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  1. Lame title is lame, broad topic is broad. Let's talk movies, old, recent, good, bad. The kinds you like. The kinds you hate, etc.

    I was watching Honest Trailers when I started thinking of a very specific movie. The Super Mario Bros movie. More specifically how I tend to avoid watching anything that makes fun of it, I've seen it all of maybe twice and I know it is not a very good movie. However it is connected with very fond memories for me ones that I hold dearly so much that I don't want to watch anything to do with the movie and just associate it with those memories I have; when I think of the Mario Bros movie my first thought is right to jokes I made with my brother when he was a lot younger and I got to see him more often. When I think of that movie I think of his laughter and I find it very interesting that I have this protectiveness of wanting to keep that memory so much that I end up being really protective of the movie itself as well.

    So that was my movie story that went into sappy land. Any kind of movie story or just talking about a certain movie go on right ahead. Obviously though if its a newer movie and you're gonna go into some kind of spoilers please put up a warning or something. Thank you.
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  2. I loved the Super Mario Brothers movie. D: It was dumb and FUN and I had the hugest crush on Luigi.

    I just recently watched ALL of the Mad Max movies. The first one was kinda boring. >> The second one was pretty cool. The third one was a clusterfuck of two different concepts, one of which did NOT belong in the "atmosphere" they had setup with the movies prior. x___X And the recent one that came out was SUCH AN AWESOME AND AMAZING MOVIE. O__O I was surprised at how fantastic it was.
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  3. I recently saw the Martian Movie.

    It was amazing. :3
  4. I've been watching a horror movie a day. I started with all the Hellrasier movies that I own(which is all but the reboot). I hadn't watched many sequels before now and I gotta say, there are some really bad ones. xD I'm on the last two. I'm particularly excited for Hellworld because it has that campy feeling that the later Friday the 13th movies get.
  5. The Martian is good, definitely worth the cost. Can't say I've seen anything else recently.

    By the way, anyone else here like horror?
  6. Got Aladdin on blu-Ray last night.

    Got baked and watched it with my life.

    It clicked that the movie was pretty brutal. And pretty accurate in teaching us that Islam is stupid.
  7. Fury Road is still sitting on-top of my list for this year, (that might change come January though).

    I like me simple, awesome movies, that have character yet don't try to be more than what they truly are.

    Lego movie was my favorite of last year, followed closely by Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Pacifc rim the year before.

    And Gladiator is still my favorite of all time.

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  8. I finally saw 3:10 to Yuma the other night and was really pleased at how satisfying of a Western it is. The acclaim it received was well deserved.

    I went to the theaters and saw Hyena Road, a Canadian war drama by Paul Gross about Canadian involvement and Afghanistan. The movie felt very authentic and was definitely something that felt a lot more real than most war movies, simply because it wanted to tell things as they were and show an honest portrayal of what our soldiers did over there and the Afghani people. I definitely am buying it when it comes out.
  9. Feel weird replying to my own thread but um finally saw the first Predator and Alien movie tonight. I am really behind on tons of movies, watching them really reminded me how much I do like watching older films even if its mostly because I love seeing the style difference in them in the most simple of things like hair and clothes.
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  10. Pinapple Express. Not only do I think it's pretty funny, but it was also the last movie I saw with a friend in highschool before he changed schools. Also, Kagemusha. At the time Shogun Total War (the original) had just come out and I suddenly got super interested in all things samurai. I ended up watching a few foreign films as a result and I remember Kagemusha stuck out in my mind as being particularly good.
  11. I recently watched Dope.
    It plays off like black stereotypes, and honestly it was pretty hilarious.
    The sound track was pretty nice too, but I wouldn't really recommend the movie to anyone under 16 because there's like one scene where you can girl naked, also there's like drugs involved but they play it off as a baloney sandwich.
  12. You should check out 'Ran' at some point, if you haven't already. Also by Kurosawa, one of Japan's truly great directors, and a proper samurai epic.
  13. I've got three movies from Redbox that I need to watch...

    Last time I rented three movies, I paid far too much to let those movies sit on my desk. >____>
  14. I watched Megan is Missing and Cyberbully this week.

    Needless to say; I thought of drinking myself into a drunken stupor and then bash my head against a concrete wall so that I can feel good.
  15. Was it YMS that made you want to perform this act of visual self-harm? Or you just a cinema masochist or something?
  16. Yeah, when I want an accurate depiction of history/culture/religion for broad judgement purposes, Disney movies are my fave go-to.

    I recently watched Princess Mononoke, again (I watch it at least once a year don't judge me). It's one of those films that you notice some new little detail going on in the background and you realize just how badass Studio Ghibli is for cramming all this lush ass detail into a scene without overwhelming the viewer.

    Also, watched The Addams Family for the first time since I was a kid. Morticia and Gomez: I want what they have. (Or at least the furniture.)

  17. I am tempted to watch Felidae again. It is horrifying and I suggest not googling it and clicking images.

    I watched Tremors 5 with my boyfriend yesterday. Not as good as the others, but can't go wrong with Burt.
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  18. You warned me and I didn't listen. *Tries not to vomit as she adds to the 'Watch' list*
  19. You can watch the whole thing on Youtube. ^^
  20. I am now both very curious and terribly leery of this Feilade movie.
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