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  1. Nostalgia can be one of the main reasons why some of us still play games today and enjoy certain ones although it can be very blinding.

    What are some of your most nostalgic games and do you still like them today? Here are mine:

    Soul Calibur 2 and 3
    Super Mario 64
    Mario Kart 64
    Mario Party
    One Piece: Grand Battle
    Dragon Ball Z Budokai trilogy and Tenkaichi trilogy
    Tekken 4 and 5
    Sonic Heroes and Sonic 2
    Final Fantasy X/X-2
    Pac-Man World 2
    Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition
  2. Heroes of Might & Magic II and III. I still play HoMM III every once and a while, though! I think the franchise turned to utter garbage after III. At least that's what I've been told, as I haven't actually played the games myself.

    Also a lot of SNES games, which I used to play with my brother and my cousins in my oma and opa's basement when we were but wee tots. Duck Hunt was a favourite, along with Super Mario Bros 2 and some game my brother and I really liked that I unfortunately cannot remember the name of. :( It had neat music, and you played as a knight that was supposed to rescue a princess, and jumped into tree trunks to collect crystals and junk. If I looked hard enough, I could probably find the title.

    Otherwise, there's Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, both of which I also played with my brother (rather, I watched him play!) Also, Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 8. There was a time that my brother was the gamer and I wasn't, but that quickly changed once we both hit puberty. Now he just plays Starcraft occasionally. What a nerd.


    Torin's Passage!! Holy moly, my brother and I loved this game! It was just a point-and-click adventure, but it was great. Did anyone else play this when they were younger?

  3. A majority of those are memorable to me but let me make my list.

    Final Fantasy 3
    Final Fantasy X
    Secret of Mana
    Tekken 1-6
    Street Fighter
    Brawley Brothers
    Mega Man 1-5
    Final Fantasy 7
    Parasite Eve 1 and 2
    Dino Crisis 2
    Mario Kart, Super Nintendo style
    Legend of Zelda: A link to the past
    Streets of Rage
    TMNT: Turtles in Time
    Chrono Cross
    Chrono Trigger
    Duke Nukem

    Forgot Earthbound and Super Metroid.
  4. Oh man... Nostalgia

    Killer Instinct (SNES)
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (SNES)
    Street Fighter (SNES)
    Final Fantasy X (PS2)
    Final Fantasy VII (PS1)
    Half Life Multiplayer (PC)
    Quake (PC)
    Unreal Tournament (PC)
    Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
    Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
    Devil May Cry 1, 2 and 3 (PS2)
    Diablo (PC)
  5. Halo CE - 3
    Republic Commando
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Megaman X5
    Megaman X: Command Mission
    Area 51
    Driver 3
    Spyro (both series)
    Battlefront 2
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica
    Lego Star Wars
    Jak and Daxter
    Mass Effect
    TES: Oblivion

    I was a big Xbox and PS2 kid, but I had my fair share of Nintendo stuff too. These are the biggest offenders, though.
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  6. I didn't get to play games much at all as a kid; I think I was 11 when we got our first console, and the games we were allowed to play were extremely limited. Buying new games was like, super special treat. We occasionally rented some.
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    We got
    Super Smash Bros: Melee
    Mario Kart: Double Dash
    Mario Party 4
    and Legend of Zelda: Collector's disk including Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and a 20-minute playable demo of the (then) soon to be released title: Wind Waker. If it hadn't come with the console as a release-day bonus, we wouldn't have got ANY single player games. Mom chose the GameCube because it was a mostly multi-player console with a lot of family oriented games (basically she was afraid of the "videogames cause violence and antisocial tendencies" bit and thought it unlikely we would turn into sadistic gamer recluses on the GC; we sure showed her!) Fortunately this disk came as a bonus, and the clerk who sold her the console was a zelda fan who recommended the games highly. So we got the disk and I was able to see video games as a fun, immersive storytelling experience instead of just a part of parentally-mandated "family time."

    Anyway, yeah. we had those, those were my first games and for a long time the only ones I was allowed to play. Mostly I played with my brother, we unlocked ALL of Smash bros, Mario Kart, and Kirby Air Ride together. We were undefeated bosses.

    Zelda was permitted in stricter moderation than the group games, and mostly because we persuaded her that it wasn't TOO violent ("Yeah you kill things with a sword but like, in other games they show blood and stuff, in this one they just flash and make a sound! And they're fantasy monsters, not PEOPLE."). It helped also that my sister and I were playing through at roughly the same pace, so we would share tips and talk about the game together, making it "sort of a multi-player thing I guess".
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    We also rented Kirby's Air Ride, Army Men: Sarge's War ("They're just plastic, mom; it's not like there's blood and guts, besides, it teaches you teamwork!"), Pikmin (it technically had a 2-player option), and Custom Robo from the video/game rental store a bunch. My brother had the luxury of friends who liked videogames (I don't know if it was just local culture or a sign of the times, but it was much more okay for boys to like gaming than girls back then; it was seen as unfeminine somehow) and was able to get into titles like Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and Grand Theft Auto playing at friend's houses. Kid may have been only nine or ten at the time, but he was smart enough not to tell mom what kinds of games his friends had.
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    I got to go outside the "family friendly, social activity" perameters a bit via our older sister, who was old enough to have a job and be moving out soon, so she could purchase her own games and movies and stuff which mom couldn't really police. She would buy more of the games she really liked, like more Zelda titles, Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia, and other single-player RPGs. She formed a lot of my taste in gaming and fiction, because she'd let us play her games, watch her movies, etcetera whenever mom wasn't home. I think she felt pretty annoyed whenever she found something that she knew we'd like (and probably thought she would have liked, herself, at our age) but knew mom wouldn't let us have for no real good reason except paranoid censorship, so she snuck it to us.

    As time went on I guess mom realized that we were smart humans and not brainwashable media slaves, and were more than capable of playing slightly violent, single-player games without becoming dangerous recluses. She stopped worrying about and policing what titles we played, and when I got my first job I was able to buy the (then) new Nintendo DS and some games for myself as well. Pokemon: HeartGold was my first pokemon game; I got it when I was 17 and in my first year of college. I was in a phase of "hey, y'know what? all that stuff I wasn't allowed to do because mom didn't like or thought it was stupid? I never gave it a proper chance. Just cause she doesn't like this stuff doesn't mean I can't! Let's give it a whirl!" and I had a friend who couldn't believe Gen IV was going to be my very first game. I picked Totodile and never looked back.

    TLDR: Mini had a kind of a restricted childhood, but found ways around it. She's very grateful for loopholes and helpful siblings or she probably would have associated video games with mandatory "family time" and have never developed the fondness for them that led her to become the nerdybit you know and love
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  7. Jesus I'm old.

    Streets of Rage 2
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Super Mario Bros. 3
    Ninja Gaidin
    Mario 64
    Ocarina of Time
    Street Fighter II
    Chrono Trigger
    Counter-Strike 1.6
    TIE Fighter
    Warcraft II
  8. Super Mario 64 (N64)
    Super Smash Bros. (N64)
    Goldeneye (N64)
    Paper Mario 64 (N64)
    Mario Party 1-4 (N64)
    Crash Bandicoot (PS1)
    Spyro (PS1)
    Sheep dog n Wolf (PS1)
    Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)
    Resident Evil (PS1)
  9. Thanks. I feel old to now.
  10. Anything by Lucasarts from the 1990s

    Goldeneye 64

    Super Mario Brothers NES Trilogy

    Super Mario World

    Broken Sword 1 & 2

    The Last Express

    Doom 1 & 2

    Deus Ex

    Diablo 1 & 2

    Command & Conquer

    Total Annihilation

    Half Life

    Double Dragon 1 & 2

    Donkey Kong Country

    Under A Killing Moon

    The Pandora Directive

    Dark Seed 1 & 2

    Blade Runner
  11. Pokemon Red

    Mech warriors 2 or 3. Can't remember which

    Command and conquer red alert

    The Sims

    Banjo Kazooey?

    Magic Carpet (the first video game I ever played I think. At least the first one I remember playing)
  12. Oh man...

    Super Mario Bros.
    Final Fantasy X
    Kingdom Hearts
    Mortal Combat
    Pokémon Blue/yellow
    Magna Carta
    Banjo Kazooie
    *Sonic the Hedgehog*
  13. Super Smash Bros. 64
    Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
    Zelda Majora's Mask
    Mario Party 1-3
    Final Fantasy 7
    Spyro (Ripto's Rage and Year of the Dragon)
    Crash Team Racing
    Shadow Hearts
    Pokemon Gold/Silver
  14. Kotor
    Mass Effect
    Halo 1-Reach
    Wolfenstien 3D
    Custom Robo
    Kingdom Under Fire
    Yu-Gi-Oh Dungeon Dice Monsters
    Fire Emblem
  15. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This was a game that I played a lot in my childhood despite sucking and not being able to make it very far. I've named it my favorite game of all time elsewhere, and nostalgia plays a large part of it. Oh, and Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask are also nostalgic games for me, to a lesser extent.

    Metroid and Super Metroid. The original NES version was the very first video game I ever played, when I was.. I dunno, 4 or 5? Running around aimlessly in the very first area is one of the few memories I have from when I was that young.

    Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World

    Illusion of Gaia (AKA Illusion of Time in Europe and maybe elsewhere)

    Donkey Kong Country and its sequels for the SNES

    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Yet another SNES beloved title. I played this spinoff before any of the main series games, and my enjoyment of this game was the reason I found and played the main series. Final Fantasy 6 (released as Final Fantasy 3 in the US) and 7 are also nostalgia heavy for me, but not as much as the spinoff funnily enough.

    Warcraft 1, 2, and 3 (but moreso 3 than the others). They were my introduction into strategy games, which have become one of my favorite genres nowadays.

    World of Warcraft. I used to play it a ton, and sometimes I get these nostalgic pangs for the good times.. and then I remember how tedious it got and how I basically used it as a $15 per month chat program near the end of my time playing and I stop getting urges to play again.

    Diablo 1 and 2, but more the sequel than the first one. I can't help but have some nostalgia for games that I spent hundreds of hours playing in my youth.

    The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind. See above note about hundreds of hours for the reasoning.
  16. I would play any of my nostalgia games in a heartbeat given the time.

    Duck Hunt - Like first game I learned to play haha.
    Sly Cooper
    Legend of Dragoon
    Pokemon Stadium - I still haven't beat Mewtwo!
    Digimon World - I haven't beat this one either. >.>
    Jade Cocoon 2 - I'M STUCK!!!
    Kingdom Hearts
    Gex: Enter the Gecko - Played it when I was too young but I don't care. The Godzilla level was the best!
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