Most Terrifying Supernatural Threat

So? What Monster tops your "Better Not Invade" list?

  • Zombies

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • Werewolves

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • Vampires

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Giant inexplicable battling monsters or Elder Gods

    Votes: 9 34.6%
  • Asmo

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • Ghosts/Evil Spirits/Demons 'Invisible Threat'

    Votes: 9 34.6%

  • Total voters

Jack Shade

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So I was talking with a friend the other day and we disagreed on what would be more invasion of zombies or an invasion of when I say vampires I mean the honest to goodness bag of strengths and bag of weakness vampires...not sparkly excuses for sympathetic monsters.

I voted zombies...the psychological effects and sheer numbers alone would mess with me severely.

She said vampires...noting their inherent intelligence and ability to get through barricades that might stop zombies.

So...I pose to you...what would YOU find more terrifying to invade Middle Ea-...I mean the world?
Vampires.... they turn as fast at zombies (in most fiction) and are smart enough to hunt us.... also unlike zombies they're likely to keep their presence hidden from us until we're properly screwed. And then human farms anyone?
Ghosts... what am I suppose to shoot them with? Ghost bullets?

"Hi I'm Casper the friendly bullet!"
You can kill zombies and vampires and werewolves. Might not have a good chance, but it can be done.

GHOSTS? Poltergeists? Other creepy such things? How do you STOP those things! It's not like you can fight them! c__c That scares the hell out of me. I can't even watch scary movies with them in it.
Asmo of course. He is a Persian lust god after all.
That which I cannot comprehend.

That which, if I try to understand, will drive me insane.

Elder Gods.
I'd say zombies because of the fact that if you get turned into one, your brain goes to mush. They are the actual one that you want to not turn into. Sure ghosts are pretty funky but if you can phase the bullet correctly with our uber smart team of scientists then they are no problem. (Ever seen the ghostbusters?)

Vampires, well if you turn into one of them all you have left to fear is daylight. I'm a night dweller anyway so hey that is no problem for me. Werewolves.............c'mon "Bad Dog eat silver." And Asmo...well we all know the best way to stop an Asmo is to push 'im down the stairs.

Finally the Elder Gods or whatever they are. Big things? Coming to destroy us? Hey I don't mind it awesome way to go.
Fear of the Unknown is perhaps the most chilling threat.

You cannot kill it.

You cannot reason with it.

And it won't stop coming until you're dead.

Terminator reference aside...

Looking at each of the monsters, I'll take werewolves and zombies over vampires.


Zombies are zombies 24/7/365. Vampires are vampires when the sun goes down, although I know there are exceptions.


Excuse me... Vacuumed the house earlier in the day.

Any who, werewolves are harder to spot and harder to stop. You can outrun a zombie and you can literally disarm them on the spot. Werewolves...

...well they'll do the disarming. I don't recommend anything below .50 BMG should you decide to tangle with one, and even then I suggest getting the SLAP rounds. Saboted Light Armor Penetrators.

If that is unavailable, and it isn't available for civilians, grab a tennis ball, throw it, and hope to whatever deity you believe in the werewolf chases the ball.

Or start scratching behind their ears or rub their bellies.

You don't see zombies being disarmed by rubbing their bellies.

The only thing I can think would happen then is their distended bellies would rupture, rotted meat spilling out.

The only thing I can think of to fight a giant inexplicable monster or elder gods is another giant inexplicable monster or elder god.

The rivalry between monsters/gods is enough to distract them while you plan a suitable counter attack.

Just finish of the survivor with anywhere between 10 and 100 kiloton nuclear weapons.

As for Asmodeus, there is only one way to defeat him:

Push his pompous, British ass down the stairs. But don't stop there.

Drag him back up the stairs and push him back down! When he's down again, you want to urinate on him as fully desecrating the body will keep it from getting back up again.

Wait, no...

That only works on mummies...

Fuck it... Urinate on him any way. Defecate if you can.

If you don't have stairs, beat his ass with a step ladder, although if you have a real ladder that's even better.
Though terribly fond of them, werewolf movies have always frightened me. I'm not sure why... just something primal about it... the beast inside, and all that.

Of course, what very few werewolf movies consider - the ones that do tend to be the scariest - is one simple fact.

...Wolves are pack animals. Give that pack more strength than a human could ever accomplish, a cunning mix of intelligence and instinct, an undying hunger, and a willingness to hunt...

...Well, I wouldn't want to tangle with such a pack.

As a side note - that weakness to silver. With everything so alloyed now days... the amount of pure silver needed to use that weakness would be hard to find... good luck running for your tablewear when the beasts are charging you.
In filipino culture almost every supernatural problem has a supernatural solution. we leave these sort of things to the local wiseguy/shaman called an Arbularyo.

That is why i can't decide on what to fear more, since most of them are probably in the handbook of some Arbularyo already.
Jess.... you're gonna dislike this one.... but it's true....

I'm afraid of angels.... Not like that new movie coming out, Legions, but cherubic angels.




....Yeah.... I'm a God-fearing agnostic. I'm afraid that no matter what faith I'm with, G O D is gonna kill me. Hell, I tried being catholic. When I was little. What did it get me? Shit.

I'm afraid of death from above. I mean ABOVE.

How the hell do you fight HEAVEN?!
With a Judas Priest gig in the 80's.

To answer the thread though, Elder Gods.

Seriously niggers, shit just comes up and BAM! A MILLION MINDRAPES!
and the correct answer is..

What truly terrifies me is how a search for the Super Mario Bros movie turns into Cthulhu mythos and then to the Grenada conflict.

Seriously wtf.

Oh, and I love the circlely shit.

Jesus..... Zombies..... and Frankenstien...
I guess I'd have to vote for myself right, since there is nothing to fear but fear itself?


*Hugs Asmo*
*pets asmo in the open wound caused by the briefcase*

Don't worry Asman, I voted for you.