Mother's Day! What's great about your mom?

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  1. It's Mothers Day tomorrow!

    I could go on for ages about mine, even though we fight, disagree, and sometimes it seems like she's gotta be from mars because we have so little in common, at the end of the day she's definitely my hero
    • My mom raised four kids by herself while Dad was on the road
    • My mom homeschooled me and my brother from kindergarten to grade 12
    • My mom pulled our family through crisis when Dad injured his spine and couldn't work
    • My mom never quits; she's stubborn and tenacious and taught me to never give up, either
    • My mom is super smart; she not only knows how to build and install a floor, a new bedroom, a treehouse, a tool she'd, a pool, and her own handmade cabinets, but how to cook, dress nicely and appropriately, balance a budget, tend a garden, landscape a yard, sew, do secretarial work, organize a party, and all kinds of other stuff!
    What about your moms? I wanna hear why they're cool!
  2. My mom is super awesome! She's trying to learn to use Tablets and smartphones and pay bills online! She plays video games and won't give up until she beats it XD Oh yeah and she's got a super awesome idea if I want to stay at home and work around there! She's more than happy to build me a house next to her!
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  3. My mom's pretty tough. My dad left her and me when I was barely two because he didn't want to grow up, so she took care of me by herself. (Up until she got preggo with my sis and met my step-dad.) My step-dad was an abusive bastard, but she protected us whenever she could from him, and parented where he was too lazy or busy to parent. I say she's done a really great job. She let me be whoever I wanted to be. To this day, she's proud of me and believes in me. I think my mother is my biggest fan; she's always cheering me on. All the years I've struggled with math, she was sure to celebrate my "D"s and other barely passing grades. XD Because that's just it: I still PASSED. I was thrilled that she encouraged me to aim low so that I'll still succeed in this thing that's always failing me. <3
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  4. Ah! There are so many things that's great about my mum. We're friends, but she's still mom before anything else. She congratulates me on good grades when Dad doesn't.. When she bakes sweets to send away to family, she always gives me the extras/left overs. When I was little, she used to sew outfits for me - I had a new outfit to wear to school EVERY day. And she even made outfits for my dolls too! She built me a dollhouse once and made stuff to decorate it like a real house. We exchange design and decorating ideas. I love the times when she asks me along to shopping trips with just the two of us. And there's more things, but I don't want to fill up the thread. = 3
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  5. I used to not be able to say nice things about my mom, but after a few years living away from home now I can see some of the really good things she taught me.

    My mother engaged our imaginations and cultivated creativity in us. O__O she read us a lot of books, told a lot of stories, asked weird questions and said silly silly things. She taught us to THINK. About everything. Never to take things at face value, to consider all options, motives, possibilities. It's prolly one of the things that's shaped me the most as a person.
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  6. My mom imparted a healthy 'do not mistake kindness for weakness' spirit to me.
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  7. MjAxMi0yMDUzNWViZTk4YWIxNjY2.png

    In all seriousness, my mom is a wonderful mother and person.

    Long story short, the things people find great about my personality or views are from my mom. Go mom!
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  8. My mother's endured a lot for a long time. My father's neglect and abuse, the derision of her family and local community... Too much for any person to bear, but she shouldered it all, for her kids. She was strong for us.

    Sometimes I don't think I'm living up to what my mom did for us, and honouring her the way she deserves. I've not been the most exemplary or successful son, and while she says that doesn't bother her, sometimes I wonder if I am a failure for not living up to her dreams or expectations for me.

    She deserves all the kindness and love the world can give her, even if the world is cruel. Maybe there can be some bronze medal in the fact that her son loves her, and respects her.
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  9. I can't really say much about my mother, but I guess she taught me to be determined about certain aspects of life.
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  10. My mom is my mom, she's awesome by default, raising two kids on her own without any help, working to put food on the table despite money being tight. Words can never express how grateful I am to her. I won't begin to try as I know I can't do them justice. I only hope someday I can be as good a mom to someone as my mom is to me with her limitless words of encouragement.
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  11. My mom works for the government, builds computers, and made me. Passed down to me an Iron will and determination to when anyone says that I cannot do something, I do it about tenfold.

    My mom is strong and though not very affectionate, taught me to be sensitive with a firm handshake.

    My mother and I are almost NOTHING alike, but I would have to say that what i Love most about my mother is the fact she managed to love me unconditionally in her own way. :) I love her.
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