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  1. "Medieval fantasy is a sub-genre of fantasy that encompasses medieval era high fantasy and sometimes simply represents fictitious versions of historic events. This sub-genre is common among role-playing games, text-based role-playing, and high-fantasy literature. It can include various elements of Middle Ages European culture and society, including a monarchical government, feudal social structure, medieval warfare, and mythical entities common in European folklore.
    Examples of literature of this genre included The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien, The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis or A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin." - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Western most lands in the known world are formed of six kingdoms, landlocked to each other and surrounded by sea as one great continent. The continent is known to those is all the kingdoms as Mournhold and while it remains divided it is the single greatest power in the known world.​

    However, for the last thirty years the nations of Mournhold have been at war with each other over anything from family rivalries to another nation's wealth.

    Our story begins in the center most nation of Mournhold, Cadan a new King has been put on the Throne of the capital, Gaia. It is with hopes among the people that the new King can bring an end to the raging wars either through diplomatic insight or brute military force.


    The idea here is for a semi sandbox roleplay with a lot of character development. For now our actions will be restrained to Cadan and specifically Gaia but later on there will be more expansion.

    Rather than having one specific linear plot there will be a number of side plots that will enrich the world of Mournhold which we together can create.

    I'll add more later in an OOC thread if we get enough interest. This is so short just to see if there is the interest for it.
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  2. I'm interested.
  3. Great! Glad to see your interest, if you wouldn't mind telling anybody you think might be interested to have a look here we may be able to get an OOC started tonight!
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  4. Will do ~
  5. Good, good. I'm working on fleshing out the world some more so hopefully this will take off!
  6. Interested as well~
    Any ideas yet on races and similar character creating knowhow?
  7. Hey! Glad to see you're interested. I was originally going to leave the race card to just Human. However, if there is enough demand for other races then we can open it up to more. Any races added will be kept to a traditional fantasy type.
  8. Sounds interesting! Count me in! How active are we expected to be in this story?
  9. Well as active as possible is what I'm going to say to you but if you can even get one post in a day then I'm sure there won't be much trouble! :)
  10. B-b-b-bump.
  11. This does look interesting. If/when this is open, I'll definitely have a go.
  12. If you want to maximize more possible members, I suggest contacting a staff member to move this over towards our roleplay talk forum and placing it under the prefix: Interest Check. The roleplay talk is an expansive, all-age appropriate forum where people can develop roleplay plotting, find partners, and of course, find people who are interested in different roleplay ideas. This sub-forum in fantasy is meant for signups/ooc for fantasy roleplays that have already been set up. If you're just looking for people who might be interested, the roleplay talk area is a much better chance at getting people to see your roleplay idea.
  13. This sounds interesting, I would want there to be other races as well, but maybe they are the minority and generally discriminated against by humans. Also what level of rp do you expect from the people participating?
  14. I would definitely be interested...hope undead are okay
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