Most ridiculous music vid you've ever seen?

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  1. As the title says. What's the most ridiculous music video that you've ever seen? There are many songs with a video that has seriously no relevance to the actual song whatsoever. One I just recently watched gave me the idea for this thread, and seriously left me with a what the hell did I just watch feeling. So allow me to go first with this idiotic video:

    I don't even know why I watched it. I hate that song. There's some things you can never unsee.
  2. DyE - Fantasy, is probably the weirdest one I've seen that I can recall offhand. I'm not going to post it right now since it's definitely NSFW and I don't feel like getting in hot water over it. But if you want to see something that will really just have you shaking your head, that's one of the options. Again, the music video is NSFW and probably not suitable for minors.
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  3. This is your only warning: It's... Sex?

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  4. best use of the Peacewalker theme from Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker
  5. It Girl's music video, by Pharrell, is a biiiiiiit out there.

    An R&B/Pop song by an African-American man basically being an AMV tends to do that.

  6. Why is it ridiculous? The best girl won, this never happens.

    Damn Japan step it up.
  7. Lol, what?!
    What really got me was the fact that it's like 5 minutes XD
  8. The Rubberbandits's Horse Outside video is pretty crazy. A bit NSFW, just warning you.

  9. Well.... That's just a bad music video. The message of that song is basically don't let anybody stop you from partying.

    I'm not even going to look up the video again, because it's so disturbing. But Miley Cyrus- Wrecking ball. I'm sorry for all you Miley fans, but fucking a sledgehammer is NOT okay.
  10. :D I love DyE Fantasy.

    It's especially fun to link other people to it and freak them the fuck out.
  11. This one! You've got to give it about... 60 seconds. And then it just gets odder, and odder, and odder. Which is kind of a shame, because it isn't a bad song. Without the video.

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  12. You are a whole lot more gentle than my high school friends. I wish I'd gotten off as easy with a DyE Fantasy surprise viewing.
  13. Pharell made a damn loli dating sim with himself in it for his video. xD

  14. This.

    Scratch that. Anything Vocaloid. Also, what's in this juice she's drinking, and where can I get some?
  15. I wish I could find the one my hubby sent me on Facebook. It had some weird chick with an 80's hairstyle and glasses singing in a forest and doing all these weird ass dances. All I could think the whole time watching it was 'Why the hell am I still watching this shit?'
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