Most OP technology?

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  1. I'm writing stories again.

    Simple question: What would you consider to be the, if weaponised, most overpowered, unbalanced, and utterly broken technology, hypothetical or decidedly not?
  2. Hypothetical weaponization, eh? I'm going to assume this means that the bounds of logic and reality need not apply.

    The most overpowered thing would probably be some kind of weapon that creates black holes. Devastate entire solar systems in one shot. It'd basically be nuclear warheads on a galactic scale.
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  4. "Deep in the Vault of Glass, the fabric of reality bends to the will of the Vex. Warlocks speak in tones of awe of the Gorgons - creatures that seem to possess a dreaded, almost unimaginable strength: an ontological weapon."

    An ontological weapon. Yea.
  5. Easy with the Internet yelling O.O

    He said a device that can create black holes would be the most broken, and I agree
  6. Black holes could be technology, Perhaps our universe itself could be a-
  7. But devices that compress matter are technology. Weaponizing that on a large scale would mean compressing a lot of matter into a very small space, which would result in the creation of a black hole.

    So I guess my answer should be weaponized trash compactors because they could hypothetically create black holes. Does that satisfy your pedantry? :P
  8. Faster-than-light (FTL) technology? Even if us humans managed to harness terrifying heights of technology, we'll never find anyone else in our galaxy, much less the rest of the universe. You don't need anything special if you can send an atomic bond at FTL speeds.
  9. Eh, its level of destruction depends how such a weapon works.
    If it just collapsed all matter within a certain radius into a single point, it would be destructive on a small or planetary scale (You've turned whatever you shot it at into a black hole, and if you used it on a planet you're probably going to fuck everything up because gravity is a cruel mistress), but it wouldn't really cause stellar destruction unless the radius was already large and aimed directly at something massive.

    If it just magically creates a massive black (read: a shitton lot of solar masses) then yeah, say goodbye to the solar system are you know it. But at that point you may as well use your deus-ex cannon that makes "everything goes kablooey" because if you're able to just create black holes with millions of solar masses on will, there are probably cooler ways to blow things up.
  10. Device that can divide by zero
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  11. Any theoretical device that can manipulate, generate and negate gravity.
  12. If I recall correctly, it wouldn't even work on a planet. Planets have such little mass that you can never condense them into a black hole - the radius you'd have to shrink it to is below the physical limits on how tightly you can pack the constituent matter, based on the Pauli exclusion principle. You could maybe get it to collapse to a white dwarf or maybe a neutron star (I dunno, I haven't run the calculations), though.

    Anyway, to build on Jorick's thought, the device wouldn't really need to create black holes. I mean, black holes are only destructive if you get too close to them - they're just super-dense objects. They have the same gravitational influence as whatever formed the black hole. But anything that could move matter in that sort of way - condensing or expanding it on a cosmic scale - would be OP as fuck, just because regardless of forming a black hole or not, getting condensed down like that, or having your solar system expanded so you're so far away from your sun that you freeze to death, is lethal.

    But for my own answer: God. God is the most OP weapon.
  13. Okay. Well... Any Touhou character would probably suffice for being an ovepowered weapon of mass destruction.

    But just make up some sort of Universe tearing event. Once that's over with that should be all she wrote...
  14. Steely Dan.

    To be clear, the object the band adopted as its moniker.
  15. So, about the blackhole weapon:
  16. Crazy ain't it?
    Was reading grimoire cards (you don't want to know how hard it is to kill a Gorgon) and the Gorgon's basically decide that you don't exist in that reality; that said, it implies the Vex have taken over other dimensions to the fullest, while variables in other realities such as the one your coherent of in Desinty, have presented the proper formulation of obstacles to slow, if not stop the Vex.

    In other words, that is OP as fu-diddly-uck-id-duck.

    But what about the power of the One Ring? The ability to crumble civilizations along side the power of time? Though I suppose that's on a micro scale in comparison to something like a black hole devouring a galaxy over the course of what, a couple days at most?
  17. I'm pretty sure (judging from lore discussions elsewhere), more specifically, what it's doing is searching through other universes to find one that is a perfect replica of the current one save for one difference; in the searched universe you do not exist. It then "brings" that universe to mesh with the current one such that you're rendered non-existent.
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  18. A weapon that exists in reality itself that can manipulate the laws of physics [i.e changing the fundamental properties of the universe].

    You could wipe whole universes with such device. Turn off electromagnetic bonds and everything is reduced to particle soup, for instance.
  19. Does it have to be destruction based? Because I was thinking more along the lines of a device that can freely roam the multiverse. And not only could it take its users to vastly different universes (as well as more parallel ones), but it could also protect them from the harshest of elements, like, say, if the universe they went to had completely different laws of physics, so long as they keep the device in their possession. That would be pretty OP in my honest opinion. I mean, if you have the whole of the multiverse at your disposal, who's gonna stop ya from doing what you want?

    No, wait, I have a better one. A freakin' time machine, man. Assuming you can solve the problem of paradoxes and the butterfly effect, being able to change the outcome of past events AND see the potential future would make you kinda super freakin' powerful.
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