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  1. Frank Castle glared down at the boy hopping in his lap. What... the... fuck? This child had come out of nowhere. Bothered him. Asked to stay at his place. Offered to take him home. Asked the vigilante to trust him. The boy's antics were met with a growl, but he took no physical action against him. "Get off, for Christ's sake!" His sky blue eyes were hard and devoid of any sort of warmth as he glowered down at the child.

    "Fuck off! I can find my own way home, if I want!" ... No, he couldn't. He could barely stand up. "And quit asking! I got..." He swayed and pulled out his license for concealed carry. "... A damn license!"

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  2. Tim merely laid there rather nonchalantly with a grin as he propped his head up with his hands, elbows resting on the guy below him."Oooh. Your eyes are nice big guy! Not as nice as mine.. But--Eh." He complimented, pulling his shoulders to a small shrug."Fuck off! I can find my own way home, if I want!" the man shouted."Shhh! My friend doesn't like drunks and yelling!" Tim hissed placing his own finger over his own lips. The man then began to shift around and took out a license making Tim still resume to sit on him."Huh, seems legit Wes.." The male grabbed the license and pointed at it, looking over at her. Quickly Tim acted fast as he jumped off Frank with the license and skipped some distance."We just wanna help ya' Mr.Bulge!" Yelled the teen as he waved Frank's license around.

    "Shelter us for the night and part of the early morning! You'll get this back!" The kid yelled. Mere child's play of course, this was an act of a child. He did not want violence, and was willing to be chased for this thing."We promise not to vandalize, steal, make a mess, or cause any sort of trouble!" Added Tim in a yell."We'll even sleep on your floor!" The male tried to negotiate. No way was he going to spend another night in the cold with Wes--They couldn't afford that a second time. Not to mention, they couldn't sleep anywhere indoors for to long, like a hotel for example. Tim could definitely afford rooms, but because of her condition and paranoia almost--He never brought it. He could if he wanted too, But he did;t want to leave the girl behind out of selfishness in vain if he did so.

    The male blinked waiting for a response. The license has got to mean everything to this guy right? Timothy figured that if he carried this, that means he enjoyed firearms and carrying them around on him."I promise--I will owe you anything you want back. Just me." Tim said walking a few steps closer but still keeping his distance. If this was going to be like a game of tag, Tim wouldn't mind. He was used to running, falling, sliding around, and hiding. That was pretty much his life now and he watched Frank with some hope and interest.
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  3. Frank growled after a moment, but he wasn't even concerned enough to stand and pursue the boy. He just glowered at him. "No. Go home. Bother your own parents. I ain't gonna take care of a couple brats." He rolled over, proceeding to ignore them. ​
  4. Well... Apparently, Frank's yelling finalized Wes's decision. She was absolutely terrified out of her mind. She jumped visibly, and scrambled backwards, falling on her ass in the process.. Before she promptly scrambled back to her feet, and took off running like a bullet back into the alleyway she'd been staying in. She didn't want to leave Tim alone.. But she also was terrified out of her mind. She was already undergoing flashbacks to the beatings and abuse she'd received from her father from even the smell of alcohol.

    And so, trembling and scared shitless, the girl(that was now trembling slightly) now proceeded to curl up in a ball in the alley... And hide under her one possession she refused to ever let go of. A blanket she'd stolen after escaping the orphanage, that had belonged to her mother. It wasn't exactly much.. But it held value to her. Provided a sort of sense of comfort.

    And, as it was doing now; something to hide under if she got terrified or triggered.​
  5. As his friend ran away with his own bag of items and food and such, Tim tried to grab her arm but she only fell in the process and got back up, ready to run. The male growled. His important stuff were in there! "No. Go home. Bother your own parents. I ain't gonna take care of a couple brats." He heard. Timothy turned back around at Frank, not to disappointed that he wasn't chasing him and tucked the license in his leather outfit, zipping it back up."Tch, We would--But the thing is we don't have any. No one." Tim stated blatantly. "We're brats for a reason. We have every right to be brats in the streets." The male said rolling his eyes."So, If you change your mind anytime and have the energy to walk again--We'll be behind the nearest alley that has a old telephone booth in it and a dumpster." he stated, unzipping the outfit and taking out the license. Tim handed it to Frank,"But approach with caution big guy. She has a bad past with men who yell and drink And you simply seem sane enough to keep your composure as a human." chuckled Stray, leaning down at him before saluting."Your choice!" He yelled, running off to catch up to Wes. She did have his things anyways and he decided to make it quick.

    Great--Now Timothy had to deal with her condition. Though most of the times he was fairly quiet--But still comforting in some type of way. Eventually he made it to the nearest alley and yawned."Wes." He stated before walking deeper into the alley where he found the girl, curled up in a ball."Sit up, you look pathetic and ugly like that." He said, voice low and deep before squatting in front of her and grabbing his bag. His words were harsh but also bitterly caring at the same time and he shuffled through his bag, taking a seat beside her on the ground, which he despised. Being out on the streets, Timothy was somewhat of an OCD neat freak. But some things he got used to and he simply yawned.

    "I invited the guy over." He said skipping straight through the point bluntly. Tim knew her slight past yes, But why was he doing such a seemingly cruel thing? "He's a sane type of drunkard." Shrugged the boy."The... potentially nice type." Explained Tim as he shoved a soft taco in his mouth."You can bitch all you want--But i'm telling ya. He has a story like us. And i'm gonna figure it out." Stated Tim with a mouthful of food."Maybe he'll come.. Or not. I honestly hope he does." He shrugged.
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  6. Frank looked up at the boy while he talked. His expression remained hard... until Tim turned away. His eyes softened. Slowly, he stood up, and stumbled after him. It took a few minutes for the man to find the two, in his drunken, half asleep state, but he did eventually. "... Fine. You two can... take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch." With that, he turned around and, after many minutes of walking, staggered up the stairs to an apartment. He didn't go in yet, looking over his shoulder to see if they'd followed.​
  7. Timothy was... Very lucky that Weslyn hadn't heard him give details on her to Frank. Otherwise, her terror likely would've quickly turned to anger.. And she likely would've lost all restraint. Instead, she just remained curled up on the ground, trying hard not to spiral any further into the memories and fear.. Though it wasn't exactly something the eighteen-year-old could control. PTSD is a bitch. No kidding. ...Does this mean I can have my turn at running the show, now?


    "..Great. Yelling at myself," she muttered under her breath, shaking her head slightly and huddling into the blanket further. The trembling had yet to stop.. And her eyes almost seemed.. Empty. Like glass. Glass that had her encased in memories that had left countless physical and mental scars. Memories of being held underwater repeatedly.. over and over.. until she blacked out, flooded her mind.. And she couldn't escape it. Even Tim's remark about her looking ugly and pathetic didn't seem to register to her.

    It.. Looked like if he wanted to talk, he'd have to snap her out of it. Physical action was probably the easiest way to do so.​
  8. As soon as Tim looked up, the soft taco stuffed in his mouth he saw that Wes had started to blackout."Huh, typical." He simply said, grabbing her shoulder on time so that her head doesn't bump against the dumpster. Then a shadow was casted over him, and he looked up at the figure only to see it was the drunk man from before."Oh, hey." He said before grinning up at him."Glad you're here on time." Tim added, truly happy. Perfect timing indeed, and Tim was actually happy from the bottom of his heart."... Fine. You two can... take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch." Frank grunted."Y'sure? Wes can take the couch, i'm fine on the floor big guy." Tim said being polite as he swallowed down the taco and packed Wes' stuff in his bag which was so full--It wouldn't close properly. Before he knew it Frank was staggering off, and the male quickly grabbed Wes but couldn't."I really need to lift more..." He uttered before shifting his backpack and wearing it on his chest as he hauled his friend up and over his back, giving the girl a piggyback ride. It was easier for him in his opinion. But still his arms got tired after a feel minutes--But he endured it nonetheless.

    Once he finally arrived with Frank behind him, he blinked."Hey--Whats your name?" He asked curiously as he placed a arm behind Frank's shoulder blade just in case. It was a fair trip, and he was making sure the guy was up and not sleeping, also making sure that he can still walk."Need help big guy?" He asked as he adjusted Wes over his back.

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  9. Ignoring the request for his name, he shrugged the hand off. "I'm fine. Wait here." He opened the door, went in, and locked it behind him. He was in there for a good five minutes as he stuffed all of his gear, Kevlar included, into various boxes, hiding them in the closet. His head poked out, then, the door opened to let them in. He sauntered over and flopped onto the couch without a word.

    The bed was of a decent size. Certainly enough for both of them. Other than the bed and couch, the apartment was fairly Spartan, some of the only other furniture being kitchen appliances and a TV. There was also an odd sheet of paper on the wall it seemed he'd forgotten to hide. ​
  10. Well.. This wasn't well received. At all. It was a good thing Timothy had already taken away Wes's belongings... Because if he hadn't, he probably would've received a bullet to the head for picking up someone currently reliving traumatic memories, that also suffered DID. The transformation from fear to aggression was near immediate. Yup... Now, Wes wasn't reliving memories; she was gone.. Replaced by a split personality in means of defense. "Put me down!" she demanded, squirming. For Tim, it'd be obvious she was currently a different personality. Anyone else that didn't know her biggest secret- that she had DID -would probably just think she was crazy.

    Whether or not Timothy complied to the demand, soon enough, Wes had wriggled free.. To which she promptly jumped off of him, and landed in a roll. Moments later, she was on her feet. "Jesus, Timothy. Give Wes a God *@&$ slap across the fuckin' face next time. S'what she deserves, for bein' such a fuckin' baby." Well.. This personality clearly wasn't the most friendly. But hey; at least it wasn't going around slaughtering people. Instead, she reluctantly followed, quietly. "Where are we going, anyways?"

    "New house, huh? You sleepin' with someone to get it for us? Or should I?" Well... That had happened. Looked like this personality was much looser than Wes.​
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  11. { phone ;< }

    Tim walked in after Frank. There wasn't much in the apartment, but somehow he found it fitting. It also suited the male too a bit but nonetheless it was surprising at the same time. Tim definitely assumed that this man preferred to live a life of solitude. one would wonder why ; even Tim wondered why this man preferred a lone wolf type of life. He was practically handsome, but his drinking added onto the affect of something more.

    Everything in his apartment seemed plain. Like it was always empty. There were quite a few furniture and it was almost gritty. Definitely holding a story from me.... Tim whispered to himself as he walked into Frank's room without questioning his presence that preferred strongly to be on the couch. The man won't even give him a name, what's up with that? And what did he do in those 5 minutes? Tim was beginning to think the man was strictly mysterious. But as he made his way to his room, Wes woke up on time once he closed the door shut behind him.

    "Put me down!" She insisted."Hey! Easy there hotshot!" He commented irritably as she slid off of him and kept her distance. He walked over to the bed and put his things on the floor."Jesus, Timothy. Give Wes a God *@&$ slap across the fuckin' face next time. S'what she deserves, for bein' such a fuckin' baby." Said the aggressive personality."And get weapons pointed at me? Yeah, no thanks.." Tim commented as he emptied out his bag slightly, tossing the girl her blanket."Good thing I have tolerance of you all." He said to particularly Wes and her personalities.

    "Where are we going anyways?" Sje asked."Good thing it's you thats present. We're at some big guy's house. He doesn't seem like the type to tamper with but--" Tim was easily interrupted."New house, huh? You sleepin' with someone to get it for us? Or should I?" Asked the assertive Wesley."No one. He simply came back to us and said we could spend the night here. No returns surprisingly." Tim explained briefly as he took out his Blanky and proceeded to put the things back in his bag."If you're hungry I have tacos." He stated.

    The male got up and wrapped his fingers around the zipper of his leather suit."The question is if it'd be risky of me to strip down to briefs and sleep like a civilian..." He muttered. But decided to keep the suit on for now and take off his leather cat hat and goggles. Tim sat at the edge of the bed."But there's something more to this guy." He whispered, putting a finger over his lips.

    "Y'see.. He's a guy that carries guns legally. But why? And this apartment--it's surprisingly small but.. Well--it's near empty, and he's handsome. But there's not much furniture--Doesn't it make you curious?" Tim inquired looking at Wes before sighing and looking away. He obviously left some important detail out but didn't add on."Never mind.. I must be thinking to much,as usual." He uttered rolling his eyes."Forget it. He's letting us stay without favors." Tim concluded looking back at the girl."For now I bet.." He said rolling his eyes. Only to get Wes to not be on his case about Frank even though she probably wasn't and wasn't even listening fully.

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  12. Frank had actually started to snore from the couch.

    There were the obvious choices. They could sleep or look around.
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  13. Unlike her male counterpart, Weslyn hardly seemed to give a damn about what the house was like. She hardly even observed it at all.. She was too busy staring intensely at Timothy, arms crossed. When he told her to take it easy, she just snickered. "Heh. Sure, sure, can do, Timmyboo," she remarked in answer, pursing her lips. She didn't seem bothered at all by the fact they were in unfamiliar surroundings.. Probably because she knew very well that she could handle any threats and defend both herself and Tim quite easily. "Tch. Wes ain't got the guts to hurt ya. Take it from someone who lives locked away in her head 24/7," she mused, knocking on her own head for emphasis.

    "What? There aren't only two of us?" Oh.. Right. No matter what personality was running the show, none of them remembered anything that happened when they weren't the one in control. So unless someone told them about the others, and their pasts.. They didn't know it. "Even so.. I'd think it'd be easy to tolerate us." See? That's what I'm saying! "..And it's always good when I'm present," she stated, confidently. "And.. Big guy, huh? Is he cute?" ...Of course that was the first thing she asked. What Tim said next, though, really caught her attention. "Woah. A house that doesn't charge us anything? That's unheard of."

    She caught her blanket gratefully, nodding slightly. She seemed to brighten visibly when he mentioned tacos. "D'aww, Timmyboo, you know me so well. I'd love one, if you would be so kind~" she purred, grinning widely. Considering her superhuman hearing, she heard every mutter, and each one made her tilt her head. "Well, I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you if you're in briefs," she remarked, playfully. "Besides.. Wouldn't it be much more fun to do some snooping, first?" the mercenary suggested, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

    Ohhh yeah.. This night wasn't going to end well at all.

    "I carry guns ILlegally. What's your point supposed to be? ..Although, I'm with you on the curiosity. But on the other hand, maybe you should leave the snooping to me. 'Cause you know what they say.." She wiggled her fingers like she was telling a scary story. Uh oh. She was about to make a bad pun. "..Curiosity killed the cat."​
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  14. Tim was quite OCD. To begin with, since he was down at the sewers he didn't wanna lay on the bed nor touch his blanky.... Despite the fact that his blanky probably did smell from various things. He wished the guy was up just so he can wash his outfit and such, but simply allowed the man to rest in the living room as his friend blabbed on to him now. "Tch. Wes ain't got the guts to hurt ya. Take it from someone who lives locked away in her head 24/7," stated the persona."You mean she doesn't have the guts to kill me." Corrected tim matter-of-factly as he rolled his eyes and tossed his blanky up in the air, catching it a bunch of times. It was torn, literally knotted to the point where you couldnt untangle it, and was often wrapped like a sort of pillow. His blanky was always meant for cuddling really. He listened as she spoke, even though he didn't want to. But it was only natural of Tim to be courteous on the low."And.. Big guy, huh? Is he cute?" she asked."He's handsome... Maybe Bruce Wayne status." The male joked half-heartedly."But then again, something still alarms me about him." Tim stated.

    "Woah. A house that doesn't charge us anything? That's unheard of."
    "My point exactly. We're in the shady part of town--Slightly outside the city but still in it too." Tim responded as he caught his blanky up in midair again. He reached over his bag, taking out a soft taco and throwing it at the girl as well as one of the bottled mountain dew."Heads up." He called softly, chucking it over his head before sitting back up and looking at Wes."Well, I'm not sleeping in the same bed as you if you're in briefs," she stated."Tch, Well I also want the bed too. I'm gay not to mention--Whats there to worry about?" He asked rhetorically, rolling his eyes."Gay means polite, idiot." He said bitterly but nonetheless as a joke and added,"Besides i'm a bit OCD about filth and cleanliness. You know that." added the male before he heard Wes suggest about snooping.

    Suddenly, no instinctively, Tim grin as his eyes glistened. Almost like a cheshire cat. He opened his mouth to say something, But Wes interrupted."But on the other hand, maybe you should leave the snooping to me. 'Cause you know what they say.."
    "Oh god put your fingers down.--Wes.. I swear I will.."
    "..Curiosity killed the cat." she stated.

    Tim chuckled to himself, and was very amused at that saying to be fair. Everybody said that to him growing up. Literally."That may be true..." He commented as he stood. He never understood the saying because there was another part to it that people never really thought about...."But satisfaction brought it back." The male rejoined with a triumphant smirk.
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  15. Weslyn- or, more accurately, whatever personality was currently in control, -was admittedly amused by Timothy's love for his knotted up and ratty blanket. While the main personality occupying the brunette's body was obsessed with the blanket of her own that had belonged to her mother... This personality was a little less clingy, and didn't seem to fret about it as much. Of course, if someone were to try to mess with it at all.. They'd definitely find out how quickly this could change. While Tim seemed to consider whether or not he should touch anything as he was, Wes simply plopped down on the bed. "Nope. I meant she hasn't got the guts to hurt ya," the girl corrected, matter-of-factly.

    Tim's next statement made her tilt her head once more. "Really? Dayum," she joked right back, laughing slightly. "Just what's so alarming about him, anyways?" she queried, getting right back up despite the fact she'd only just sat down. Just in time to catch the taco thrown to her, too.. Which she snatched skillfully out of the air, nodding gratefully. "Thank ya much, lil' neko," she chimed, grinning. "Anywho.. Back to the matter at hand~!" she declared, starting to pace, inspecting the room absently.

    She took a bite from her taco, hazel eyes turning back to Timothy again. "You can have the bed, ya goof." She abruptly moved to playfully ruffle his hair. "I prefer the ground," she explained, shrugging. That was a lie.. But she still didn't mind the floor. She was used to it. "Polite? You?" she teased, smirking, as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. "Oh, I know. You've always been a bit of a neat freak," she chuckled, shaking her head and placing her hands on her hips. His reaction when she had started her pun only made her laugh more. "Aw, c'mon. You know you love my... " She paused for effect. "..Killer puns." Oh, jeez. Yeah. That was cringeworthy.

    She gave Tim a mischievous look, and rubbed her hands together. "Ooh. 'Bout time we got to do some snooping again!" She clapped with childlike excitement.

    Suddenly, though, she stopped in her tracks.. And frowned. "..I smell blood." The statement was.. Empty. Bored. She then looked at Tim, squinting at him. "..Tim, are you on your man-period?" Her features remained serious.. Before she burst into laughter. It was clearly a joke. "Sorry, sorry. Really, though.. Are you bleeding?" There was a pause, before she shook her head. "No, no... Not fresh enough. Not your blood, either. Were you in a fight?" There was a pause.. And her frown deepened, before she began looking herself over. It sucked, not being able to remember what all you'd done. "..Or was I?"​
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  16. Tim looked at her and rolled his eyes."We don't have periods--We have what we call, BMS." He stated."Bitchy mens syndrome." The male blatantly explained before hopping off the bed and onto his feet. He watched the girl mention something about blood and stuck his tongue out, pinching his nose."Now that you mention it, whenever we're in someone's home--You really do smell the filth of yourself more." The catalo stated, putting his hands down and grabbing his hat and goggles on. It was just a habit of his whenever he was somewhere he wasn't quite truly aware of. Precaution really."So we going now or what?" He asked, pressing on the sides of his goggles to switch into night vision.

    Tim quickly opened the door with caution as he poked his head out. He heard snoring, and crinkled his nose."Eeee!--Hes a snorer.. A loud one." Whispered the male. For some reason, snoring made the boy cringe and shiver with disgust. It just peeved him in general for some reason and he proceeded to crouch low and walk quickly. Adjusting the setting of his goggles to see different things."He doesn't have anything special, i'm telling ya." Tim commented. He looked over at Frank on the couch, then at the walls and such. There was only one sheet of old paper, and he glared at it for a moment as he watched Wes."Hey--Be careful!" He whispered hissing before walking over to the wall and inspecting the note. The digital circles he saw through his goggles pointed out blood stains and how aged it was.

    This was surely something much more than just some grocery list and he quickly looked over his shoulder and met up with Wes, ignoring the note. He'll check it out for himself later."Find anything?" he asked, appearing over her shoulder.

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  17. This response earned an amused giggle that lasted a good few moments, before she stopped, still grinning. "Heh. Guess that explains why you can be such a bitch sometimes," she quipped, observing the room. Though, her expression got a little more serious now, and her gaze shifted away from Timothy. Pinching the bridge of her nose, the girl took a deep breath.. And started looking around. "I'm serious, Timothy.. Were you in a fight?" she repeated, raising a brow inquisitively. "If it ain't you, and it ain't me...-" Wherever that statement was going, was probably never going to be known. Because Weslyn visibly froze up.. Quite literally.


    When Timothy talked to her further, she just held a hand up, clamping her fingers together in a sign for Timothy to be silent. "Shh!" she practically hissed, frowning in clear aggravation. Something must've been really wrong- or right -if she was this annoyed with him for so much as talking.. And, judging by the way she was sniffing around... It really could be either. She glanced at Tim, a glimmer to her eyes. "Don't you smell that, Timothy??" she asked, a smile creeping across her face. "'He doesn't have anything special'?? I call bullshit!" she exclaimed, quietly. She was clearly ecstatic.

    Without giving Timothy a second glance, Weslyn began sniffing around, searching for what she knew was here. Firearms. A lot of them. It didn't seem to take her long to determine the source of the smell at all.. And, after shushing Timothy again, she quietly moved out. "Wait here." She then tiptoed to the closet.. And tried to open it as quietly as possible.​

  18. Wes found several sealed boxes. ​
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  19. Tim nodded and as soon as the girl left him, he turned back around and went to the note. The male simply inspected the outside of it while it was still tacked on the wall. It had crease marks, and despite the faded out but clearly visible aged blood he had guessed that it was fairly old, but recent. Give or take 3-7 years, somewhere between there maybe. The male looked over his shoulder to see if Wes was coming, he was definitely keeping the note from her for now since it seemed troublesome and personal. Tim always had a habit of getting his head in to deep, it was only luck that he often escaped death and he looked back over at the couch, leaning back slightly to see if Frank was still sound asleep. He still sound like he was, and Wes was quiet which means that something definitely fancied her attention.

    Tim then began to take off one of his gloves with his teeth. The glove draped down his mouth as he gently lifted the slip of paper with one finger by the edge. It was rough, and was folded. To be fair, the sound of paper opening sound pretty loud considering that this house was near-empty and Frank was right there. He took caution and crouched low to see underneath the note before using his other hand to adjust the settings on his goggles. He zoomed in on the inside seeing as he barely opened it half way. It looked like... Child's handwriting? Now Tim was greatly spooked. Did the guy murder a child? No... Who would keep a child's card as a souvenir after death? Tim attempted to read it but he only got one word before he found it to startling to read the rest, due to the fact that he felt as though he didn't have time. That one word was {Barren do your job and choose a word XD} and the male quickly slid his finger off the note, his finger tracing over the blood and causing him to shiver. Was it fear that crept in? He was simply a bit spooked and wanted to read more until he looked over his shoulder and crouched back to where Wes was.

    "Hey--You've been in this area for an awful long.....Time." Tim glanced around at what Wes saw. Several boxes of... of what? They were clearly sealed and she looked over at Wes. "Your keen sense of smell, I'm guessing... Firearms?" He asked before using his own keen sense of smell and squatting down, taking a tiny sniff. He smelled gun powder and rubbed his finger across the boxes. No dust, the man was fast within the 5 minutes. "Ok.. So he has guns... lots of them and he sealed them off." Tim uttered barely audibly."Mercenary?" Tim asked looking up at Wes as if to say,'Y'think he's a mercenary of some sort?'.

    Tim quickly shook his head and elbowed Wes gently."We should go to bed now. If you so much as ruin a corner of these boxes--I'm sure he'll hunt ya.. Definitely not the man to be messing with now... officially." Whispered Tim.

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  20. Tim, glancing down the page, may have seen the word 'safe.'

    The boxes, themselves, are covered in hastily thrown on tape.

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