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  1. It's been twelve years since the outbreak took place. First it was in the crops, then it was people. As scientists, doctors and the best officers gathered to try and calm the people and find a solution things only became worse.
    Riots broke out everywhere, more and more people became infected forcing citizens out of their homes and worst of all killing billions and reanimating the dead.
    After years and years of fighting the plague people started loosing hope and blaming the government for limited food stamps from hard labor and curfew during the evening.
    A group called The Pack started forming, rebelling against the government in an effort for freedom. The Pack once grew in numbers and conquered cities, however recently the numbers started dwindling due to recklessness of some angry Pack members looking for a fight and jumping into battle.
    However there was one hope left for the world. One girl who got bit but became immune. The only girl to had ever survived three weeks without being infected. Her name was Jen, and she was only 14 years old.

    Samantha leaned against the wall across the dumpster filled with chopped up bodies. A small group of the infected pierced through their triple layered iron fence today. Either gate keepers weren't doing their job right or the gate was getting old, regardless someone had to do something about it.
    The young woman looked around before walking away, it wasn't her job to be a gate keeper. She was actually going to see a friend today about a deal she made with some Pack members. Regardless she hates their group or the government for that matter. She thought the disputes between the government and The Pack were petty and that she had no time for it. She looked out for herself and that was it.

    When curfew started taking place to quarantine citizens from the infected, the people were placed in different districts throughout the city of Goldenrod. There were 4 districts and they each got a fair share of the food that was dropped from the government. Sam was in district 1.

    Grace walked over to Jens bed and gently shook her. "Hey, Jen...wake up" she whispered. "I made a deal with someone to transport you to our medical team across the United States"