maybe moving back in to my moms place (my 'future'/'new job' is already a safe thing, just have to stay somewhere for like 3-4 months before I can attend it), but this weekend was probably just to remind me no fucking way to do it. Regarding moving around yourself it is pretty...easy? Personally I didn't have much stuff and moved into a WG(Wohngemeinschaft, not sure how it is called in english, basically you move into some place with other young people, share kitchen, bath etc. etc. and you have your own room.) so most of it was already there.

    Edit: I might have vented out a bit personal stuff here, but to make it more on-topic, whatever relationship you have with your parents, if you move out it tends to get better!
  9. We'd call that a 'Hostel'.
  10. I. Hate. moving. Hate.

    Whenever I've moved it's at the least been an hour away. At the most it's been 9 hours away. I don't know how people move out of state. I like my stuff, so I can't just sell it all and go. I'm not hard wired that way. I'm probably considered a hoarder.
  11. I have moved a lot because of work, housing situations, relationship, etc. I think having a minimum of things to actually have to move helps, but I realize not every can be like that. And, looking on the positive side of the story, like the reason you are moving, the excitement of being in the new place, helps a lot.
  12. I've moved a lot in my life, I'd say upwards of fifteen times. It's pretty routine.

    The biggest consequence of this is that I don't value stuff much. I can't fathom having more than can fit in the back of a large pickup and typically spend my spare money on food or experiences.
  13. As a kid it was a big ordeal.

    Now as an adult I can't fucking stand to do it. Have too many knick knacks and little things.

    Not to mention I live on a third floor. Going down with things is probably far easier than going up with them.

    Also I've never moved more than a few miles from my family. No matter how much I'd adore to live up north somewhere I feel alone if I couldn't see them on a whim and a twenty minute drive.
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