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    Keep going until you get 2 films that you have watched/know well.

    Now describe [FILM 1] vs [FILM 2] as an epic movie.

    I shall begin.


    Adam Sandler plays Wall-E, a robot abandoned on Earth with only his primary routine of waste disposal to live by. However, when he meets Eva, an advanced robot scout searching for signs of life, he falls in love. Eva agrees to take him to the mothership to meet her parents, an uptight vacuum cleaner and a menacing security camera who used to work for the CIA. Hilarity ensues as Wall-E tries to impress his fellow machines and win Eva's heart, but only digs himself into a deeper and more embarassing hole each time.
  2. ^Try Ben Stiller asmo, lawl Adam Sandler
  3. They all look alike.
  4. Saving Private Ryan VS The Avengers

    During the Chitauri invasion of New York City, A group of Superheroes go behind enemy lines to rescue paratrooper Nick Fury, after the loss of his entire unit to the hands of Loki, and his alien army.

  5. holy fuck how did i get this actually really happy about this one

    charlie in the chocolate factory and the shining

    johnny depp plays willy wonka a good father and husband who takes his family to a hotel so that he could clear his mind in hopes of having a new idea for candy. While they are their they start to see little people they called oompa loompa who slowly drive willy insane so insane he tries to kill his family. When he finally finishes his duty he goes into his chocolate factory and locks himself in their for years all the while the oompa loompas follow him and work now for him. He opens his factory to five children, one of them looks like his lost son. He then gets upset because the child has his whole family still alive, while trying to convince the child to give up his family.

    The villainous Cardinal Richelieu plots against the French throne, and all international flights are grounded during the crisis. The Three Musketeers, former bodyguards to the king, are stranded at JFK airport and unable to leave. But hope is around the corner. A bored steward named D'Artagnan keeps the Three Musketeers in good spirits and together they open a French bakery in the terminal. But the aiport manager wants rid of this foreign cuisine and employs Milady de Winter, an agent of Cardinal Richelieu, to sabotage the Musketeers' ovens. But she does not reckon on the loyalty of the JFK customers. The American travellers unite to help the Musketeers save their business, and as the media learns of their story Cardinal Richelieu's rebellion caves under international pressure.
  7. Batman VS The Walking Dead

    The Joker unleashes a virus that overruns Gotham City with the undead. Batman, recently shot by Harvey Dent, wakes from a coma to find that Robin has stolen Catwoman from him. As the love triangle spirals, Batman leads the survivors to Jim Gordon's farm and tries to hold out against the zombies. But after a brutal fight in which he stabs Robin to death the survivors have to flee again with a pregnant Catwoman in tow. Hope is around the corner though. If they can jsut clear out Arkham Asylum, they may just stand a chance to set up a permenant home...
  8. Underworld: Awakening VS Quantum of Solace

    BOND IS BACK! After being knocked out at the end of Casino Royale, Bond wakes to find himself in a mysterious laboratory. 12 years have passed and Bond Villains are running the globe, tracking down the last of the MI6 agents in hiding. Bond learns that his sperm has been harvested and a daughter has been cloned who is both more suave and more deadly and more deadly than he will ever be. Escaping from the facility together, the two take shelter with the underground remnants of the CIA, but it is not long before genetically-enhanced KGB agents track them down and kidnap Bond's daughter. Bond has only one choice now. Thrown into a unsavoury alliance with Blofeld, he storms the KGB ice palace in Siberia and rescues his daughter in a bloody, shiney climax.
  9. The Abyss VS Twilight: Breaking Dawn

    Bella is a deep sea explorer, who goes down to her father's scientific base on the ocean floor to help with a routine mechanical fault. While fixing the base she notices a strange, glowing aquatic alien that takes an interest in her. They embark upon a secret romance, staring at each other through windows and communicating via sign language. In time Bella designs a liquid that allows her to breath at low altitudes and the alien fish takes her to meet his friends on the submerged UFO. They fall in love. But trouble is around the corner. A bunch of Navy Seals, infected by alien DNA, start eating the rest of the crew, and their leader gets obsessed with Bella. Forced onto the run, Bella and the fish people escape to a deep ocean trench, until the Navy Seals use sonar to find them. A chase ensues between the fish people and the Navy Seals in submergables, and by the end Bella is left half-drowned, her heart giving. The fish alien must now make a terrible choice.... to let Bella die... or to turn her into an alien fish...