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    Needs no explanation.


    It's a freaking war between a helpful dragon and a child he saved. Case Closed.
  2. MOULIN ROUGE! The visualness of it was gorgeous, coupled in with MUSIC, great talent and a story that made me cry. t___t

    HIGHLANDER! When I was a kid, it really sparked my imagination for badassry. Plus I wanted to marry Christpher Lambert. XD

    STARDUST! It's just a really cute and sweet fairytale fantasy! I loved it!
  3. ..... Diana, your avatar s scaring me...


  4. I've said this enough, everything that had Clint Eastwood wearing a poncho and killing outlaws in it.
  5. [ame=""]YouTube- Office space printer mashup[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Office Space Printer Clean[/ame]

    Showing this thread some love'n
  6. Lor, Close encounters, Full metal Jacket. Braveheart, Dawn of the dead, The first 6 nightmare on elm street movies......Thats all I can think of right now.
  7. Anyone here make amv's like i do. I like posting what i make wherever i can. Please let me know what you guys think of some of them. I would like imput so i know how to make them better.

    One of my newest that is one of my favorites is this one bellow.

    Title: World war me *Izaya AMV*
    Anime: Durarara!!
    Character: Izaya
    Song: World war me
    Artist: Theory of a dead man
    Please let me now what you think.
  8. Good choices Oct and Fel!
  9. Your bro coeficcient has gone up.
  10. Hell sing (not scary unless alucard scares you) but is horror.
  11. Lord of the Rings
    The Labyrinth
    The Never Ending Story
    The Crow (first and second movie were pretty good, after that it went straight to a shithole)
    Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2
    The Little Mermaid XD

    And a million others
  12. YAY!

    Dang, Never Ending Story.... that's a blast from the past..... I love that movie when I was little....
  13. Haha I know! I love that movie so much!

    Oh! And Legend! Another favorite of mine! I'm still in search for the dvd =(
  14. V for Vendetta - V's philosophy, awesome fight scenes, and backstory

    Hot Rod - Funny as hell

    Princess Bride - Amusing fairy tale with jokes thrown in

    Moulin Rouge - The score is what makes this movie, like seriously.
  15. FEBRUARY 10, 2017

    "You take pride in the carnage you create, correct Lorentz?" Emily asked as she led him down the stairs. Lucrezia had driven them to an empty rec center in the poorer neighborhood of Boston. It had been a long drive, and no matter how many times Lorentz attempted conversation, the women remained silent. Emily had looked contemplative, while Lucrezia was clearly pouting to herself. Now they were walking down to the building's boiler room.

    "I try," he grinned maliciously. "Those creatures at your disposal, however - true artistry in havoc."

    "Pawns of the master," she replied offhand, waving his praise aside. "A shame they were wasted in your presence. Personally, I blame the fact you weren't told about our true agenda, which I think you will appreciate. Lucrezia is more to blame for not stressing the importance of getting Natalia back."

    "And who's to blame for not telling me about the girl's power?" he asked. "I've never had someone ignore me before. I didn't like it."

    "When she was with me I'd managed to convince her that her power was a delusion," Emily told him. "She regained access to her magic rather quickly. We have to strike soon while she's still weak."

    That made Lorentz pause mid-stride, before he moved to keep up with her. "Weak?"

    Emily smirked. "You didn't think that was the limit of her power, did you? With her just starting to recover, she's barely scratched the surface of her abilities. She will never be weaker than she is now, and I will NOT wait another lifetime to start from scratch."

    "She's not exactly being cooperative," he retorted. The red witch's little tirade gave the monster a lot to think about. It seemed he was learning more and more fascinating things about his hostess. "Not like you lot are any better. What exactly is the limit of her power?"

    "There isn't one." Emily stopped at the door to the boiler room. The door and its frame was marked with bloody fingerprints. "Which is why we must get her soon to point that power in our direction. But first, we must point you that way."

    She pushed open the door to find members of the Sanguinaar on their knees. They were all cloaked in red hoods and were rubbing their hands in circles against the ground. Lorentz would watch their hands and notice they were smearing blood into the floor. They must have cut open their palms. Lucrezia was leading the ceremony, standing before a bloody symbol on the wall. It was a circle made of scab tissue suspended on the wall, and more blood was running vertically along the surface and solidifying into new symbols over the old. Lorentz recognized some of the symbols already in place: from the center circle two sets of five lines branched out up and down, curving and resembling the branches and roots of a tree. The alchemical symbol for Life. East and West of the symbol was another spanning across - lines showing circles on one side, and triangles on the other. The symbol for transformation. Four rings were slowly forming in the corners - the symbol for movement.

    "The Magister possesses all schools of power," Emily explained. "To give you an audience with him, we must appease each part of him."

    "We open our veins to let you into our hearts!" Lucrezia cried out to her audience. Emily rolled her eyes. "We offer our essence to you, Great One!"

    "Blessed be the Master of Blood," the cult chanted in unison.

    "We gift You the strength of our souls, giving You trinkets from a world that is rightfully Yours!"

    "Blessed be the Master of Blood."

    "Accept the gifted among us! The children of Movement, Life, Transformation, Energy, Time, Creation, Destruction, and the Mind - we sacrifice to You!" Lucrezia went on.

    "Blessed be the Master of Blood."

    Lorentz would see one of the prayers hit the floor from his worshipping position, the blood draining from his body and travelling along the floor, up to the symbol on the wall. It continued draining from him until the sacrifice shriveled up, his flesh finally turning to dust, leaving nothing but bones and a red robe.

    "Now that's different," he grinned. He turned to Emily. "And I'm to be meeting this creature?"

    She nodded, but did not meet his eyes. "Soon. I suspect you two will get along."

    Five more died before the last symbol was drawn in scabbed-over blood on the wall. Lucrezia drew a knife and cut her own palm open, rubbing it across the circle in the center of all the designs. She continued rubbing until the patch of wall turned completely red, all the while her fingers delicately rubbing the surface like caressing the skin of a lover, her voice now in awe as she felt His presence on the other side.

    "Great Magister," she said reverently. "We offer these sacrifices and hope they satisfy You until Your return. We plead with You to enlighten one Your most loyal of disciples brings before You. He knows blood, Master. He has shed much of it. We bring him before You now. Show him Your glory! Let him walk among Your loyal Sanguinaar!"

    "You're on," Emily smirked and pushed him forward.

    Lorentz glared back at her, but snapped his collar and stepped forward. If this bloody cult wanted him to be scared of their ritual, they had failed. He'd seen - and done - far worse things than what was taking place in the boiler room. But the level of magic involved piqued his interest, his curiosity. He wanted to know more, as if the Old School mage he'd once been had never truly died out.

    Getting up to where Lucrezia stood he got a closer look at the symbol. The scabbing seemed to pulse, as if it had a heartbeat.

    "Press your face into the circle and push forward," the red woman instructed. "Alas, this is but a window, not a portal. There is a limit to how far you can go."

    Lorentz pressed his face against the wall, his nose sitting in the wet patch of blood. He didn't feel the wall against it, though. Just more fluid. He pushed through, but instead of seeing red or darkness from being up close to a bloody wall, he was surrounded by a dull grey. He looked down and saw no floor. Just more grey. There was grey above and grey to the sides. He was in a place absent of absolutely anything - no texture, no depth, not even light and darkness. Just a void.

    The rattle of chains drew his attention. He looked in front of him to see some color in this lifeless void. As soon as his eyes focused on it he was face to face with the thing. It was humanoid, its skin red and drawn back, like his insides were trying to suck in his flesh. His mouth was a gaping maw of sharp teeth, also that same dark red. Blood dripped from between the gaps in its eternally open mouth, distorted to the point it was impossible to close again. Its nose was sunken in to form the hole of his skull, and the eye sockets were similarly empty, save for two glowing red lights buried deep in their depths. Staring into them gave Lorentz the impression he was looking at dying stars a hundred light years away.

    He leaned forward again, and the rattling accompanied him. This monstrosity's arms were easily ten feet long, narrow and ending in massive dripping claws. Shackled to his wrists, waist, forearms, and neck were long, thick chains. They had a light blue aura around them and when Lorentz looked back he saw the chains seemed to vanish into the fabric of the grey void, anchoring this monster to the very fabric of this strange dimension.

    "You've been brought before me, Augustus Warfield," the creature spoke. The voice was deep and guttural, rolling around like an animalistic growl. Its mouth opened slightly wider. It was smiling. "Yes. I know your true name. As well as your true heart. It's as black as mine. But you're wasting your potential kidnapping women and destroying African villages. I need the girl you let get away. Aid my Disciple and my followers in their hunt, and I will give to you what you've desired for so long." The Magister then shot his tongue out and it touched Lorentz's head. It was only for a second, but the image was burned into his mind; a vision of the very city they were in, its buildings crumbled, the skies red, waters dried up, and bones littering the streets. "The end of all things. Once I am free there is no force in this universe that can keep me from consuming it all. But I need that GIRL! Only she can free me! Give her to me, and I'll tear it all down."
  16. LEGEND! Totally loved that movie! As well as Labyrinth! Man, movies were just better in the 80s when everything was covered in GLITTER when it was a fantasy!

    I also really enjoy Krull. It was a sweet blend of fantasy with sci-fi!

    I have to admit that I really love Will Smith movies. c___c I prefer his Action ones and Comedies, but some of his drama roles were really good too!
  17. Nightmare on Elm Street- I used to be terrified, but that's in my past.... Can't believe they're making a remake though.... RAAAAAGE....
  18. Oh, wait! Would Read or Die and the anime version of Highlander count as movies?