Movies that should have had a prequel/sequel

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  1. Some movies should never have sequels, like Sharknado.....but there are lots of movies that I think should have had a sequel.

    Spaceballs should have had a sequel! That movie was freaking awesome.

    The Bone Collector should have had a prequel....that movie was awesome, but I would have liked to see Denzel Washington's character in action.

    The Shining has a book sequel that I would LOVE to see made into a movie.

    There are some others that I can't think of at the moment, but I'm curious if anyone else has a movie that they really want to see a prequel or sequel made for.
  2. I actually thought John Carter was pretty good, as silly as that may sound.

    A prequel to the Harry potter series would be cool too.
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  3. Princess Mononoke. I would like to see what happens to all the survivors, if the Lepers were healed, etc...
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  4. Micheal Bay's Transformers. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. No Country for Old Men; I'd love to see where Anton goes next.

    Equilibrium; it would be fun to see what happened that lead up to the movie's setting.

    District 9; there's just got to be more.

    I'll probably think of more at some point today.
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  6. Not a movie, but I'd love if after A Song of Ice and Fire concludes and Game of Thrones as a TV show wraps up if they did a series about Robert's Rebellion, I'd be so happy.
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  7. Dredd.

    ...FUCK YOU, I CAN DREAM. >:[
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. This has been a long time coming.

    We don't need more Cars spin offs.
  10. Thirded I guess?Since @Dervish seconded.
  11. Ohhh! Dogma! I wish there had been a sequel to that, but that's mostly because I love anything with Jay and Silent Bob.
  12. That's an idea I could get behind.
  13. I'm still waiting on another Avengers
  14. I'm a '90's girl. With that being said:

    -Lost in Space (1998) sequel
    -Waterworld sequel
    -Hook prequel (I love the Peter Pan story!)
    -Hogwarts sequel!!
    -Earthsea sequel
    -SERENITY sequel
    Inception sequel

    Probably 100 more that I can't think of now.
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  15. Star Wars needs a prequel.

    Yes, I went there.
  16. Yeah, but it will be disney doing it. So, I worry about that.

    Disney has a habit of turning anything into a goofey comedy. Pirates of the Caribbean could have been so bad ass, but IMO they ruined it by making it stupid. I'm afraid of what they'll do to the new SW movie, ya know?

  17. I refer you to the Avengers

    In unrelated news....darth Vader is my favorite disney villain
  18. There was so much they could have done with Firefly. :(
  19. Well you see...
  20. That Cars 3 announcement is almost enough to cancel out my joy.
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