Movie Scenes You Hate

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Last night while I was watching TV, I was randomly thinking about movie scenes I don't like.

One is underwater scenes, since I have this crazy phobia of water/drowning. c__c I seriously end up squeezing my boyfriend's hand when we go to the movies, and we're taken underwater with the character(s). [I'm like this with video games, too. I'll make my boytoy play the water scenes for me, else I'm doomed to never reach victory! XD]

Another I just hate is pee scenes! -__- Come on, do we really have to see these dudes going to the bathroom to piss!? And they exaggerate the sounds. Ugh.

So, how about the rest of you?
That I hate,
Gratuitous Nudity
Boobs are good I get that, but don't try and use boobs to hide the fact that you made a shitty movie.

Slow nearly pointless time filler Scenes
Really...Just why?
I hate it in comedies, or in movies that try to humiliate a character, when they put them in an awkward and grating situation in which they either a) have no idea how to deal with or b) have no escape from. I always cringe and feel terrible for the poor chap or chapette that's going through those scenes!
See post above.

Also, parts that are supposed to be funny but have no punchline, like every romance comedy ever. the part where the guy does a series of heartfelt but ultimately forces him short of his goal for the next 45 minutes. It's supposed to be funny but it makes you feel derpy for watching it
Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing is a movie I strongly dislike, but the racial slurs scene is one of the more hateable ones. It's just a stream of racial slurs.
Reminds me of the porchmonkey scene in Clerks 2
Reminds me that the avatar int eh guy above em hates white people with a burnign passion and has a personalized lightsaber with the letters BAMFone the handle.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the movie Labyrinth. okay, but there is a scene that drives me NUTS!!! when she sees the dwarf and he leads her intot eh labyrinth, she turns right and runs orward for a long scene. then, she smacks the RIGHT wall, the LEFT wall and slumps against the LEFT wall. she then is told there is a way deeper intot he thing rigth across from her... wich is RIGHT... okay. so. right, then right again... she just walked out of the labyrinth walls... -_-....

Okay, so its a magic labyrinth.. so what!!!!!! >_< it still bugs me!!!
For some reason i really hated when Indiana Jones got in that fridge and survived a nuclear bomb. XD I was totally cool with aliens and all the other unbelievable bullshit in the movies, but that ONE thing just drove me nuts!

I also hate scenes in the horror flicks where the people go to the bathroom and then freaky shit happens in the mirror or right behind them and you see it in the mirror. c__c But I only hate it cause it scares the SHIT out of me and then I'm horrified to look in to mirrors when it's dark in the room.
Scenes with injury to body parts always makes me feel weird. I like Saw, but at the same time, watching it makes my limbs feel all jittery. It's not scary, just some sort of sympathetic tweak or something. I dunno. But any injury like that, awful things happening to body parts, does it to me xD
Know another one I hate?

When Edward Cullen steps into the sunlight. Instead of dying, he sparkles and jingles. >:[

There is my Twilight complaint for the day!
The Blind Side, another horrible film that got waay to many awards, has in it a scene wherein our young misguided black hero leaves his adoptive white family and goes back to the other black people he was hanging out with.

Said people hang out in the most well-decorated crackhouse ever, and all but one of them are evil drug dealers. And of course these are movie drug dealers, the kind who will bug people into taking their expensive drugs for free. Our Hero gets upset, beats up one guy, and walks out, while the one not-evil drug dealer black kid sheds a single tear.

Later on there is a scene in which the Rich White Woman played by Sandra Bullock intimidates the leader of the Evil Drug Dealers by talking about guns (seriously dude, you could kick her ass)

Also there is a scene where Rich White Woman persuades our gentle black hero to beat the shit out of people on the football field. Lady, your adopted kid being gentle and kind is not a problem.

..There's a scene in which Rich White Lady tries to bully a teacher into passing the black kid just so he can play football. Yes, her first recourse is to bully the teacher and not "help him with his homework".

Mind you, I only came in at about the halfway point. I could probably find things extremely wrong with every scene in that film.
I hate scenes where character X makes himself look like an idiot to everyone else, or a general akward scene. Its like the akwardness spreads to me and i feel discomfotable :D
Scenes where a character who is quite respectable for the majority of the film does something "sinful" in order to qualify themself for a quick death.

Like in Scream 3, where the really nice stand-in for whatshername who has been kind and gentle and innocent throughout the entire thing suddenly screams "I DIDN'T FUCK THE DIRECTOR JUST TO END UP HERE!" and then promptly gets killed.

Or in Species where Ben Kingsley, who has till now acted the pants off everyone else, suddenly snaps at the black man and immediately gets killed.

Either make them an asshole, or make it a tragedy. Don't try to trick us into thinking they're suddenly deserving of death.
Long, unnecessary pauses in dialogue, action, and/or explanations. Seriously stop that! How many valuable minutes or even hours of my life have you wasted in order to build up so much tension for a crappy word that I could've figured out on my own if given the time or a small bit more information. (Not to mention that "small bit of information" could've have been expanded into a full explanation with the amount of time you paused.)

The next few things have already been mentioned. Phobias such as my ophidiaphobia, overly done nudity scenes, putting the character in an inescapable situation, awkward moments that leave you feeling uncomfortable, and continuity errors.

And one more thing that disturbs me from time to time…actually it totally aggravates me. Stuipd ass explanations or over the top unreal events in a supposed real world setting. Please…please…please, don't let me see another movie that basically says "LOOK OUT ITS GLOBAL WARMING!!!"

People who stand implausibly close together.

Like Mulder and Scully.

Seriously. People don't stand that close to each other when they talk.
Omg, I realized yesterday that I freaking hate those long drawn out Kiss Scenes right in the fucking middle of a battle. PEOPLE ARE DYING AROUND YOU, BITCHES. STOP KISSING FOREVER. NOT A TIME FOR MAKING OUT.
Omg, I realized yesterday that I freaking hate those long drawn out Kiss Scenes right in the fucking middle of a battle. PEOPLE ARE DYING AROUND YOU, BITCHES. STOP KISSING FOREVER. NOT A TIME FOR MAKING OUT.

Seriously? How many times over would they have been dead while everyone is fighting around them?