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    Maybe not your favorite movie... but what movie has the most memories/best memories/strongest memories or anything else for you?

    Yesterday, I ended up purchasing "The Green Mile". For those of you who haven't seen it, it's semi oldish and a great movie. Part of why I like it, though, is because it was one of the movies that my mother took me to see with her. In fact, I watched The Green Mile in theaters with her as our new year celebration, and I remember that the theater was handing out cute souvenirs since it was also the new millennium. Despite taking me with to watch the movie with her, she did end up covering my eyes for many parts of the movie, so watching it again was quite enlightening for all the parts that I missed!

  2. I love the Green Mile. I saw it for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. Made me shed so many tears, though. ;__; Especially since I miss Michael Clarke Duncan... He's one of my favorites.

    The two movies that hold the most memories for me are Hot Rod and Your Highness.

    Hot Rod is one of my all time favorites. I hold it so dear to me because I've shown it to so many people who'd never seen it before and afterwards, they thank me like I'm a divine idol of some kind 'cause they enjoyed it so much. xD As well, I share a lot of funny moments with close friends and family by quoting that movie. It just tickles me so much.

    As for Your Highness, it's one of the first movies I watched with my boyfriend. I hadn't seen it before and he had it on him, so we watched it and laughed through the whole thing. I remember that day and that movie with much fondness. Although it's a raunchy stoner film, it's precious to me because of how much closer it brought us together.
  3. There's no real single movie that is "the most" for me. It's more like a collection that to me are timeless movies that I can watch over and over again without them getting old. I've got a habit (maybe a problem even?) of when my partner goes off to work, I put on a DVD and it just plays on loop. That one movie might end up in the DVD player for days...

    The list of DVDs that do that are: Ice Age, Fifth Element, Mary Poppins, Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, Corpse Bride, WALL-E, The Secret of NIMH, Howl's Moving Castle, Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Whisper of the Heart, just to name a few. All of those have a good deal of memories but no movie unto itself is "the big one," so to speak.

    If I have to choose just one, it'd probably end up being Fifth Element. Drew and I call it "Old Reliable." We both adore that movie and have torn it apart, finding every little mistake and inconsistency. I've got the collector's edition with all the extra footage and a full DVD of behind the scenes, etc which I've watched a ton. The memories that come from that movie are based on the fact that it's one of the first movies we watched together and the first one that both Drew and I were able to really analyze a movie with someone. Neither of our previous partners would allow us to do that or even be interested, but with us... we frequently pause a movie on a frame to point something out, replay scenes over a couple times to show something, etc. It's something we really enjoy doing and it's always fun when we find something new.
  4. One of my favorite movies that has the most memories attached to it is Howl's Moving Castle. I have always loved that movie, but the memories came when me and couple of friends started tossing around the copy I had. So much to the point that we could no longer remember who it actually belong to at a couple points. I made my roomate, who doesn't care for animated movies, watch it. Now she has it pretty much memorized as well as I do.

    Another movie I have a bunch of great memories of, but don't really like the movie is Splice. Me, brothers, and friends, get together once a blue moon to watch it. Then we tear it to shreds by trolling the entire thing. Great times. lol
  5. I remember going to see Back to the future when I was really young. I don't remember much about it, except that they had a real Delorean, made to look like the Docs, parked outside the theater to advertise. That was freaking badass.
  6. I remember when I was younger my parents had rented the movies Gladiator and The Patriot from blockbuster once they came out. I think that was back in 2000? Anyways they thought I was too young to watch the movies but I thought they were really cool and I really wanted to watch them. At the same time I had recently gotten a massive 1000+ puzzle piece and I ended up convincing them (At least I thought I did at the time.) to let me do it out there so I could watch the movie. I only ended up getting to watch it for a bit though before they kicked me off to my room. To this day those two movies are among my favorites and I feel like there haven't been many great epic movies to have come out since those two were made.
  7. Holes I think was my first movie outing. I went with my class to see it and I was so excited because my family despised having me go out anywhere but school. The Harry Potter films hold a lot of nostalgia for me as well. The first part of last the Harry Potter film me and my boyfriend went to see it at the same time despite me being in California and him in Texas. We saw the last part together when we moved in.