MotherxSon(+a few other incest pairings)

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  1. the titles says! I had a partner bail on me and I've been itching for a good one of these. I'd be the son and while I prefer this to be more shota and young (13) im willing to edit it a bit if need be. I'm looking for someone to play the mother character in this sort of pairing. There probably wont be express dom or sub roles. Anyways, I'm just gonna put my kink list here, its pretty big but contains my response to literally every kink in the book! Make sure you check it out, thanks for checking out this request.
  2. No one? I'm still searching for this one, I guess I could expand this a bit to include fatherxdaughter and brotherxson.
  3. What other pairings are you okay with? Cause the mother son one just a bit to far for me, but I am fine with certain incest. But I do prefer to play the younger one, if you are interested with those terms I would be okay figuring something out with you. *smiles*
  4. I'm pretty ok with almost anything, if you got a pairing in mind please pm me.
  5. I'm really dying to do a brother/sister pairing, but my characters are ALWAYS over 18... Ehhh, would that work?
  6. ...all you dang people with your brother sister pairings sure! Pm me!
  7. Hello! I would like to do either BrotherxSister or FatherxDaughter. I don't really mind the ages.
  8. Sure! FatherxDaughter would be fine! PM me. (Your sig scares me.)
  9. Sorry, those are lyrics to a song I like.. ^^; Heh..

    I'll PM you now!
  10. I'll do father x daughter with you o:
  11. You mind pming me? We can discuss the details :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.