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  1. This is a thread where you can talk about what movies you last saw. It can be past week, past day, past month. I don't care. I just want to hear what films you all have seen.

    I watched Blade Runner yesterday, and today I saw Sully in the theaters.
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  2. Watched the live action Black Butler movie last night. It was technically a re-watch, but I only remembered a few bits at the end. It satisfied my itch for that franchise.
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  3. All anime movies because I'm anime trash
    • Paprika - It was pretty good. Anime Inception???
    • Digimon Adventure tri. Kokuhaku - Part 3 of the movie set. It really wasn't that interesting, just for the nostalgia.
    • Colorful - From what I remember it was decent?? It was a bit frustrating to watch in my opinion ^^;
    • Hakuoki movies - Could be treated as standalone films, don't need no anime knowledge. It was sexy as fuck, but I'm biased, haha.
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  4. Dean Koontz's Intensity. It was on SyFy. Though a pretty old movie, I enjoyed it a lot.
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  5. Please give me more suggestions. Need to get back on a movie watching binge. Last movie I fully watched was Ex Machina; that one really bummed me out.

    EDIT:// not to the movie's detriment, to be certain. just struck me the wrong way. potent message
  6. Are you in the mood to watch any genre or something specific? I can give some...
    Snowpiercer, Children of Men, Meet Joe Black, Rob Roy, Willow, Everest.
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  7. My boyfriend and I like watching random sci-fi movies, so we watched Cowboys vs Dinosaurs today. It was one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Totally watch it if you want to watch dinosaurs eat cowboys and don't care about anything else. xD
  8. Watched Young Frankenstein with the nerd club a couple weeks ago. Finally got around to watching Zootopia about a month ago. I saw Finding Dory in theaters sometime over the summer.

    And... those are all the movies I remember watching within the past few months. o_o"

    I was hoping to find time to go see that new Beatles documentary that's out now -- even if it's just to see all that nice color footage that was advertised -- although that seems like it's not going to happen, given how exhausting this semester's been so far. Oh well. I'm sure Tumblr will supply me with gifs of all the highlights by the time it's out on DVD.
  9. I just watched The Force Awakens. >_> I know, I'm late, but all that crap talked about it scared me off. It's finally on cable now, and I'm kicking myself for not watching it before. I seriously need to stop listening to people when it comes to movies. I thought it was great, and I absolutely adored Rey.
  10. Swiss Army Man. It was amazing, and I love it. One of the most original movies from this year.
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  11. Moonrise Kingdom, Kings of Summer, and Adventureland in the past few week or so. Been on a bit of a coming-of-age kick with movies.
  12. Hateful Eight. Everything Tarantino touches turns to gold and this is no expection.

    Adios juevos!
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  13. Rob Zombie's 31 had the superior version of Live Action Joker of this year, and might even give the Ledger version a run for it's money, in my opinion.

    Yeah, Doomhead seems more like a mix of both Zasaz and the most chaotic parts of the Clown Prince of Crime, but holy shit, you can tell it was deliberately done to feel like a super villain wandering into a horror movie. THEY EVEN HAD FUCKING TARA STRONG IN THE MOVIE AS A KILLER CLOWN WOMAN, GODDAMNIT!
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  14. Hmmm, I think the last movie I watched was... Deadpool? I don't watch many movies, and I haven't watched any in the past couple months. If it wasn't Deadpool then it had to be Captain America: Civil War or Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which I first watched some this year after it had been out for a while). Deadpool and Civil War were both fantastic, wasn't thrilled by Star Wars but it was okay.
  15. The Brothers Grimsby. Wrong on so many levels but still a good watch.
  16. Rob Zombie's 31, Free State of Jones, The Shallows and Suicide Squad.
  17. I mostly only watch the truly big blockbusters in theaters. But I wander through Netflix sometimes when I'm feeling sick and watch silly things.

    And now I have seen Madagascar 3.

    What were the creators smoking? Some good stuff, no doubt. There's a psychadelic light scene music number, no joke.
  18. Mechanic Resurrection with Jason Statham :)
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  19. I just rewatched Zootopia
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