Most satisfying curse words to use when angry.

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Favorite words?

  1. Fuck/Fucker/Mother Fucker

    12 vote(s)
  2. Shit

    6 vote(s)
  3. Damn/Damnit

    7 vote(s)
  4. Piss

    2 vote(s)
  5. Cunt

    2 vote(s)
  6. Bitch

    4 vote(s)
  7. Dick

    0 vote(s)
  8. Asshole

    3 vote(s)
  9. Crap

    2 vote(s)
  10. Bloody

    6 vote(s)
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  1. This will be fun. I think my favorite is fuck.. though I do say piss a lot..
  2. I've all so started using the other way to say fuck... fack..
  3. Err...okay.

    "Faen i helvete!"
    "Satans hæstkuk!"
  4. Those look fun to say..
  6. This thread is BOLLOX.
  7. Bollox! I like that one too!
  8. ...More often than not I'm growling and mumbling unintelligibly if I'm pissed.

    If I do shout out words I mainly say damnation or 'fawkin' hell.

    If I'm partially annoyed from a game and finally get something done: fuck shit damn hell yeah. Overkill but whatever.

    Edit: Oh and I've started yelling asshat at people every now and then if they piss me off.
  9. Fuck's definitely one of the more satisfying ones, though I like to mix it up a bit. Y'know, shouting things like "you fuckin' ARSE-BANDIT!" or "FUCK-MONKEYS" is waaaay more satisfying than just using fuck.
  10. Depending on the situation it's either, MOTHER FUCKER. SHIT. or DAMNIT. Occasionally GOD DAMNIT.
  11. AWWWWW SSSSSSHHHHIIIIIITTTTTT is my personal favorite cause it can be used for positive reasons, like when someone with mad skills totally takes someone's chump ass to school or when something JAWSOME happens that isn't expected.

    Yes, those are quite my favorite, if I do say so myself. *Sips a spot of tea*
  12. You SHITFUCK. or, alternatively, what a fucking cunt. Although it makes me laugh when ladies get offended when I say that. I always say: You'd call me a bastard or a cocksucker in a second. It equals out you twat.

  13. I've um....I've been known to say "FUCKNUGGETS!!!!" when I get angry...>_<
  14. I use, "DAMN!" a lot, personally.

    But nothing's more satisfying than calling a motherfucker a "MOTHERFUCKER!"
  15. Name: Layla
    Age Appears: ?16?
    Actual Age: Unknown
    Race: ?Neko?
    Position: Mercenary for Hire
    Ship: Currently Private Transport Ship 7X532AC2.
    Appearance: (open)
    Layla was a cute neko with exotic green hair, dark golden eyes, fluffy cat ears, and a smooth orange cat tail. She had some perky small B cup breasts perfect for cupping, and her butt was just as cute as the rest of her. She like wearing short-dresses, slip on sandals, jewelry, and using martial arts and a knife during combat. She kept her long green hair in a ponytail that reaches past her butt, and she was usually seen with bandages around her hands, wrist, and lower arm. One of the most important details about her appearance is the fact she was always seen smiling even during horrible situations such as the ship they were on fixing to crash. Another important detail was besides her 'hire' website picture there was no record of her. Sure, people caught her on video during missions or such, but when doing a background check no one can find anything beyond maybe past missions. No parents, no childhood info, no zip.

    There was also the fact that while she liked jewelry that some of her most used jewelry such as her silver-golden collar necklace, or her hair pieces resemble something a princess of royalty may wear, and were not simply jewerly. At worse they could be consider really expensive but common jewelry. Beyond things everyone else could see...well Layla was a virgin, and she was a lesbian. She rarely broke character unless a pretty girl approaches her, and starts to interact with her as she will break out in small blushes. Then there was her race. Nekos did go into heat, had long-life spans, and were physical superior to humans in all ways. It was a small part in how she was one of the best mercenaries as her physical was much greater than her appearance made others believe. It sure in hell did not help people take her serious though with it being obvious she wore no bra, and possibly no panites.

    Other races...well they usually had some unique abilities or function due to their races, but Nekos were more or less superior humans. Not the most unique race, but certainly one of the most dangerous in a pure combat to combat role. It was worth noting that even among Nekos 'green' hair was not normal. It also did not escape the notice of veterans that she had perfect balance, walked without a sound, her breathing could not be heard unless you were right next to her mouth, and unlike some...her smiles were real, not fake. Which...actually made it worse considering she usually smiled even when things start to go that suggest some possible mental ...uniqueness.
    Bio: (open)
    Layla was a mercenary for hire. Her website says she is willing to do nearly any job with the exception of slavery or rape related things. This means assassination, theft, kidnapping, protection for individuals or drug cargo, and just about anything was alright. It mainly came down to people abusing other females that pisses her off. But crime in general did not matter to her, although she did not really like people hurting weaker people or such. She was no hero though, and would only stop something that is in front of her, and not things beyond her physically as she knew she could not help everyone. She just did what she could.

    As one could guess, Layla was quite rich as her missions brought in a lot of money. Even when you deduct the fines she may had to pay to avoid some legal problems, and the medical bills she had to pay for sending a few unfortunate males to the hospital. One ...really unfortunate soul quickly learned that children were another touchy subject with her, and while no one knew the location...well everyone was aware that Layla actually used most of her money to run an orphanage for kids she picks up during her missions. This was mainly based off some conversations Layla had with some children while being in earshot of some adults.

    This was the main reason even the top people for hire did not mess with her as no one is for sure how old she is, and with her taking children in....well it's easy to jump to the conclusion that she may have trained some children into adult-mercenaries that could back her up at any time she needs it. One lucky girl even learned that Layla was really smart, and more specifically when it comes to medical things as Layla was able to cure something everyone else thought was impossible to cure. That fact did make a few assassins think twice about trying to take her out as between those martial arts moves, her knife, and the knowledge of the human body...well it made some people realize she usually did not need her full power to deal with her enemies.

    Recently Layla was hired to protect a Treasure hunter's ship. The Captain, Raymond, or Ray for short, was not the actual treasure hunter. Ray was just in charge of the ship, and worked for the hunter. The hunter was actually an adult woman named Carla, who was a sexy dragon in a human form. As a more earth-aligned dragon...Calla loved gold, and anything else shinny. So it was not really surprised that she hired Ray, and his ship and crew to be her full time employees. She wanted to travel the stars, collect treasure, and have a ship to safely transfer it to her private areas to later be relocated to hidden spots only know to her, and a select few. Caral however did spend some of her wealth to hire Layla on a long-term contract as one of the things Calla hated was people stealing her treasure, and so she made sure it was protected by hiring Layla on top of the solder-position people in the crew.
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    'Nuff said...