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    1. This is the sign up page in which I can't put on the actual thread, So I'm asking for an admin to do that for me please. Below is the Link

    2. After that's finished I would like to move the new and improved thread to the

    [Fantasy] Signup and discussion section.

    3. Also I'm unsure where I can find the form for advertising your thread aka 'Bumping' it so if you could also help me with that it would be great, the page i'm going to use for that is the link Below.

    (Just incase it gets confusing I'll color and number coordinate the links and sentences so you know what I would like. Sorry if its a lot I'm new and confused still.)

    Thanks !

  2. Do you mean you need those first two threads merged together so they are the same thread?

    As for advertising, you can go to the forum "Roleplay Advertising"! And we also have a banner submission way to advertise too:
  3. Woah you guys are fast! C: im so excited you replied thank you so much. now down to business.

    Yes I would like my signups to be merged with the official thread, that's the second link.

    ok thanks for the insight, how do I move my 3rd link to 'Roleplay advertising' ?

  4. Thread is moved to the right forum and merged for you!

    Your ad thread is already in the right forum! You are allowed to bump that thread once a day. :D All you have to do is post something like "Still needing new players" to let people know what you need.
  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I shall bump away lol again thanks
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.