Movies You Hate That Everybody Else Loves (and visa versa!)

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    • This thread is to give people a chance to share their contrary viewpoints and explain them. If you don't take controversy/people disagreeing with you/disliking things you like very well, you should probably not be here.
    • Please remember to use specific examples of WHY you like or dislike a movie. Did part of it seem unrealistic? Out of context with the established universe? Did it feel scripted or insincere? Could you not relate to the characters? Did you feel the subject had been 'done to death'? Conversely, did you find something really relatable in it? Do you see a deeper meaning? Do you enjoy a movie that doesn't take itself seriously (It's so bad it's good!)? Does it inspire you in some way? How?
    • Please try to use movies everybody in the GENERAL PUBLIC hates/loves. 'my parents and siblings/my 5 friends all hate this movie' is not really a big enough audience to say that EVERYBODY hates it.
    • This is not for posting lists of movies you have a contrary opinion on; this is for presenting WHY you have a contrary opinion on a movie everybody else loves/hates
    So Here's your shot! Take the movie EVERYBODY loves, and explain why you hate it. Take the movie EVERYBODY hates, and explain why you love it!

    Some reasons you may include: (Remember to always include the how and why!)

    The characters (Do you like the characters? Does the audience have sympathy for them/understand what they're going through)
    The writing (Does it sound like things people would actually say? Are the events of the story predictable? Realistic? Are there deus ex machinas (Convenient but unlikely solutions) involved?)
    The humour (Is the movie too dark? Too campy? How do you feel about any running jokes in it (eg: "Why's the rum gone?!" in Pirates of the Carribean)
    The Story (Do you find the story compelling? inspiring? realistic/believable? Is it more about explosions/car chases/cool views/environmental message than story? If part of a series, does it fit with your established idea of the universe? Does it change the universe in a good way or a bad way?)
    The Demographic (Do you feel the movie is wrong for the target audience? EG: a movie for adults that is too childish, a children's movie that is too dark or complex)
    Some movies people generally hate:
    Show Spoiler
    Batman and Robin
    Avatar: The last Airbender (live-action)
    The Phantom Menace
    the Little Mermaid sequels
    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
    The Matrix
    Wild Wild West
    Evan Almighty

    Some movies people generally love:
    Show Spoiler
    Pay it Forward
    The Grinch
    Sherlock Holmes
    The Dark Knight
    The Lion King
    The Last Samurai
    The Hunger Games
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  2. Movies that I hate that everybody else loves? Here's a list:

    The Lion King


    It is based off Hamlet. And I hated that story, and the whole 'poor me I lost my family' thing irks me.

    Most Disney Movies actually


    Walt Disney was a flaming raciest. Yes, I said it. and his plot lines for most of his movies were ripped off of fairy tales and other people's work.



    Everything about this story was wrong. Anastasia was not spared in the murder of the royal family; and why do they keep saying in the movie that she is the last one of the Romanov's? Wasn't the grandmother there or did they just cut her out from the bloodline?!

    Star Trek (2009)


    Spock and Uhura kissing. Alternate universe; seriously? This is the only thing you could come up with?!

    Star Trek Into Darkness

    We didn't need another cheesy 'wrath of Khan.' Though I will say the 'KHAAAAAAAAAANNNNN!' was pretty cool.

    Evan Almighty


    I hate that actor; he has a rat face and he is not funny.

    Ace Ventura


    Just too much of Jim Carry. I love that actor but that went a little too far into my obnoxious as hell radar.

    Man of Steel


    Let's have less battle scenes, a shorter movie, and put a monkey in Henry Cavill's place. sorry, I just didn't get the 'I am Superman' vibe, I got the 'I'm in a skin tight, nut compressing suit, and I fly around. My life sucks' vibe.



    It is a bamfed up version of Pocahontas! We didn't need this movie. we saw one like it and that one sucked.

    Avatar The last Airbender live action


    This should never have been made into a live action movie. Seriously. Katara and her brother weren't even racially correct!

    Equestria Girls


    Ponies don't make good humans, and the whole movie was a contradiction. I could go on for hours about this The rants of a brony is never an interesting listen.



    This was nothing but a money grubbing whore. Sorry but this wasn't even worth the money I spent in the box office, let alone sitting through a crying child (who brings a two year old to these?!)

    M*A*S*H 4077


    After seeing the series, seeing someone else play Hawkeye just no. Ruined it for me.

    Beetle Juice

    Reason: I didn't find it funny, the actor was obnoxious, and frankly, the plot needs work.

    The Adams Family

    Reason: what drives people to enjoy psychopaths?

    Harry Potter

    Reason: I am a book person. I thought that this series was just awful made into a movie. I think Rowling should have left well enough alone.


    Reason: 'You smell good' is not a romance. It is a stalker film.
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  3. Interesting, but this is more for "here's a movie i hate that everybody else loves and here's WHY I HATE IT explained in a clear fashion" than just lists.
  4. Twilight - I'm sorry, but I just don't like Bella. She's whiny, self centered, and too boring to be a proper heroine. It's incredibly hard to sit through a movie when you don't like the person the movie is supposed to be about

    Napoleon Dynamite - Can't say I hate this one, I just don't particularly like it. Aside from being your basic high school story (which I don't like anyway) I could never figure out what made it special.

    Avatar - the special effects were awesome, but the plot, well the basic premise has been over done. Boy goes to a new world, boy meet girl, boy falls in love with girl, Boy learns to live with girl's people, boy has to stop his own people from destroying the world. It reminded me strongly of Disney's Atlantis, Pocahontas (as logic said) or perhaps a really bad ripoff of Stargate (which was way better)

    I dislike most Disney movies (with a few exceptions) - Disney does a fantastic job of taking a traditional fairy tail, ripping out its essence, and transforming it into something it was never supposed to be.

    Ella Enchanted - I sorry, could we have deviated any more from the book? the only thing left alone was the character names! and Anne Hathaway as Ella? Seriously?
  5. Twilight - I watched this when my boyfriend and I were still living apart but went to the theaters at the same time. When Edward sparkled I had to stop myself from shouting and the both of us were texting each other furiously about what pissed us off. I've entire series but my best friend made me watch it with her so I could provide some sarcastic, raging, and obnoxious commentary.

    Napoleon Dynamite - Also one I hated. It made my head hurt. Couldn't see the humor in it, sorry guys.


    I figured I would have more but I'm the worst person to go to for movie reviews. I blank when people mention celebrities.
  6. For some reason a lot of people I know hate Howl's Moving Castle. Maybe they think Miazaki is overdone but I love the fantasy of this movie and the romantic undertones.
  7. It's also a movie based on a (non-manga) book; a lot of people who like a book tend to resent the movie for the changes it has to make in order to work on screen :(
  8. That's true. I read the book too, but as with many movies, I don't hold it against them. Unless they take out a major character or plot point I think it's ok to accept them as close enough. For instance, Blood and Chocolate was awful because it strayed so far from the book that it was hardly worthy of the title. I think more people would have liked it if they even tried to make it like the book. I like the Harry Potter movies and they definitely are close enough.
  9. The Fifth Element bored me. I refuse to be ashamed of this despite the adoration the movie has among sci fi geeks. I even walked out of the movie. I finally forced myself to watch it again when my HS BFF couldn't stop talking about it... Still hated it.
  10. I can think of way more than this. (open)

    All the Twilight movies:
    I don't think I need to explain myself here. Everything about it is just so... Wrong.

    Star Wars Episodes I, II and III:
    Anakin is a whiny bitch, they bore me, the choreography was terrible, Jar Jar, the "I don't like sand..." pickup line... I could go on and on and on.

    Man of Steel:
    Two words: the costume. Oh, and the scene where he shaves. He can't shave, dammit. The only thing he can use as a shaver is his own laser vision. WHY HUMANIZE SUPERMAN? HE'S SUPERMAN.

    The Amazing Spiderman:
    Again: the costume. >:[ And since when does Peter Parker use Bing as a search engine!? No, no, no. He's a nerd; he knows better.

    The Cabin in the Woods:
    Aside from the fact that I've seen this movie several times against my wishes, it bored me. And the concept was so stupid. The only thing that interested me was the scene where they witness the variety of mythical monsters slaughtering people. (Though, the girly part of me secretly liked seeing Chris Hemsworth. >>;)

    Black Swan:
    Another movie that bored me. I also just had no idea what the hell was going on. I cannot for the life of me figure out why so many people I know are into this movie.

    Alice in Wonderland (the Tim Burton film):
    I remember being so disappointed when I saw this in the theatres. I didn't think that Johnny Depp was right for the Mad Hatter role. I'm pretty annoyed with him lately, and I can't understand why he and Tim Burton have to be butt buddies when it comes to movies. The only time I remember paying much attention to the movie was when they fought the jabberwocky.

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:
    It was too...vulgar, I guess. It also was just a terrible movie. It's Transformers, people. Not a raunchy romantic comedy. Which reminds me: I despise Megan Fox.

    Warm Bodies:
    I hate the movie AND the book. Zombies are supposed to be mindless killers that eat your body by the mouthful, not sensitive souls that need a hug...

    The Last Airbender:
    Looks like lots of people in this thread already expressed their feelings about this movie. I'm of like mind. When I saw that Shyamalan was doing the movie, this was my reaction: Click

    Magic Mike:
    So many ladies have been trying to tempt me into watching this. I hate it even though I haven't seen it! Male strippers, whoop-dee-dooooo. None of them even look sexy to me, so it just sounds like torture to me.

    The Hunger Games:
    I disliked the book, so why would I like the movie? I mostly detest this because of the fans. It's especially annoying that this movie inspired so many girls to take up archery. They had these cocky attitudes like "If this girl in Hunger Games can shoot an arrow, so can I!" Just... No, okay? No. It takes lots of hard work and practice to be good at archery, you fools.

    That should be more than enough... I get rant-y about movies, especially ones based on comic books. v__v;
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  11. Honestly, there's only a small portion of movies that I enjoy. I watch most of them and I can just see formulas the director used to milk a certain flavor of audience. More often than not it bugs me too much to really enjoy the film. TV shows are even worse as they're most often just repeated memes and advertisements blended together in a predictable format.
  12. Well, maybe Ill try an example of explaining why you don't like something


    I'm glad it got cancelled. The intro song was good, but I can't take a grown man playing with dinosaur dolls seriously, the camera work was shaky (you don't need a big budget to use a tripod), the lines were really stiff and scripted-sounding, and within 10 minutes of the first episode I could call out everybody's roles (female love interest, Gary Stu, redshirt, etc)
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  13. .... I liked the Hellraiser sequels that were basically CSI: Hell/LA. The twist is always the same. "WEIRD SHIT IS GOING ON! SOME RANDOM FEMALE IS MISSING! I SEE SHIT THAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE DONE ACID AND THEN LOOKED AT HR GIGER PICTURES SEE! OH SHIT, I WAS IN HELL ALL ALONG! SHIT THESE HOOKS HURT!" I'd like to imagine a world where good old Pinny and the Byties are a grizzled old sin police force, shaking down Coke dealers with chains hooks and doing the whole bad cop, chain hook cop routine. Come on, if the smurfs can get two movies, Laevitan's Notangels should totally be a tv show!
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  14. I'm pretty keen on movies, I google them before I watch. O_O So most that I do, I actually like.

    But I generally didn't like Twilight, I swear I checked it out first. I love Dracula and though sometimes I like ruthless, scary vampires and beautiful vampires too, the sparkling, man. They don't qualify as vampires anymore. Besides, it felt like a fanfic or something gone haywire. Many scenes felt like played out cliche.

    Same for Avatar: The Last Airbender. What. Have. They. Done. THEORETICALLY if the cartoon didn't exist, I could like it. Still, terrible, though. Inconsistent bending abilities.

    And that live action Dragonball thing? Does it need explanation? D:

    Avatar was pretty much scenery porn and nothing much else to me.

  15. I want to know, too :( people seem to be mistaking this thread for a 'bad/underrated movies rant' when it's meant to be a discussion for calmly explaining what led you to form those opinions 'I don't like it cause it's bad/it sucks' is not an explanation.
  16. Which one should I explain? :3
  17. Oh
    you did fine :3
  18. How about you, what do you feel about Sucker Punch? How about In Time? Internet says they've got bad reviews.
  19. Never seen either of them :/