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    Needs no explanation.


    It's a freaking war between a helpful dragon and a child he saved. Case Closed.
  2. MOULIN ROUGE! The visualness of it was gorgeous, coupled in with MUSIC, great talent and a story that made me cry. t___t

    HIGHLANDER! When I was a kid, it really sparked my imagination for badassry. Plus I wanted to marry Christpher Lambert. XD

    STARDUST! It's just a really cute and sweet fairytale fantasy! I loved it!
  3. ..... Diana, your avatar s scaring me...


  4. I've said this enough, everything that had Clint Eastwood wearing a poncho and killing outlaws in it.
  5. [ame=""]YouTube- Office space printer mashup[/ame]

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    Showing this thread some love'n
  6. Lor, Close encounters, Full metal Jacket. Braveheart, Dawn of the dead, The first 6 nightmare on elm street movies......Thats all I can think of right now.
  7. House of 1000 Corpses. Who doesn't love Rob Zombie? Well... His music started to suck after the mid 90's but his movies are excelent.

    Zombieland: Lulzie.

    Shaun of the Dead: Classic Lulz.

    Batman Begins and Dark Knight: Best Batman movies EVAR!

    Napoleon Dynamite: I'm not sure why anymore.

    Borat & Brüno: Crude humor to the max, yo!
  8. Good choices Oct and Fel!
  9. Your bro coeficcient has gone up.
  10. And that's what makes the world go ROUND!
  11. Lord of the Rings
    The Labyrinth
    The Never Ending Story
    The Crow (first and second movie were pretty good, after that it went straight to a shithole)
    Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2
    The Little Mermaid XD

    And a million others
  12. YAY!

    Dang, Never Ending Story.... that's a blast from the past..... I love that movie when I was little....
  13. Haha I know! I love that movie so much!

    Oh! And Legend! Another favorite of mine! I'm still in search for the dvd =(
  14. V for Vendetta - V's philosophy, awesome fight scenes, and backstory

    Hot Rod - Funny as hell

    Princess Bride - Amusing fairy tale with jokes thrown in

    Moulin Rouge - The score is what makes this movie, like seriously.
  15. Good choices!
  16. LEGEND! Totally loved that movie! As well as Labyrinth! Man, movies were just better in the 80s when everything was covered in GLITTER when it was a fantasy!

    I also really enjoy Krull. It was a sweet blend of fantasy with sci-fi!

    I have to admit that I really love Will Smith movies. c___c I prefer his Action ones and Comedies, but some of his drama roles were really good too!
  17. Nightmare on Elm Street- I used to be terrified, but that's in my past.... Can't believe they're making a remake though.... RAAAAAGE....
  18. Well let's see here. Although not classified as a movie, the Doctor Who played by Tom Baker was always a good one. My personal favorite is Horror of Fang Rock.

    Then there are the Aliens movies which have a good sense of let's shout out cuss words at these things.

    And of course, the Case Closed movies always are fun to watch. Nothing like a full length mystery to solve.
  19. Oh, wait! Would Read or Die and the anime version of Highlander count as movies?